Customer Reviews

Without doubt, the best electronic album of 2015 so far.

Yume is quite simply a sublime album from start to end (thankfully now available to stream in its entirety on-line) Needless to say I will be buying as soon as it’s released and supporting this amazingly talented artist.
Stand out tracks; Every Passing Hour, Embrace and the quite stunning The Root. That said, there’s not a bad track on the album.
This is going to be played a great deal.

Unseen no more

As an owner of all Keith Kenniff albums live/remix or otherwise (Mint Julep, Goldmund, Helios, Keith Kenniff) I can confidently say that he is continuing to realise his potential as an artist. This his first proper album in six years (discounting Moiety - online release) and its been a long wait. Having listenened to the previews and some full songs on soundcloud it's evident that his palette is similar but wider to that drawn upon with Caesura and Eingya. The 'beat' driven Pearls is a definite highlight for me. It's just a shame that more artists like Tiki Obmar didn't emerge from the merck stable of artist.

made my day!

Just love this Artist… previous recordings have soundtracked much of my life… the good and the bad! Looking forward to release!… Just in time for a weeks holiday on the Isle of Skye!