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Hoover Wizard is the App that enables you to manage and control all the connected appliances by Hoover. Thanks to an extensive package of extra features created exclusively for the App you will have the opportunity to best benefit from the appliances enlarged functionality.
Hoover Wizard App controls all the connected appliances equipped with Wi-Fi or One Touch technology via compatible mobile devices.
The Hoover connected range includes products for washing (washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers and dishwashers) for cooking (ovens, hobs and hoods) and for food conservation (refrigerators).
More information available on www.hooverwizard.com and www.hooveronetouch.com.
If you need support, please contact your local Hoover Customer Service (you can find the references on the official website), or write us: support@candy-hoover.com (**)
- problem details
- product serial number
- model of your smartphone/tablet
- App version
- Operating System version of your smartphone/tablet
(*) Interaction with One Touch products is limited on smartphones without NFC technology, on all tablets and all iOS devices. However, you can access additional contents, quick links with assistance and manuals.
(**) Service available in Italian and English

What's New in Version 3.3.3 (756)

Thank you for downloading Hoover Wizard App.
We update our app regularly so we can make it better for you and introduce new functions.
Get the latest version for all the available features. In this release:
Minor bug fixing







3.3.3 (756)


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Rated: 4+


iOS 12.2 or later


iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone SEThirdGen, iPad (5th Generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro, iPad Pro (Cellular), iPad Pro (9.7-inch), iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (Cellular), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (10.5-inch) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (11-inch), iPad Pro (11-inch) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air, iPad Air (Cellular), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 (Cellular), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Air (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini Retina, iPad mini Retina (Cellular), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 (Cellular), iPad mini 4, iPad mini 4 (Cellular), iPad mini (5th Generation), iPad mini (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (7th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air (4th Generation) (Wi-Fi), iPad Air (4th Generation) (Wi-Fi + Cellular), iPad (8th generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (8th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th Generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (9th Generation), iPad (9th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini (6th Generation), iPad mini (6th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad AirFifthGen, iPad AirFifthGenCellular, iPod touch (6th Generation), iPod touch (7th generation)


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Version 3.3.3 (756)
The app will not connect to the dryer

Give up it’s crap

Version 3.3.3 (756)
No one wants to walk to your ai just advertise to Alexa as an oven no one wants to say reek hoover cook this that why put Wi-Fi on a nob
On the oven shout-out have to set the oven to Wi-Fi to controls it defeats the object of a smart oven

It’s good

wee mumma dee
Version 3.3.3 (756)
I love the look of my machine however the machine doesn’t always sync with the Wi-Fi so most of the time I have to manually put machine on so I don’t always get to use the special care settings! After 1 week of use the motor went on machine and had to be replaced then a week later the rubber seal burst and water was pouring out front of the door!

Hoover App

Tess wills
It doesn’t work

Worst developers in the world

Version 2.8.0
Forgot my password. Used the password reset function. Get an email with a link to a webpage which… doesn’t work. But wait, it has a link you can click to email them. Click on the link and it brings up an email from my email client ready to draft but…. there’s no email address in the “to” box so I don’t know where to send it. Slow hand clap for the worst developers in the world. Update: it keeps on getting worse. Since being able to log in again, the app now lets me log in and then, for a brief instant I can see my washer dryer before it flashes up with the log in page again. I just don’t understand how any app can be this bad, let aline one from a major brand like Hoover. How is no one senior aware of how terrible this is and what a negative affect it has on consumers intentions to buy a Hoover product again?
Update in response to developer response: not only had I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck, but if I email the support address you give, I get passed from one department to the next until being told I have to ring customer services. No one takes responsibility and there is no accountability. How can a company of this size possibly be this bad?

Don’t bother!

Version 3.1.6
I would give this app zero stars if I could! I’ve downloaded it on my iPhone that is equipped with NFC technology, the NFC tag works to open on the internet but the app does not recognise that.
So I can’t actually do anything on it! The worst and most pointless app so if I were you, I wouldn’t even waste your energy! And if you’ve just bought the drier because of this functionality, take it back! I wish I had!

Doesn’t work, never worked

Version 3.2.0 (660)
This has never worked. Ever. Don’t waste your money.

Waste of time

hdbs djc
Version 3.3.0
Nothing works, doesn’t scan QR code and because the serial number it on a sticker that’s rubbed off you can’t even put that on so no way to even add machine. Ridiculous app

Utter sh1t

Version 2.6.4
Deleted this immediately, total waste of time. Would not even let me create an account as my password included my first name….. IT DIDNT. No matter what was tried I could not get past stage 1. Useless totally useless

Don’t bother!

Version 2.9.6
Had a hoover washer since 2018, thought it would finally be time to connect it to WiFi to maybe get more functionality. It is simply the worst app I have ever encountered, it is utterly useless. I’ve wasted over an hour with it and now give up. Firstly messing about as they want your details, next you have to enter the serial number. Then you mess about trying to connect the machine to your WiFi and then your phone. If you close the app to get to your WiFi to check it’s on or connected it times out. It says enrolling and nothing happens. So then you have turn WiFi back on at the machine. Then if wants another password which I thought was my WiFi but I think it was the washer WiFi which is completely confusing. If you close the enrolment because it’s not connecting it loses the serial number again and you go back to the start. It is just beyond comprehension how useless and unfriendly this is. If you want WiFi connected appliances don’t bother with hoover. I am amazed anyone at hoover were brave enough to sign this rubbish off. Maybe Apple need to make white goods as hoover has lost its way. I would have given it zero stars but I have to put 1 or I can’t post this review, couldn’t make it up!

Still useless

Version 3.1.2
Still useless
The user manual link doesn’t even go to my user manual, just to the manuals page on the website
If only could give zero star rating

Anybody want to buy my washer dryer?

