Released: 2024-06-07
℗ 2024 Captain Kidd Corp., under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Released: 2024-06-07
℗ 2024 Captain Kidd Corp., under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Best album in 25 years

No joke.

Where has the guitar/rock gone?

Another disappointment of an album by Bon Jovi. There’s like 2 maybe 3 if I’m pushing ‘good songs’. They need Richie sambora back. Bon Jovi need to get the rock back into their songs. Most songs are just slow paced and has that country feeling to it!!
chana's snakepit

Solid album in my opinion

There’s some really catchy songs on here , living proof & walls of Jericho are upbeat & best songs on this album - album out of 10 , 8/10


After the last album which was ok, this one is fantastic. He’s voice had gotten slightly better from the surgery and these songs are well written and produced. Definitely back to he’s older roots. 🤟🏻❤️
It's a babas game

Decent enough

Decent enough tracks but I’m not feeling JBJs vocals.
The sound and melody of the songs sound great but if I didn’t know this was a Bon Jovi album, I would have sworn it was Mark Owen from Take That singing (who I can’t stand btw). Good tunes but vocally it’s a little flat.

Average album

Great fan of Bon Jovi seen them live many times. At there best New Jersey/ slippery when wet era. Every one knows of the problems John Bon jovi has had with his voice. He is 62 age has caught up with him. Just an average album. Nothing special. I’m sure they will continue to churn out average albums for another 10 years.

The Old BJ are Back!

Been following Bon Jovi for nearly 40 years. In recent years they have lost their appeal to me. However, this album is very much improved and has shades of some of the best BJ music we all got hooked on growing up. A mixture of upbeat catchy rock songs and great ballads slotted in between. That’s the type of BJ music we love to listen to. Great return to form lads!

Welcome back

Great new album & please. Never Say Goodbye

Awful cod-rock from the masters of cod-rock

Have never been a fan of these cod-rock bunch of blouses. Everything a cliche designed to appeal to the brain dead that cannot think past his tight jeans and pretty, pseudo, plastic ‘I’m a rock god’ appearance.
They create music so banal, hibernating hedgehogs would awaken and hurry to get back to sleep to escape it!
I will give them credit for one thing, and one thing alone, they are THE BEST EVER puppets of the rock genre that ever plagued our senses, and for that, I simply have to salute them because I’m poor and they have shiny Maseratis in the the drives of their cliched, luxury homes!
Congratulations! 🤮

Bland, boring tame, guitar-less garbage.

John Shanks has made this band so BLAND, safe, boring. But we all know Jon won't get rid of him because he takes a lot of the workload off with regard to writing, live and studio production. Plus he plays live ticking another 'safe hands' box for Jon, he records/writes himself without input, is dependable, safe, gets the job done and it all still brings in enough money to make the Bon Jovi project worthwhile without any effort. (Enough fanatical fans will buy anything they put out, let's be honest, enough to pay his bills - he knows this, so why bother trying!) But it's made Bon Jovi bland, stale, safe, lyrically lazy, sonically boring and a John Shanks strum-along kind of "band".
Clearly Jon doesn't really care anymore and doesn't care for the band's legacy - this is ruining it! Sadly Jon won't change it because it rips the heart out of the safe system he has around him now in Shanks who is a writer, producer and live player to Jon. Bon Jovi won't make good music unless they rid themselves of the Cancer that is John Shanks - who was GREAT for Michelle Branch, just not for Bon Jovi.

Class as Always

Keep up the hard work Jovi Forever

Great Album

Haven't really liked the last few albums but this one is back to form.
Red Red 5

New jovi album

I’m a massive Bon jovi fan I was disappointed with the political 2020 album but can’t wait for the 40th anniversary album fingers crossed is like the faith and these days song writing
Spen Bon jovi

Good to have you back

Love this band and have been a Fan since the 1980's....Fanstatic classic rock from JBJ
Runaway 1980's

They’re back!

Rocking and back in the frame. A great lead and an even better follow up!!!

Loving the 2 singles and snippets so far!

Absolutely love the 2 singles released and really excited about this one. It has a classic Bon Jovi style with a modern twist.

Welcome back Bon Jovi

I gave up on Bon Jovi along time ago the Rock sound that made them had gone. So my interest in the band went too. But when I heard the two new song releases. especially the latest song I thought welcome back Bon Jovi. I just hope the rest of the album is in same vain as these two songs.

Happy days

Massive Jovi fan, even got the tattoo.
Never thought I’d do it but I lost interest when the 2020 album came out, annoyed me with the COVID and BLM messages, only bon Jovi stuff I haven’t got.
This new album gives me promise of the Bon Jovi I love and grew up with dominating my life, great opening track dedicated to Jon’s wife, back to feeling excited about Jovi again.
Need the good ole Jovi songs with a great tune and story and less political please.
Veggie Phil

Great Song

The best lead single from Bon Jovi in a long time. I’m looks promising for the album, and, hopefully, we will have the best Bon Jovi album in years!

Good to see Bon Jovi back!

Legendary is a fun happy rock song and it’s a very strong start to the upcoming album
Mr Batley

A promising start

I see myself as an avid Bon Jovi fan. The new single “Legendary” does not disappoint. Jons vocals sound better than in the 2020 album (which I enjoyed a lot). The song has a great vibe and I have pre ordered the full album. Can’t wait to hear it! True Bon Jovi fans appreciate and have stuck with the band throughout their musical journey no matter the style. I’m all for it!