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This is great, my mum introduced me to Alanis Morissette when I was 11, I'm 12 now and I had to buy this album!! Normally kids my age don't like this type of music but I love it! So many of my favourite songs here 😛

One of the best

I first heard this Album in the later part of summer of 1995. It had just been released in the U.S and I had finished my first year working away. As a huge fan of music I was meeting new people, introducing me to new music and genres I had never really got into. But when I heard this, straight from the clear wrap and into the in car CD player, I was amazed at the absolute genius of Alanis. This Album, still in my opinion is still up there and has not been and will not be budged. And more importantly it's sound is still as fresh as it was back then. If you've had it and lost it, get it again. If you love music and what it stands for and want to hear music as it should be then get this Album. This isn't an album that was churned out like today's music, this has been crafted to perfection. This will still be fresh when I'm 80! I love this Album.


Charlie Sargison
I used to listen to this after my mum introduced it to me when I was 14, (I'm 26 now) I love this woman, I've watched her resent interviews (2015) on TVs and YouTube, she still has it and is still as amazing as she always has been. I would be judged if people I know knew I lateness to her because the lads love the banter but I think her voice is soooooo amazing! :p