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GOLFTV powered by PGA TOUR is the new digital destination for golf fans around the world. A subscription to GOLFTV brings fans closer to the game they love with:
• Live and on-demand broadcast coverage of the PGA TOUR and some of the biggest events in golf.*
• PGA TOUR LIVE (Featured Groups and Featured Holes) for most PGA TOUR events.
• Access a vast library of PGA TOUR archival footage, including event, player and course documentaries. (PRO PASS only)
• Access to exclusive content with Tiger Woods, Francesco Molinari and other star players.
• Golf Digest Schools instruction from Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter and other world-class teachers. (PRO PASS only)
• Original interviews and features with some of the biggest stars from around the world of golf.
* The availability of this content varies by region. To find out what is available in your region download the app.
GOLFTV is part of Discovery, Inc, a leader in real-life entertainment.
GOLFTV is available worldwide except in the US, China and the Korean Peninsula.
By downloading the GOLFTV app, you can view limited trailers and short clips. A subscription is required to access additional features and content on GOLFTV. You must be 18 years or over to create an account and buy a GOLFTV PASS. Your iTunes Account will be charged when you purchase a GOLFTV PASS unless your subscription starts with a free period of access in which case your iTunes Account will be charged when your GOLFTV PASS converts to a paid subscription. Purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of iTunes. If you buy a GOLFTV PASS which auto-renews, your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal at the then current subscription price. You can manage your subscription at any time and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to settings, selecting your Apple ID, navigating to Subscriptions and tapping on GOLFTV.
Mobile network and WiFi charges may apply to your use of GOLFTV.
By downloading and using this app, purchasing a GOLFTV PASS or purchasing an upgrade, you are agreeing to the GOLFTV Terms of Use: www.golf.tv/terms-of-use.
For more information about how we use your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy: www.golf.tv/privacy-policy. By downloading this app, you acknowledge the terms of our Privacy Policy.
This app uses tracking technologies to understand how users interact with our content and to help personalise our content for you. You can learn more by reading our Cookies Policy: www.golf.tv/cookies-policy. By downloading this app, you agree to the use of tracking technologies as described in the Cookies Policy.

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General performance improvements & bug fixes.



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Do not subscribe

Garbage service, not so great app, save your money.
This service claims to allow you to watch live pga tournaments, though the reality is that more often than not you don’t get any live coverage. The times where they do show coverage you only get to see the first featured group’s round on Thursday and Friday, no weekend coverage whatsoever. I have had a subscription for 5/6 weeks and have seen 4 full rounds of golf. If you are looking to pay £4.99 for a load of random promotional videos and the occasional round of live coverage go ahead but if you’re looking for a replacement for the extortionately priced sky sports you’re in the wrong place.
Also the app itself isn’t without issues, for example on the odd occasion they have live coverage, it sometimes won’t let you open it just saying its scheduled start time, even if that is hours before you attempting to watch.

One or two live events in a month

Version 2.2.1
Bought a year pass at a discounted price but the app is shaky, sometimes not loading videos straight away and the content is meagre with sometimes only one or two live events a month. Will not renew. Have instead used a VPN to access the free content of US based events such as the Masters and US Open.

Black screen

Version 3.0.4
Screen keeps going black when I click play so annoying

Great app

Version 3.0.2

App crashing issues

Version 4.0.14
Monthly pass subscriber and when trying to launch a video to watch the app crashes before it gets through the adverts.
Had the app around 1 year and have had chromecast issues too.
When it works it’s great, when it doesn’t it feels like you’re not getting your monies worth.


Version 4.0.11
Ap is not working and goes blank after I watch a video. Tried deleting and reinstalling but still the same problem

Avoid UK version

Jim grin 81
Version 3.0.5
I’ve just purchased this application and subscribed to a year on the pro pass. I did this on the pretense after reading the app’s description of been able to watch live different groups (which must only be in the US!).
Unfortunately I didn’t read any reviews before purchasing, the UK live content it’s as described. You’re only able to live watch selected groups down the leaderboard and few to no highlight of the top group.
It sounds like the US version is amazing but unfortunately in the UK all the rights to stream / Broadcast the leading top 10 players have been secured by Sky.
Wish I’d just bought a sports pass, now after spending £89 feel a little bummed. Hope the rest of the content makes up for the this disappointment ☹️
Update - emailed their help department and given a full refund 👍🏼

No such thing as a free trail

Version 2.1.1
Just be careful, upon selecting for the free trial you will be automatically signed up for a monthly subscription. GolfTV will absolve themselves of any responsibility here.
Two stars because you can actually watch live golf coverage.