Version 2.4.2
Wow, this app. Each time I open it I want to throw away my washer dryer that’s 6 months old. A great product. Terrible app, and a reminder that fundamentally bad software can ruin a superb product.

Too many notifications

Version 3.3.3 (756)
This has to be one of the most pushy apps I have come across - when my wash cycle finishes one notification is OK. A follow up after maybe 10 mins later, that might be OK too. But having more than 5 notifications in under 1 min is excessive and just no need for it. Also the having to re log into the app every few times you use it is quite a pain too. The remote functions are the only reason I keep this mess of an application.
Hi Diana - its the end of wash cycle - I did tweet about this a while ago too with a screen shot of all the notifications I got - its crazy the amount.


Fewer than 30 letters long
Version 2.2
Cannot actually be used to register your product or to use the One Touch for it. This means having to get someone to phone up for assistance as I am deaf and unable to speak to anyone on the phone and you can’t video phone them to use BSL .
I don’t know where to start with how bad this app is, from the camera box to scan the QR code being too small and doesn’t allow the camera to focus on it, to getting stuck in a loop…… Eventuallt to see the message that this is not the correct app for the Hoover washing machine and also the tumble dryer I have, despite the instructions stating to download this app.
Don’t use this app. Try the other one hOn which is still pretty abysmal but at least does work.


Version 3.0.0
Totally useless app. The only way I can get to start my washing machine is through the guided option (bottom left of screen) which takes ages and really limits your choice of programmes. The easy way of selecting your own programme just crashes the app forcing you to open it again, and then it still doesn’t work. Surely it’s not just me with this issue, but whatever IT NEEDS FIXING which over the last few updates it hasn’t!!! Hoover, SORT THIS OUT!!!

The app is only good for notifications

Version 2.4.1
• consistently logs me out • selecting any program crashes the app • remote control stops being available seemingly at random
Update: the email they give you for further support is undeliverable. Nice.
What a waste of time.

WiFi app, that only works on same WiFi

Disgruntled kicker
Version 2.7.1
What is the point of an App that will only work if your phone is connected to same WiFi as the device you’re trying to control , handy I suppose if you can’t be bothered to walk from one room to another, that’s as useful as it gets. I thought this would be like my WiFi radiators, turn on (on 4g) and warm house up as I make my way home, great set washing to finish as I walk in from being away 3days, nope. Complete waste of a technology.

Don’t bother- won’t be buying Hoover again

Version 3.1.1
Simply doesn’t work. I managed to link a vacuum to my account, took about 10 minutes, only for the app to immediately crash and now remain unusable. You can open and stare at the splash screen, but ANYTHING ELSE will crash this flimsy app.
Enraging that Hoover, a respectable brand, would jump on the bandwagon and produce these devices with a higher price point for features that aren’t usable. Certainly won’t be buying from this brand again!

Doesn’t work with iPhones

Version 3.1.3
How on earth do you have an app that doesn’t work with iPhones??!? Crazy! My husband has a Samsung and struggled to get the machine going. Will never buy a hoover ever again.

Setting spin speed one tap at a time

Version 2.4.3
You want to wash your clothes on a delicate program? Oh you want to spin them at 400?? Well get tapping baby!
Are you for real? You can’t even hold the button down. You have to tap to go up by 1 rps….. and why can’t I select a cold drying cycle with any of the synthetic programs? It’s driving me mad.


As well as the cheap plastic display the app connects to the washing machines works well sort of. And then when you use the app again after you turn it off it doesn’t connect and you then have to delete the washing machine and then re add it for it to connect what’s that all about real stupid. I’ve seen better kids apps tbh. Shocking

App not working

The app won’t work and says error when I try reset password what can I do to fix this please?


As useful as a chocolate teapot…..

Just ok But Annoying

Vindolanda 1
It functions but have to wait too long for a connection also since the last update it keeps logging me out and I have to sign in again losing any notification settings etc. would be quicker to turn a dial on the machine if it had one.

Possibly the worst interface.

Firstly I have no idea if this is a worthwhile app or not. I cannot even log in to use it.
Step one: Create an account by giving your name, location and a password. (So far, so good)
Step two: Authorise the account you’ve just created by clicking a link in an email sent to you. (Check, still good)
Step three: Log into the app by typing in your username and password. (Nope, not been given the opportunity to create a username yet)
I can only change the password by request but still no username!
Utterly useless!

Half a job!!

This app now seems to work with my washing machine but not with the tumble dryer despite them being bought at the same time and both having one touch technology. I’m using the iOS app.

Don’t be fooled by the update email

Received an email from Hoover saying the app now fully available also on iOS.
I redownloaded, logged in. It still seems useless.

Finally Works

So this app was 100% useless 2 years ago, and only until last week, I thought to give it another try and see if they’ve managed to fix the main issue of an iPhone actually connecting to my washing machine. To my amazement it finally did, 355 washing cycles later, it finally connects.


Why is this still in the AppStore? , this stopped working a long time ago…. Then again it NEVER really worked properly 😡

Hoover, PLEASE invest in this app!!!

Honestly we bought this washer dryer because of the fact that it had a mobile app and the specs of the hardware were so good. But the digital experience is RUBBISH. It’s buggy, it’s ugly, it’s basic in the worst way. Connected home is the future but you have to INVEST IN QUALITY APP DEVELOPMENT.

Works fine

I love getting a notification to say the washing has finished apart from anything else the app can do! Also have a Hoover drier but that needs a different (Candy) app - that’s annoying.


Awful app, my iphone is NFC capable but the app refuses to register / connect to the tumble dryer despite the phone being able to read the NFC tag.
Registering using the serial no results in no control or connectivity either.
-Come on hoover, what is your problem, the app is an utter embarrassment!

