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great album. excelent musiic

Ordinary Tales Of Madness

El Lagarto Verde
This is a rum album. It's an acquired taste: don't expect an easy eighties Bowie pop ride. Madness, Nietzsche influenced rumination on human super-races, debauchery, references to Kahlil Gibran, drugs, etc do not make for easy listening. But it does have stellar moments. The title track being one of them. The cover art featuring DB in a dress was the original cover until an outraged public and media necessitated a less controversial image: the high-kicking Bowie photo quickly replaced it. It was the censorious 70s, after all.

Where has the Original Cover gone??

Seem to remember a black album cover with a kicking Bowie... was on RCA when I had it on record.
Music still the same... dark and brilliant!!