Don’t bother with it in the UK

Version 1.1.0
I’ve tried the subscription here in the UK but it is like going to a restaurant but they sit you outside at the back in an alley way and you only get fed what the other diners left over.
You do get to see some golf but not of the leading groups and then it just switches off and tells you that you can now see live coverage on Sky Sports. It might be ok in the US or other countries but in the UK where Sky has the rights to the golf broadcast you only get shown some meaning less ‘feature’ groups.

Constantly blacks out

Polarbear escape
Version 4.0.23
It`s super frustrating that your live coverage keeps blacking out so that ones has to close down and restart the app. When it`s worst, it happens every 2 minutes or so. Please get it fixed

Rip-off in UK

Version 3.3.0
So called Live Pass is sold that offers no live coverage at all in the UK. Content availability info states live coverage of featured groups and holes is offered; this is not only utterly misleading, but plain false.

App is a waste of time

Version 4.0.17
So the theory of this app is good, however after PAYING for the monthly membership I don’t expect to have to watch multiple advertisements per video.
On top of that one of the ads doesn’t load which starts a cycle of having to watch both ads again. This leads me to have to go online to watch it and not use the app.
Scrap the ads and the app will be great. You don’t pay for Netflix or any other streaming service and have to watch multiple adds per video. I will cancel my membership if ads stay on the app.

Too many adverts

Version 3.0.1
Downloaded this despite the negative reviews about the live coverage specifically for the Tiger section.
In a nine minute video I watched 2 adverts at the beginning, 2 at 3:00 minutes and 2 at 6:00 minutes. Within a paid app that is an absolute joke.
Gave up in the end and cancelled the subscription.

Don’t bother

Josh L Booth
Version 3.6.0
Firstly, the website told me I could watch live golf with a free account which is just not true. Absolutely fine with that, but don’t claim something that’s completely false. Second, it just refuses to work via my smart tv so pretty useless unless I want to watch via mobile. Finally, when the coverage does work it’s great, no faults to it. But the European tour tab may as well just be removed, and PGA tends to work every so often, normally once the coverage has started on sky funnily enough. Bought a week ago, already cancelled.

Elendig app!

Version 1.0.1
Kan ikke engang logge inn!

Live golf

Version 2.0.0
Advertised as the place to watch live golf but can’t watch the PGA Championship or the European Tour live and they are both on at the moment.
The on demand videos have no personality and send you to sleep.

Very fiddly app!

Version 3.3.1
This golf tv is pants I think, there is an advert for every damn video! And the screen seems to rotate on an iPad and you can’t get it to rotate back so you have to keep turning the iPad, very annoying, and it basically just makes you have to get sky sports, pointless subscription and app to be honest, could have been a great concept!

Awful app

Legally Bald
Version 4.0.10
The app is awful. I need to delete and redownload every time I switch on to watch live golf. Sometimes it won’t even load downloading the app from the cloud. Thank god the service gives a free month trial as this type of useless tech is not worth a cent a month.

GolfTV app not working on Apple TV

Desmond Phipps
Version 2.2.0
Good coverage of live golf on computer but unable to login to GolfTV app on Apple TV. Just buffers - very frustrating

No live coverage

Version 3.0.11


Quest LV
Version 3.0.6
If you have a regional service why list programs that aren’t available when I inform of my region? I’ve spent more time checking schedules and logging in to find zero new content than I have watching content. Same adverts over and over again. Instagram PGA has more content and its free.

Very disappointed - save your money

Gray but still listening
Version 4.0.25
I’ve bought many apps that have turned out to be a waste of time, but I’ve never been moved to write a review before!
The app looks great and I had high hopes, but I’m yet to find any live coverage, or any recent tournament highlights - it’s all useless two minute clips unless you want to watch the Japanese Skins over and over.
I’ve cancelled my subscription and you should save your money too.

PGA golf

honest golfer
Version 4.0.5
I have cancelled subscription to this app now some 6months (“because we could not get live golf when on as promised so contact broken by pga” ) but still get charged through iTunes U have no control over payment etc without having to give blood samples to stop indirect payments
This app not suitable for honest reliable people
Honest golfer

Absolute joke - should have listened to reviewers

Version 3.0.16
Wish I could post a screenshot...
Houston Open coverage billed to start at 12.15 GMT and run till 19.00 today (10th Oct).
Currently listed as “Upcoming”
No option within the app to contact GolfTV
On demand content has been interesting but videos are short. Most only a few minutes. ALL preceded by unbelievably annoying, repetitive ads for United Airlines. Painful viewing.
Quite often click on app to read “Oops, something went wrong”. Soft reset doesn’t even fix that.
All of the above coupled with very little live content available in the UK (none of which I am yet to see, despite trying), equals anger and disappointment. I would like to receive a refund.
Yes 5 quid a month isn’t a barrow full of cash but when you compare this to Netflix at the same price and with zero ads, the mind boggles.