Epic fail

Unfortunately this app spends more time not working than it does working. Even sitting in the house connected to the same wifi it will always say ‘remote control not active’ or simply ‘offline’. The whole point in purchasing this was to enable flexibility but in fact it is less convenient than just having a good delay program. That doesn’t work on my machine either !

Fail Big Time

My iPhone 11 Max Pro has NFC
This app uses NFC
So I took the time to setup the app, and tapping NFC takes you to a website! No app functions or settings for the machine?!? WHAT?!?!? #Fail
Psst. I have 650+ apps on my phone. I alpha test and beta test ALL THE TIME. To have such an abysmal iOS app in existence is shameful. Please fix. Sheesh.

Worst app ever invented

Never ever download this app. It is pointless. The whole eco system of one-touch is fraudulent. This is not connected technology.
Hoover need to admit this is a gimmick and that you actually can not do anything by your phone.
From registration, through to enrolment, it’s shoddy. Once you go through the pain be prepared to be underwhelmed, it does nothing. NFT does nothing. Options are non existent. Oh, you can download a manual! Whopper doo!!
Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. Go buy a different brand of white goods.

Really terrible app

I bought this washing machine mostly because of its Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to control it remotely from my phone and monitor how long was left on the wash cycle. I’m VERY disappointed with my purchase - mostly because this app makes the machine almost impossible to use properly.
Whenever I turn on the washing machine and try to connect to it via this app it NEVER connects. The app can never find the machine and even when it does, it seems to lose it again immediately so that, by the time you’ve programmed a wash it’s no longer connected so it can’t start.
The washing options are very poorly presented and there’s no inline explanations of anything.
I really wish I hadn’t bought this machine

Hoover wash/dryer

Absolute crap. Opened the app on my iPad and nothing fits the screen. Can’t start washing cycles because the start button is missing. Totally ballocks, would give it minus five if I could.

No option for -5

Welcome to your new machine, send it back!! Because this app will never work

Don’t work

The cycle won’t start when I’ve clicked on start cycle, disappointing as only brought the washing machine so I could use the extra settings on the app

1 star and well deserved

I was expecting issues when I saw the 1 star reviews but tried this app anyway. Nothing works, locked out of the app no easy way to link the machine. I think this is something that was chucked together just so the marketing team has something to write about.


Useless application and does nothing on iOS. Don’t bother downloading it.

Dishwasher - Useless app

Awful app. Bought brand new dishwasher partly due to wifi connectivity and app use - app doesn’t work. Try setting up new dishwasher, asks me to allow sharing location and does not do anything after pressing ‘allow’. Review settings for the app on iPhone and doesn’t mention location services, app doesn't appear on the actual location settings so will never work. Sort it out!

Doesn’t work on iPhone

Hoover simply refuse to understand that iPhones can now read NFC tags, and this app doesn’t do anything on iPhone for this reason. They seem to think that it’s up to Apple to update their app for them. Waste of time, unless you want to access a digital copy of the instruction manual via the app.

Hoover don’t seem to care

App is almost pointless. It does tell me when my washing cycle is complete, and shows off all the fancy different modes I can use - but refuses to run a cycle through the app
From every other review mirroring the same complaints, it straight up seems like hoover do not care at all, and aren’t making any effort whatsoever in fixing this problem.
Developers should be ashamed that they don’t plan on fixing these issues - they can’t pretend they aren’t aware, it just seems like plain ignorance.

H-Wash 300 washing machine

Connected to machine after a LOT of faffing….. only for the remote wireless option to be absolutely useless!!! It’s connected to my phone - great!! If i want to know when a manual wash has finished!! Coz i can’t send a remote program to it at all!! And your support is even worse!!! Had to pay a £5 to be told ‘switch it off, re install app’ from an outside source other than Hoover coz they redirect you!!! likei i have already tried that!!! Needless to say - didn’t help!!! Absolutely. totally. bloody. useless waste of time app!!!! Which makes buying a Hoover washing machine with a remote function a total waste of time and money!!!

Great app

Tomek manchester
Much easier to setup the machine.

Design is terrible

The app now has NFC connectivity this is fantastic. It’s hidden where nobody would ever think to look for it though.
There’s an amazing feature for helping you select the right wash on the first page, but then no way to select that wash via NFC. If you can add that, it would make this app great. If you can’t add that, the NFC programs need to be the first thing you see loading the app.
Secondly, I have to press and confirm I know how to use the NFC before my iOS gives me the correct instructions, they are not consistent in the app for phone so that needs changing. Also, once I’ve used the NFC feature, do I really need to learn how to use it pressing 3 “move to next step” buttons every subsequent time.

Hoover washing machine h wash 300

Downloaded the app got it to stay connected worked ok until end of cycle when couldn’t open the door and had to turn off at the mains. Works fine with the knob is this the app or the machine????? Anyone else had issue as they said to collect and replace

Worst app ever

This older “HoN” app works great, the new wizard app for OneFI versions of hoover appliances has trouble connecting to the appliance… when It does it won’t send the programs.. yet when you send the stop commands it sends ok … each time you end up removing the appliance and re adding it … for it to work once … shocking app for a well known brand.
Hoover … get it sorted!


This app is so awful it's comical. Who ever designed & developed this needs a new career.
Latest update was like "yeah we've redesigned it". No they haven't. The UI is terrible and now the thing doesn't even notify me when the machine is done.
Honestly, Hoover - please hire a new design team.


Absolute waste of time, don’t waste your time downloading it, just updated to the latest version and still doesn’t work properly.
I go through the connection process by holding my phone against the washer, it says it’s connected then it tells me to wait until the transfer process is complete, I don’t think this even happens as it either crashes or I have no function through the app, it just shows me a picture of a washing machine and nothing else. Doesn’t connect through Wi-Fi either.
I am using a iPhone XR .
Completely useless!!
I will be deleting it and using it as a normal washing machine

Absolutely useless but read this if you want it to work!!!!

