Customer Reviews


I revisit this album time and time again, and it never gets old. Upon a first listen, you may struggle to see the beauty of Burial's music. Just give it some time, and listen with an open mind.
Burial creates dubstep with very noctournal beats. They're complex and very moving. But underneath the drums are incredibly detailed vocal snippets and sounds. He layers them in such a way that it creates a moody and dark texture that's incredibly addictive. If there was ever a soundtrack for cityscapes at three am, this is it.
Before you purchase, I recommened listening to Archangel. Perhaps one of the more accessible songs, but utterly incredible. It'll give you a taste for what the album has to offer.
As you can tell by the review, I'm struggling to put into words the excellence of Burial's music. You really just have to listen to it yourself. He's one of the most rewarding musicians I've ever listened to.