No Live Coverage

Version 3.0.7
Limited selection of videos and no live coverage in the UK, different than what’s advertised. There are too many very short videos (1min or less), which are not too helpful or interesting.
Are you giving people their money back?

It’s not free

Moon the loon 78
Version 3.0.8
They claim it’s free to watch some content but it’s not,if you got a sky subscription don’t waste your time downloading this

GOLFTV Breach of Contract

Version 4.0.9
No shows/blackouts are the recent norms in GOLFTV performance for U.K. subscribers. Fancy ads and service promises are broken on the event days. Examples are WGC, Barracuda and now Northern Trust this weekend. Published Broadcast schedule for Northern Trust on Saturday Aug 10 describes airing on GOLFTV 8-11pm BST. No show on the day was the reality!!
GOLFTV never apologise to the customer for these service anomalies, either before or after the event, resulting in customer frustration.
On a positive note, the technical service is excellent and the US and international commentators provide an informed view of the game and players.
As a former pgatourlive U.K. subscriber, extensive video coverage was supplied for all the FedEx playoff events over the past 3 years, providing a very satisfying finish to the PGA tour season.
In summary, GOLFTV needs to get its act right re customer service at this early stage of the new contract. I would advise potential U.K. customers to hold back from subscribing until the start of the 2020/21 PGA tour season.

OK but could be better

Version 3.4.1
I am now paying £4.99 per month for something which used to be free on PGA Tour app. with nothing extra for your money.
The scheduling information is rubbish and gives you no idea when Live broadcast will be available, so you just have to keep checking until you hit on it.
If it doesn’t get any better I will be cancelling!!
Why does it show on the PGA Tour app that the WGC St Jude is available on Golf TV from 7pm to 11pm when it clearly is not????

Lack of Live content

Zibgis; I pay £4.99 monthly for golf TV and still only get featured holes, it is dreadful and without any real schedule you really don’t know what you can watch and when. I will be cancelling as soon as I can find out how to do it

Don't think of it as a replacement for Sky!

Their promotional material makes you think you are going to see a large chunk of the major events. That's not what you get (in the UK at least). You get a focus on 2-3 holes or apparently on some groups around the course but they are not the leaders (have not experienced latter one myself).
A different issue is that you sometimes have to wait minutes stirring at a static scoreboard even when viewing a non live event. I'd love to know why.
I'd consider paying £6 for full coverage (sky equiv) but not for the minor clips that don't let you see how the game is developing. Not add of it is even edited highlights.

The service is poor.

Endlessly freezing at very awkward intervals and times.
This is my second subscription !

Login issue

Cannot login on the app, freezes every time I try


The worst app ever
Waste of money
PGA Tour app was 100% better
a lot of PGA on Golf TV can’t watch unless in the US
PGA - please take your live golf back
Golf TV has never worked for me and I paid s years subscription
Disgrace !

Poor in the UK

The site advertises events on UK
Facebook that are not available in the UK and doesn’t state not available on the schedule.
Example is the World Golf Championship which was heavily advertised on UK Facebook pop ups but not available when signed up. Doesn’t state on website or schedule that not showing in the UK
I contacted customer services who advised they would originally tried to avoid the issue, then referred this onwards and said they would get back to me. Never heard anything back.
Reported to trading standards as false advertising.


Hardly any coverage. No guide or schedule information on the direct app for knowing what and when coverage will be on

Don’t touch this app

I have just had to spend £30 on this terrible app, since the update I have had nothing but trouble! No help from them to fix my log on issues, do yourself a favour and get sky sports instead, this app is a waste of money , if I could give it zero I would

Dont touch this app

I paid for the active option and the app does not work. Even with proof of purchase they were not interested. Owen has tried his best to resolve this- I am still waiting for my issues to be resolved. It seems they cant refund because it was paid to itunes- I have been asked to review my comments. Dont touch this app


Seems to be very hard to watch any live golf on. A schedule of live events doesn’t correspond with us in the UK. Just loads of clips and interviews but that’s about it.