This app is great in theory but it doesn’t work. The start button on my 6 months old dishwasher has broken, awaiting an engineer coming. So, in order to use my dishwasher I have to use this app which hardly ever works. I have spent the best part of an hour trying to get it to work today. Error messages say remote not working , it says no appliances are connected , read only mode only. Blah blah blah. Then I get a notification my dishwasher door is open…. Arghhhh!!!
Anyway, if you are having this issue and have to use this app as your stupid touch screen start button has stopped working, I suggest you do the following : Switch the wifi off on your phone so you are using the app with 4g - as for some bizarre reason it will let you begin a cycle!!!! And it works.

Okay but needs work!

Well generally it works quite well, it found and connected to my washer\dryer and allows me to select any function or cycle and starts or stops the machine as it is supposed to. The problem is according to the app, I have never used the machine in the 8 months that I have had it, it doesn’t record any of the cycles wash, dry or combination, all of the suggested maintenance cycles are still showing 100 cycles left and it doesn’t show any of the set notifications.

Want a smart washing machine? Don't bother with this

I chose this washing machine mainly to upgrade to a smart one, am using an iPhone 12 pro max, set up the app fine which was tricky, thought everything fine so far but then found a HUGE problem, each time I click on a wash program to use the app crashes, waste of time, only gave it 2 stars as it does notify me when the wash has ended otherwise would had only give it 1 star. App needs scrapping and totally rebuilt to work on the iPhone otherwise the smart feature (which was a particular reason a lot of customers like myself chose their washing machine for) is a total waste of time, money and a big con

Inconsistent UI but it works

Gary Beaman
I am using this app to control a Candy dishwasher, Hoover washing machine and a hoover tumble dryer. On the whole it works but the app needs either completely rewriting or scrapping. It would make sense to just integrate all the models into the hon app, which looks better but only supports a few of my devices. I also have two Hoover Wi-Fi ovens but can only control one of them from the app because you can’t add two ovens. The UI for the dishwasher (that I added via the Candy specific app but shows up here) and the tumble dryer are consistent but the washing machine looks completely different for some reason. My Hoover vacuum cleaner is recognised by the app as a completely different model. It’s all a bit of a mess unfortunately.

Is anyone at Hoover reading these reviews?

Honestly don’t think anybody at Hoover has checked to see if this app actually works, or read any of the feedback.
I only have a dishwasher on this luckily, but the ease of being able to set programmes and keep an eye on consumables had some appeal when ordering.
Unfortunately none of the advertised features work. I have only managed to set a wash cycle once on the app, it no longer connects to my appliance. I have tried reconnecting, resetting, reinstalling the app none of which have made the app work more than once. The dishwasher itself has been reasonably ok in the week I’ve owned it, but the app and wifi features are practically non-existent and would make me avoid Hoover in the future.

Terrible product and app

How Hoover have got away with releasing to market such a half cocked app is incredible. It seems that part way through development of the app and the actual hardware (dishwasher in my case) someone has said ‘why are we doing this? Who wants to control their dishwasher from an app? What’s the point’. Then, they’ve realised and lost all enthusiasm, leaving a half working app and a half working dishwasher. Both app and product are a complete pain to operate and barely work. Washing the dishes is quicker using a sink and cloth by the time you’ve spent an eon trying to get either the app or dishwasher to work.


It took about five attempts for the dishwasher to talk to my iPhone but when it did it was very good enabling all sorts of functions that are very useful. Then the WiFi connection broke and didn’t want to come back.
The WiFi connectivity is appalling and means that the app is virtually useless. To get a connection I have to log out of the app and login again and then I get less than 10 seconds to direct the dishwasher from the app before the signal gets lost again.
Reading the comments here, I’m not alone and the developers don’t seem to be listening. For a large multinational like Hoover, they really should either up their game or dump the app.

This is App is just plain stupid

Who developed this app? A monkey could do a better job. Hoover to develop an app you need people who knows how to do the job, otherwise it won’t work! This app is horrible, irritating and stupid! IT NEVER WORKS!!!! Crashes every time I tried to put the cicle so I can’t use at all, every time it logs out I have to change my password because the app doesn’t reorganize my password despite being the correct one, I have deleted and reinstalled this app a 1000 times to see if it was a corrupted download or a problem with my phone (which is less than 6 month old) or to see if the bug has been fixed but despite all my efforts can’t make work and I am well educated and advanced user!

Utterly useless

Downloaded this app as the start button on my 4 month old dishwasher wouldn’t work and needed another way to start my dishwasher until I can get it repaired . What an absolute nightmare! 2hours it took to eventually connect to the machine and managed to start a wash programme. Great, I thought. Any future washes should be a doddle to start again.... Oh how wrong was I! A further 3 hours trying to reconnect it again the next day as it just keeps saying offline. My WiFi router is literally 4 feet away from the dishwasher!! Safe to say I gave up for the night and left the dishwasher full of dirty dishes! To have to faff each time you want to use the dishwasher via the app, is just ridiculous! Horrendous app that clearly needs a lot of changes for it to work. Hoover sort this out!!!!!!

This is an utterly useless app

Sue MM
First off I managed to connect the dishwasher to my phone - once! After that it refuses to connect and shows ‘offline’ the whole time. Possibly THE most irritating part is the ‘assistant’ who keeps butting in asking me to ask it a question. Like a fool I fell for it and asked ‘how do connect to my dishwasher?’ All it ever says is ‘sorry, I didn’t understand that’. I even got to the stage of having an argument with an app!!! In this modern technological world the ability to use wi-fi to control machines and avail all the programmes that I so fleetingly saw, is highly desirable, but once again I’ve been duped by a marketing strategy that fails to deliver. I have a washing machine with the same issue - and I’m not technophobic! I’m sure that child entering Reception School could write a better app than this. Whoever signed this app off for use in the 21st century should hang their head in shame.