Content disappeared from pga tour live, eventually found it was meant to be here. Apple TV app just says no content and won’t update so is still the old one. Registered for golf tv and it won’t let me choose or sign up for a package. Total shambles. Shame on the pga for teaming up with this rubbish.


mr sqidley
Bought this app this morning won’t open contacted customer support they told me to contact golftv support no joy with them had to contact apple for a refund .why put app up that are rubbish come on apple you have got billions of pounds you could put up things that work without giving customers the raving hump.

Not good

Doesn’t even allow me to log in with an account with a subscription! Can recognise the incorrect password, but the correct password and it freezes in loading for ages! I’ve paid for this subscription and get very little from it

Take your money but won't log me in!

Really sad that this app has taken the money however won't let me log in. Says that there is no e-mailed address matching mine. So disappointing. Free money for Golf TV. It even has put me off wanting to play the game myself. 😞. How can I cancel the payments if it doesn't recognise me. Will have to go to my bank I think. Gutted!!!


Good quality, great live golf and very helpful support.

I don’t understand this app

It doesn’t make sense to have this app and pay for it.
I can watch the PGA Tour Facebook page and see the leaderboard on the app and see better coverage.
I don’t understand why there can’t be a simple PGA Tour Season Pass purchase to watch every tournament on an app? I would pay for full coverage for the year through an app if it was available. Instead we get watered down options like this.

Just does not work any place

Tried getting the golf and was happy to pay but will not let you pay .. yes i travel to many countries and im missing the players champ and wanted to subscribe ..
You do not even get to the pay page... just says restore your subscription and then goes .. error or technical fault ...
Waste of time app and service

Not working

This app is not working. Help centre pretty useless as it’s obviously a robot answering emails. Annual Sub has automatically renewed thru iTunes but no way can I get to view new app content. Robot keeps going round with the same answers. I have been trying for three hours. Totally frustrated. Thought of trying to get refund from iTunes and starting from scratch directly with GOLFTV but not eligible for refund apparently. I suppose I have to accept loss of £29.00

Apple subscription not working

I’ve subscribed to golf tv through the Apple App Store. The payment has been taken but the subscription has not appeared on my golf tv profile. I’ve had to subscribe via the golf tv website meaning I’ve had to pay twice. Very poor

Paid for pass

I thought the app worked well so I paid for a pass. However after getting a confirmation email saying I have the pass it will not let me access anything.

Where are LPGA Tours?

Every possible Tour if you’re a PGA fan/player.
However, only Women's Euro Tours are available and no LPGA Tours. Why?
Not an equality based app then. Just mainly MALE ONLY INTL. Tours. Unless, those Tours are blocked from the UK.

App log-in doesn’t work

The App log-in doesn’t work on iPhone 5s on latest 12.1.2 iOS. After I enter my account email & password the screen just stays stuck whirling and I can’t access my account to watch. I can successfully log in online via the website but not on the iOS App. I’ve tried everything, like deleting and re-installing the app with no fix. It’s a design bug. PLEASE FIX ASAP OR I WILL BE FORCED TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION.

Good app but needs work

First time signed up as I want somewhere to watch the golf while not getting ripped off ( sky ) so I joined golf tv. Good app but needs to tell you more times, as In it says live coverage coming soon but doesn’t say the time it is going to start showing live coverage.
I also like the behind the scenes interviews etc.

1 star not low enough

Absolutely horrendous... I was charged twice for the yearly subscription, sent countless emails to customer support, and never received a single response.
The coverage outside the US is appalling, I can’t see Saturday and Sunday coverage as I’m in te UK, and it’s not written anywhere before purchasing. So I’ve now paid twice do a service I can’t even see due to my location.
If it is location restricted... just don’t sell it outside the US!
Overall a complete horrible experience.

More coverage on twitter than this app

Really excited, paid for a year and at the start we were given access to featured groups on all 4 days. Then it devolved into watching players at 50th on the leaderboard or one featured hole for the tournament. Save your money, you’ll get more featured coverage on twitter.

Good way to see action early

Been watching Tiger make his comeback this last few weeks while TV coverage isn’t available. Very easy to use and stream

Total scam, avoid like the plague

Tom brown gt4
Their text says for the first time golf fans have live access to complete round coverage inc thurs and fri morning feature groups. When I messaged them about not seeing the final round of Valspar they messaged back saying it was showing live on tv and app was set up to let you see thur and fri coverage. In short don’t subscribe as you won’t see the final rounds.

Video unavailable in my region

Helpful 🎈
In the UK and had no issues till today.
Unable to watch groups or holes and after checking all settings unsure what the issue is.
Update from customer service :
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Normally, PGA Tour Live is available globally. Unfortunately, PGA Tour Live is geo blocked in certain areas for World Golf Championship events.
These events are sanctioned by the International Federation (made up of the European Tour, Asian Tour, Japan Tour, PGA of Australia, Sunshine Tour and the PGA Tour) and tournament coverage, including PGA Tour Live, is represented by the governing body in your area.
As a result, this currently restricts PGA Tour Live's coverage rights during WGC events. We are continuing to work with the governing bodies to provide access to these tournaments in the future.
The next WGC event would be the World Golf Championships-Dell Technologies Match Play March 21-25.
We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any additional questions, feel free to respond to this email.

PGA tour live

Tried PGA tour live as an alternative to expensive advert filled (mostly betting) Sky sports. Not impressed. Coverage constantly buffers and blurs. Cant see live coverage on final days. Adding to previous comments. Why in the UK can we not have a viable alternative to sky sports to watch golf. This is no way to promote the game.


Simply Simmo
Technically you can watch “LIVE” golf if you want to watch the same holes or the same players over and over again. I just watched 32 players go through the 16 hole at Scottsdale... mind numbingly dull for £30 a year. Tried to watch the “proper” coverage on CBS feed only to be told that it’s not available in UK. Sort your regionalised payment PGA, this is worth about 99p app level in the UK. Getting refund

Don’t buy in the UK

Only allows you to watch pre- live coverage, featured groups or featured holes. When the coverage goes live on CBS / NBC it comes up saying not available in your region.
So you can only watch featured holes or featured groups, plus a few holes before it’s live on Golf Channel or CBS/NBC.
Don’t buy in UK - locks you out of live coverage.

PGA Tour live

It's ok if you just want to watch a couple of holes but they won't show you full coverage because your not in the right region but still charge you the same as someone who is!

iPhone 6s user.

Really useful app. Lots of timely relevant info. Video can be intermittent but the user is kept up to date.

Good for price

Pc sop user
Was wary due to negative review about no live coverage. I bought a month pass to try out as my sky sports subscription is running out and can't justify high price just for golf.
To clarify the no live coverage issue. I have watch 3 events and got live coverage in the U.K for all 3. You get earlier than sky coverage of featured groups with some of the best golfers in the world. When the live coverage starts on sky you get featured holes rather than the comprehensive coverage of sky.
It looks like Americans have full coverage and access to all holes but living in rip off Britain we get just some featured holes - this is the regional restriction part which actually meant no live coverage at all of the final two days at this weekends event. I did get featured hole coverage in the first two events I watched - all live. Annoying but still worth £30 a year in my view bit I am a golf addict.
Rant- why are we held to ransom to sky while Americans aren't. Golf is thriving over there while in the U.K it is dying and seen as an old man sport. If you don't have sky or this there is no other way of watching or seeing any golf in the uk at all. Where are the next role models for our kids? Why can't the powers that be who sell out to the highest bidder see that this is killing the game - no role models = low youth participation. Rant over!
Based on my experience I like this app and will continue to subscribe.

Good coverage if you're willing to pay.

If you're happy to stump up £30 a year (I am) or £6 a month then it's a good app. With time difference to UK I can get live golf steamed to my phone at work every Thursday and Friday. What's not to like about that!

Nice and Cheap

Great app and support team. Only issue is not all the tournaments full highlights are available even on paid subscription. Other than that very happy.

Nothing good to say about this app

Andrew Eddy
It's slow to stream, bizarrely hard to get content to stream and almost the same amount of adverts as actual golf time.
It's actually amazing how bad a job they've done of this, real shame for golf.
Don't waste your time on this app, the paid for content isn't worth the money either.

Not an app for non-US users

Downloaded the app and paid for the annual subscription as it was cheaper than the monthly subscription. Thought it would be great to watch golf 'on the go' instead of fighting for television time.
However, every time I clicked on a video link, I would get the following error message: "Video not available in your region". Presumably there are issues with broadcasting rights overseas.
Contacted Apple and they cancelled my subscription right away. Great service from Apple.
How an app with such gross limitations is made available on the UK store is beyond me. Judging by the other reviews here, I had a lucky escape from an annual subscription to limited broadcast.

Waste of Time

Tato Canuck
Who wants to watch an endless procession of golfers on the same hole? Not me! Playback consists of a few comments from the announcers then long intervals of silence and nothing happening. I couldn't believe it last night when coverage stopped after the lead group left the 17th hole!

Great app

Subscription is ok if you only want to get an idea of the course feature holes and groups. The coverage is not as good as a Sky coverage, but enough to dip into progress. The app works well, although coverage can terminate before the last group finishes on Sunday. Would like to see Chromecast capability to throw up on TV.