Same ole story

So mainly the same as everyone else’s review I bought The washing machine mainly for the wi-fi & certain functions it claims to have when connected to the wi-fi!
I bought it just under a year ago ! Signed into the App etc it connected I was happy with it , until a month later for some reason I was logged out , I’ve tried everything to log back in even tried to re register that worked until I got to the end ,& said that this appliance is already registered to log in with my original details which it didn’t recognise I was fuming such a waste of time !
I am left with a basic washing machine & can’t use any of the fuctions !!! Wish I’d gone for a cheaper basic one instead I am fuming !!!!

Waste of time

Annoyed I’m even having to waste my time writing this review but feel I need to let anyone thinking of downloading this app, realise they are just wasting their time.
I bought the AXI washing machine. You are meant to be able to control it through the app. Which is a great idea. You can load it up before you go to work, then set it to wash your clothes so it’s done for when you get home. It also has a feature called keep fresh so it will keep agitating the clothes till you are able to get to them. So they don’t start smelling. Which is great a feature. If you’re ever able to use it.
I keep the app fully updated (though at this point I don’t know why I keep bothering and also what the hell are they updating as nothing ever changes) so I know it has nothing to do with that as I am having all the same issues that everyone else is having.
If the app was to actually work then I would be really happy with my washing machine as the machine itself is pretty decent and would be even better if I could use some of the features on it that it’s meant to have.
I just don’t understand why they haven’t bothered to get the app fixed. As you can see from the reviews that people have been having these issues for years.
Guess I will just go with a different brand the next time I need a new washing machine.
I know Samsung have a good one so I’d maybe check their stuff out if you are in the market for a smart washing machine.

Don’t buy their appliances if you wan to use the WiFi function

I’ve had the hoover washing machine and tumble dryer for a year now and the app has never worked for my iPhone, why can’t this company read these reviews and actually hire a good app developer to make an app that works?!?!? There is no point sending a copy and paste reply to these reviews, just go through all the reviews and take notes of how to improve the app. Some of the 1 star reviews of how bad the app is goes back 2 years!!! It’s false advertising if you are selling WiFi enabled appliances. If you want me to google ‘good app developers’ for you just let me know.

I only give it one star as you cant give it zero.

This is without a doubt the most disappointing app in my 10 years of owning IOS devices.
I have extensive experience with IOT devices and this has to be the worst performance of the lot. How a company as big as candy-hoover can produce a worse App than the chinese is beyond me.
This app simply does not work with my washer dryer unless the moon is in Sagittarius and mars is rising in the west. I have to try several times to get the remote functionality to work and you have to be at the machine to do that, so that is really useful.
The app keeps asking me to enable device discovery (which is already on) and the only way to have even a snowballs chance of getting it to work you have to switch off the wifi so you are not connected to the local network so again a really useful feature. Next if you have run a wash and you now want to user the dryer function ( you know the second part of the Washer/Dryer moniker) you had better not be out, because you cant... you beed to be at home to switch it off then back on 7times before it will take instructions. I get more obedience from my Jack Russell when he has the fresh scent of a rabbit.
Utterly useless!

Pointless on iOS

Hoover - you really need to get with the programme when it comes to technology. Why even bother with this app on iOS when iOS doesn’t support NFC? I bought the most expensive vented tumble drier I could, hoping for some gadgets but alas, vented driers are old tech and not getting the good stuff. Unfortunately it has to be used in a cold garage so my previous (fantastic Samsung) drier had to go back as heat pump tech does not work in the cold. Shame as the integration THROUGH WI-FI was great and notifications and control via the app and TV etc was really useful.
Now buying a Hoover drier after having the Samsung is a massive step backwards.
Hoover - why on earth don’t you design in Wi-fi / Bluetooth and give us some useful connectivity. Very poor and I certainly wouldn’t buy any other Hoover product on this point alone.

Can’t use the app

This IOS app has bugs. I could use the app for the first couple of cycles but now it just has a screen that says ‘Location, wizard needs to detect the appliances on the local network. It then says I need to enable it to detect other appliances by allowing it to in the privacy settings on my settings..... it already has these permissions, I have tried denying them and then allowing them again but still no joy! So until this issue is fixed I can’t use the app. It’s a shame really 🤷‍♂️

Terrible. Developers please read.

White text on white background? Come on guys.
Seriously please hire me to completely redesign this app.
You have some very annoying features even down to the fact when you click something like add the steam you then have to then select the arrow to go to the next page? Why not let it take us users to the next page once we’ve pressed the option to add the examples steam feature but still include the back button just in case we miss click or change our mind.
Please email me
kieranbushell98 @ iCloud . Com
I can have a complete working layout for you guys that will actually make the user interface look better and actually make it a very enjoyable experience for the users.
Let me take over the design.
From all the bad reviews generated from the app which is a main selling feature for the WiFi models you’re currently selling yourself short with the app. If the app was great... I can make it great... you’ll get a lot more positive feed back and people will pass the positive feed back through word of mouth. Please consider my offer.

App stuck on location page

Many other reviewers have said this: the app gets stuck on the location page and despite following the instructions, it’s impossible to get it to work. Makes it pointless so it’s not worth downloading. Why can’t this problem be corrected by the developers? It’s been around since the summer at least.
Update: the developer response says to contact customer support. I did this when the problem first occurred weeks ago and have heard nothing. No attempt by Hoover to help their customers. The app should be removed from the App Store as it obviously doesn’t work.

Works good for me! 👍👍

Nejma, London
After reading all of the negative reviews, made me slightly skeptical to even bother installing the app.
Glad I dismissed all negative reviews. Bought my dryer which I am happy with, didn’t actually realise that it comes with a WiFi feature and can be controlled via my iPhone through the app.
So hence the negative reviews, I installed the app today, it was easy and straight forward took me 10 minutes max and voila it works absolutely fine.
It’s nice to know that I can sit with a cuppa in the living room and not being rudely interrupted by the typical machine alarm to notify me the cycle has ended, I can just control everything from my phone 👌
Only gave it 4 stars as so far so good. However, keeping an open mind I will see how it goes when I actually proactively begin to use it.


The most recent update has made everything very hard to see text wise in the app when selecting programs etc and it’s also broken the app on iPhone 6 and 6S so it can’t be used at all, it just keeps complaining about giving permission in iPhones settings which we do but still nothing!
How the hell have you met my expectations??
The app has now stopped working on my iPhone X as well! Useless!
Right so they released an update a few months ago that got the app working again, not great or anything but at least working, now since yesterday it just keeps saying locating Hoover devices, I can’t start a wash or anything it just seems like the devices aren’t connected but if you open the door you eventually get a notification on the phone saying that it’s open etc.
I’ve logged out and now it won’t let me back in displaying an X symbol so it definitely is a problems on hoovers end, I’ve deleted the app and installed it again and still I’m not able to login.
I reset my password just in case but still only the X symbol is displayed.
I still can’t believe how bad hoovers support for the app is, I mean they are still selling goods that advertise this Wi-fi connectivity tech but it’s just useless, how does such a large/well known company have such a terrible app like this!

Need some work

This app has promise but works like it’s still in beta - it just feels unfinished
Grammar errors, inconsistent behaviour and even totally different GUI’s for similar but different systems - for example my tumble dryer has a quite nicely polished interface but the washing machine looks like it was compiled on an 8-bit computer
That being said - the app is functional, you can configure and set each device, check the status and run cleaning cycles etc
One weird issue I faced was that the washing machine would not connect to the same Wi-fi network the dryer was connected to for almost a week when it arrived - it seems it was sensitive to comped SSID passwords with complex characters - I had to create a separate SSID and move both devices here to resolve - I think the Wi-fi modules in all the systems are totally different which is just an odd thing to do - this means that each system may have different challenges when connecting to the same network
It’s functional and useful but needs a lot of split and polish to really make it a solid app

Very poor....again

I bought a HooverCandy product a few years ago and sought support and the agent was useless and refused to give me any option to diagnose my product. I thought, foolishly it appears, that now they have got on the technology bandwagon that it would have improved. How wrong was I!!!
The App is rubbish, does not recognise my serial number on my iPad and iPhone, you cannot log in to the site, and support tickets don’t accept the date you select on there own page, you have to manually type it in US format. Whoever runs the dev department should look for a new job cos they obviously can’t do this one!

What a bunch of useless washers.

The only punishment suitable for the people who designed this app, would be for them to have to use it. Absolutely terrible, I’m not even going to buy any Hoover products again it is actually that bad I’m so angry at the moment trying to get my stupid dryer to dry the kids bedding before bed. Writing this review has been the only good thing to come of buying such a terrible machine with an awful app to boot. Only trying the app as the button to make the dryer go, seems to have been designed by the same people who made this horrendous app. Thanks Hoover. Keep up Flybe good work.

Can’t even get it registered on iOS 13!

So the one touch facility was a strong point for buying the model of washer dryer that we did. If I’d realised that the app was so poor I would have went for a different brand.
I realise that as IOS users we wouldn’t have the same smart phone functionality. However, I’d be delighted if we could get that far!! Despite numerous attempts by both of us, we can’t even add the product to the app. We can add the purchase date but every time we add in the serial number either via scan or manual input the app just takes us back to the add new screen with no product linked.
It’s extremely frustrating and unless sorted very soon, don’t think I would ever purchase a hoover product with a one touch “ability” again because it’s only as good as the app. And I do have to point out that both my partner and I would be well used to smart technology, it’s simply that this isn’t so smart.

Doesn’t work

The app refuses to download on my iPhone although it says it’s compatible. It will download on my iPad so I created an account and tried to register my product which doesn’t add to my profile. I’ve tried an incorrect SN and it flags it up as incorrect, I add the correct SN and it just takes me back to the homepage without adding my appliance. Complete and utter waste of money buying anything with the one touch feature because the app doesn’t work

Someone actually designed this app

Who ever built this app must have been blind as this is visually and functionally the worst app I’ve ever downloaded since owning an iPhone. Nothing works and continues to keep logging me out and then requiring me to reset my password which then sends me in a loop of reset emails. When I do finally get into the app its an utterly useless experience, the navigation is the same colour as the background so I have to randomly tap blank space, took me hours to find out where to press just to access the programs menu for the dryer. So many Elements overlapping other elements you can’t interact with it.
Programs for the tumble dryer are just as confusing as trying to get the touch screen to work on the appliance so without the app I can’t dry my clothes properly. Why would tapping cottons mean I’m drying whites, nonsense? There are so many flaws I actually can’t be bothered to list it.
You asked for my feedback via email about what you could do better. Well redesign this app from scratch for goodness sake, and with someone who knows what they are doing. You could pay someone in India $100 and they would produce something 10 times better. For a big brand like you I’d be embarrassed releasing crap like this making it a selling point for your appliances.

Really clunky and difficult

Terrible customer services
This app has crashed on me for the past few months, and recently started working again. I still find however that it inconsistently recognises when the washing machine or tumble dryer has the WiFi turned on, and the app itself just glitches and freezes a lot. I have yet to be able to get any diagnostic information on the functioning of the machines. It’s really bad, for a brand that is trying to sell itself as being futuristic, Hoover have really fallen short, the app feels more like something you’d find back in the 2000’s when apps were just novelty and we didn’t always expect them to work. Really disappointing.

This app needs work

A new washer/dryer arrived yesterday. So I downloaded the IOS version of the app and tried to go through the setup. Has nobody tested this app? It’s currently stuck on the page for the new appliance with no visible route to any other page. Since I can only see the top of the delete button, presumably the one I want is off the screen (which doesn’t scroll). And incidentally when I followed the instructions to press the two end buttons on the machine’s remote control page nothing happens, though the AP route to registration seemed to work. Test it, not on some simulator but on an actual iPhone. Your page layouts are rubbish.

Complete waste of time and effort

Purchased 2 x Hoover products, Washer and separate Condenser Dryer, sold on the idea of the One-Touch technology, via the Hoover Wizard app, that simply DOES NOT WORK!
Wasted almost two hours by multiple attempts, downloading, researching and reading documents that accompanied both machines. Gave up eventually, having read that other customers were having similar problems. Listen HOOVER...to keep your reputation as a 21st Century market leader in machine technology, sack your App Design Team and for heavens sake, get it right for your customers! There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting time and energy on something that’s useless. Wish I could have scored 0 out of 5 on feedback.

Embarrassingly bad...

Hoover One Fi Extra Washer/Dryer, using iPhone XS
I see there are a few ‘Developer Responses’ to some of these reviews, but none of them seem to address the main issues of this awful app. Such a basic concept, yet such a clunky, aesthetically bad app to use, when it actually decides to work.
As per instructions, I set the dial on the washing machine to ‘One Fi Extra’, then open the app. Most times, the menu functions do not appear on the app and remote control does not work. Complete and utter waste of time. Yet WiFi is connected according to the machine. And there are a few cycles that I try to set off using the app, but it crashes before I try to start it.
And white text on a white background. Seriously?? Did a 9 year old develop this app?? For crying out loud, this is embarrassing stuff!
It’s 2020 and we can do wonderful things with technology these days, yet such a basic app does not work as advertised, and renders the biggest feature of this appliance absolutely useless.
To the developer - please listen. Do the decent thing and respond to these issues. Your product does not work as advertised, and needs fixing as a matter of urgency

Useless and no point of the one touch feature

We bought a tumble dryer with the one touch feature. Was looking forward to being able to control the dryer with app. It’s absolutely pointless... you have to be at the machine and put your phone against the dryer!? Why wouldn’t you just make it connect through WiFi and that could be fully controlled from at either in the home or out.. would of been good to be able to load the dryer.. go out and have to running for 30 mins when your 30 mins away from home etc.. or being able to stop the dryer without having to go to the machine.. I’ve given one star but it’s not even worth that..


I recently purchased a Hoover Tumble Dryer which purposely included this wifi / app feature. This however was the worse choice ever. This Hoover Wizard app is the worse / cheapest app going. On first appearance the app appears to be the perfect companion for the Hoover Tumble Dryer offering plenty of useful extras, energy usage, programme functions, start/stop etc. However on registering my tumble drier, adding my email address and password the app then crashes. It will no longer open. I have been in touch with Hoover and the tech team who have been far from helpful.. I’m now 2 months in with this dryer and still no fix. The app just won’t work. I’m running the latest software on my Apple iPhone XS Max and the latest app software. Still no joy and no response from Hoover... a complete waste of money and time.. avoid this product and app....

Tumble dryer app absolutely rubbish

Having just had the machine installed and not found the right programme to get dry I tried to install the app. When at the register to network stage you are meant to press Rapids and Best Ironing together until RR appears (in the One Fi Extra option).
Absolutely nothing, pressed and held nothing, pressed repeatedly nothing wife turned off and on again nothing.
Quite frankly I hate feedback forums but I hate wasting time on poor products even more. Hoover sort your trials out if you need a hand before going to market let me know as I have released many products successfully and it isn’t hard if you trial properly.

App keeps crashing

Just got the drier and keep trying to register with the app and it keeps crashing after 2 hours I managed to register but now everytime I open the app it crashes so I don’t know what the app can do cause I can’t get on to it. The apps still not working still don’t know what it does 😡. I still can’t get on the app. I press on the app it says saving data and then nothing it crash’s just closes its self. I get a notifications to tell me the doors just been opened but that’s it. I don’t know what this app does or even looks like as I can’t get past the crashing point. I have deleted app and installed again to many times I can’t count. It’s also the same on my tablet just crashes. My hubby downloaded app to his phone and it crashes for him as well so it’s not my phone or tablet. We bought our drier for this reason and we can’t use it. We was going to get the washing machine but thinking about changing are minds about that now.

Doesn’t work!

First of all, the app crashes every time I went to register with Facebook. I eventually got round that by manually registering with my email. I registered the tumble dryer and was then met with a page that doesn’t look as if it’s been coded properly. I have two drop down menus on the left hand side and just a page that says ‘FAQs’ and ‘Customer Services’. I don’t want either of those two options, I just want to work the tumble dryer!!!!! Not exactly the best advertising this app and creating a big old instruction manual on how to use it when it hasn’t even been set up properly by your tech guys. I’m using it on iOS as well which is what half your customers probably have so what’s your issue? No wonder it has 1 star...

Shockingly Bad App

UPDATE: this application now forces you to provide your GPS location in order to use it. Without giving your location the app is unusable. Total unnecessary invasion of privacy.
UPDATE 2: Hoover is claiming that GPS location is needed for the weather feature (which makes no sense as the dryer would be in a different location than my phone) but you have no option to refuse this request. If you don’t give your GPS location you can not use the app. Blatant invasion of privacy.
For such a large company this application is absolutely shocking.
The user experience is terrible with a really weird right-left arrow system which is impossible to navigate. The grey colour system they’ve chosen makes it impossible to read any text and completely inaccessible.
They’ve clearly not tested the app on an iPhone XS as all of the UI and text layout is off.
To add to all the the UI is so painfully slow and unresponsive.
Does not feel like a quality product.

Tricky to set up - iPhone

It’s taken 2 days but the app and dishwasher are talking to each other. The app is basic and a little cumbersome. If you are struggling with the setting up your account due to password being rejected on set up, took me 2 days to work it out, keep it simple - I did 1 upper case letter, rest in lower case and some numbers - do not use any symbols or punctuation. It’s a pity there isn’t any guidance on this. I have started the dishwasher with my phone this morning and I’m able to monitor the program, once finished I will use the app to attempt alter some of the machines settings. Persevere with it as it may be of some benefit. Good luck!
Hoover - this app needs a full review.

Works fine for me

Black Cats of 73
I have used this app for a long time on this phone which is the iPhone xs and have had no problems with it there has just been an updated for the app so people having problems with the app not working properly this latest version might help i hope that it does because the app is good With a lot of functions which are helpful i use this app with my AXI washing machine.


I’ve just bought an AXI dishwasher and was looking forward to controlling it via this app. How little did I know that this app is so frustrating and impossible to use.
Using an iPhone XS I went through the setup process. Bluetooth connection doesn’t work so I had to use the “standard” setup with WiFi. All well and good. Could see my dishwasher in the app and change the programs with ease.
But a little later I went to try it out and couldn’t get the dishwasher in to “remote control” mode. So I removed the dishwasher from the app to reconnect it. Now I can’t even get the dishwasher registered within the app!
It goes ok until the final step when I have to configure the app using my home network. I get various error messages such as “timed out”, “ssid name too short”. I’m not naive when it comes to networking. I have 3 different networks in my house and tried all 3 without success. I even installed a WiFi booster to ensure the dishwasher had a decent connection.
After spending the majority of today trying to get it to work, I’ve given up! I’ll just have to use it as a traditional dishwasher considering the WiFi function is just a waste of space (and money!).
Hoover, please reply! Maybe you can create an instructional video showing how you get the app, iPhone and dishwasher to work together.
Edit: 2 weeks after contacting Hoover email support and I’ve heard absolutely nothing! Disgusting service! I wish I’d bought a different brand now!

Steve Broughton

Hi, I received my new washer drier today, with WiFi and downloaded the app.
Not sure what the negative comments refer to which worried me after reading them.
It works absolutely fine, very intuitive and does definitely allow full remote control of the machine wherever you may be from your phone or tablet (mine is an iPhone).
Just select the program and start! Check on the progress if you wish and get handy information on where the cycle is, detergent and softener levels and tips on removing stains. All in all delightful, well done Hoover!
A completely satisfied customer.

Fridge is at least cold

Loved the idea of this fridge. On your way home from the shops and want to chill drinks fast? You can tell your fridge to go into "Party Mode" to cool down drinks in the wine rack faster… the problem is it's never actually online. I've reconfigured the wifi on the fridge several times, and even installed a Wifi repeater & set up a separate subnetwork just for the fridge, still it's online for a few days and then drops off… Samsung SmartHome stuff is MUCH better. Get an EcoBubble washer if you want a smart machine, it works 99% of the time!
2019 Update - STILL not fixed the connectivity issues, added a completely useless shopping list function to an app I never use because it fundamentally never works. I can get momentary connection if I switch WiFi off, gives me about 5 seconds of access - so not enough to use any function of the app. Never updates its energy usage, utterly useless… Try again Hoover/Candy!

Total waste of space

The washer is advertised as having WiFi and a supporting app. These are both technical true.
However you’d me foolish for thinking that the app might perhaps connect to the washer using WiFi? Or in fact that that either the WiFi or app might do anything at all. They don’t.
Theres no way to configure the WiFi to even connect to a network. The app by comparison is even less useful as it wastes your time installing it. Once installed you can add you device. The main advantage to doing this is that you now get an icon for your device in the app.
If you really want to you can even click on the icon... just don’t expect anything to happen when you do. Literally it does nothing. I guess if you forget what that big white machine in the kitchen is for, it does actually say ‘washing machine’ when you click but that’s a pretty limited use case.
I get that nfc is limited on iPhone, but either make it work over WiFi or just admit the app is pointless and remove it.

Don’t touch with a barge pole

Installed this this morning. It worked and was an easier way to interface with the washing machine than the controls on the machine itself.
Came back a couple of hours later and tried to set up a wash but the machine continued to be offline. Logged into the WiFi router and found that the washing machine was not on the network (yes, I had pressed the WiFi button on the machine). Spent a couple of hours trying to re-establish a connection with the machine and then realised I could have washed the clothes by hand in a sink in less time than I had wasted! Hoover, did you actually test this app in the real world?
BTW, I’m not technically naive, I work with computer networks (windows, Linux and Mac ) on a daily basis.


heart a tech
I’m not sure if it’s the app or the dishwasher but the two just do not work together. I’ve had the machine connect once or twice in 2 years. I tried again tonight as the app had been updated but again, it just doesn’t connect to my home network. I have various devices connected, it’s in range, I know what I’m doing and it just doesn’t work. I think the only reason they update the app is to reset the average rating number, it’s not to fix any bugs. I’m sure the developer will be along to reply soon, probably blaming me or asking if I’ve contacted the support team, I tried, that’s also pointless, the UK support team doesn’t even see to share the same trading name. Just a side note, the internal layout of the dishwasher is absolutely terrible too, everything falls over, AVOID AVOID AVOID.