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Formerly Mobizio, now Access Care Planning.
Access Care Planning enables organisations to replace their paper processes with mobile solutions that work with or without a network connection. Easy to configure, Access Care Planning can be tailored to specific business needs without requiring any technical knowledge. Access Care Planning integrates with your existing scheduling, rostering, CRM, PAS and finance systems and works with any smartphone or tablet.
Who is it for?
Access Care Planning is an award-winning solution developed in partnership with our customers to meet the evolving requirements of all stakeholders including:
- Department director: ensures service delivery, compliance and audit trail and evidences outcomes
- Operations director: gives full field staff visibility, monitoring, time and attendance tracking
- Field staff: easy-to-use mobile app with case access, form management, reminders and flexible data capture
- Next of kin: gives ability to self-serve and monitor delivered service in real time
Features of the app:
- Forms designer: With a simple drag and drop interface, forms can be constructed in minutes by non-technical users with Access Care Planning forms designer.
- Forms management: Field staff can now manage their form in the most efficient way: scroll, click, scroll, submit - and everything is synchronised!
- Rich data capture: Capture rich data such as pictures, bar codes and signatures. And since both mobile and web interfaces are completely in sync, everyone sees the same thing!
- Business rules: Set reminders, emails, alerts triggering and data changes automation. As with all features of our software, rules can easily be configured by non-technical users.
- Role based access control: Configure which groups of users have view, edit and create permissions on forms and case records. Permissions can be configured easily and deployed instantly.
- Offline working: When the device is connected, data is sent back at regular intervals. When offline, all data is stored securely on the device, and uploaded when back online.
- Data security: All communication between the user devices and server is over an encrypted channel and data stored on the devices is also encrypted.
For more information visit - https://www.theaccessgroup.com/care-management/products/care-planning-mobizio/

What's New in Version 5.9.01025

Bug fixes and stability improvements.







44.8 MB

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VPP Device Licensing



Rated: 4+


iOS 9.0 or later


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Couldn’t get assistance from the website

aggg a nee
Why must I need a SIM card? Why can’t I choose to use Wi-Fi? Why must my SIM card be my only choice to use this app? My agency has told me I have no choice and the I must register the device and SIM card number in order to use this app going forward. Why are carers not allowed to have anything private?

Last update 1 year ago; says a lot….

Waiting for ...
Version 5.9.01025
A dated app clearly developed by a team that hasn’t built many phone apps.
You can’t even reset/choose your own PIN, never mind use FaceID.
Unfortunately no alternative as it’s tied to the care service provider.
Soon, consumers will choose providers based on the phone app experience, something games and phone makers know all too well….

No update since last year? 🤬

Version 5.6.01010
Dear me you've had reviews and feedback and still no tweeks? How about, like other apps/ programmes allowing own pin? How about allowing default logout of 30 or 45 minutes, after all paper records at a client's aren't "closed" after 5 mins or even less. Also if you start part of your written notes they don't disappear as in they do in the app if you get logged out. Pull your finger out and it could be a good practical app, at the moment it's just an inconvenience and annoyance when you have little time to waste at a client's.


Version 5.9.01013
The app is always down 😏😤
It’s only useful when it works which is usually 2 days out of 7.


Version 5.9.01017
It’s a very long winded app, the appts when completed should be greyed out etc to show uncompleted ones as sometimes you can nearly miss them as they are only a small green tick at the left side. Sometimes when I lock my phone all my notes get deleted! Our previous system was a lot easier to navigate, the sections to click each individually take a long time. The gps keeps popping up even though I’ve already click it access to my location. Can’t see previous notes on my phone, can’t see future assigned appointments. It’s a nice idea but I feel like it needs a lot of tweaks, my main hassle is not being able to tell completed visits from uncompleted they need to establish something better than just a tick as sometimes my rota isn’t in the right order and I’m worried I might miss someone by accident!

Does not work

Version 5.2.01008
This app simply will not work properly on my phone. I cannot see any information that other users have submitted, door codes for service users etc. and syncing fails every single time. Terrible functionality, extremely frustrating.

Wates lots of caring time

zineb m
Version 5.2.01011
You can spend 10 min with the client and then you need AT LEAST 5 min to complete the app. Lots of pointless clics, double clics to make something as completed etc
When you lock your phone and then unlock it you are logged out and all you done in the app is missing, you have to do it again...
Forms and communication takes LOOOOG time to fill it lots of pointless steps. In caring we dont have this time to waist.

Need to add notes wiv out internet or not

michael reddy
Version 5.8.01014
Would be 5 star if u could use it wiv out data or internet.

App not working properly

Version 5.8.01021
Hi I use this for work and my planner don’t have tasks or visits (the only visits I see is my own)

PIN unlocking is so 20th Century!

Version 5.3.01008
Seriously though, please update with reliable touch and facial recognition unlocking.

Service user opinion

The care company I use has had this app for a while now. Some of the carers like it, others mot so much. I have recently needed to have more daily care input, and the app allows me to see who is coming that day. I have really valued it. There are two improvements I would like to see. I would like to be able to synchronise the visits to my calendar. I have a study schedule and regular hospital appointments so this would really be of benefit. Also, it would be good if we could leave the carers a short note if we are not on the schedule. This would allow clients to request for example ”leave a sandwich for when I get back or can you please organise my dressings box please”.

Great App But Needs Tweaking

Alisha Thomson
Our workplace has changed to this app instead of paper which I think is amazing but I have a few suggestions to make it easier. On the activities list make it so that you can just tick or cross boxes. Also and option to make each activity have a hyperlink to certain things on the app. For instance, fridge temperatures on the activity list could jump to the health and safety case for fridge temperatures. Daily logs are also a bit fidly. Would much prefer if it was an easier diary format as we have day late and sleep shift where we could just choose a day and have 3 sections (or customisable for other companies).

Ability for family member to comment on notes

Great app, excellent way to see what carers have done but would greatly benefit from the ability for a family member who has the app to be able to comment or respond to any concerns or notes made by carer. Just simple things but two way communication would be excellent!

Needs a little work

iPhone users would like the option to save the PIN number is so we don’t need to type the number all the time. Also needs to stay logged in a little longer if you have to change screens

Great app but....

Since upgrade today crashes upon pin entry :(

App is rubbish. Doesn’t give accurate gps location.

This app is not reliable doesn’t give the right gps location and as a company has caused us undue hassle.

Brilliant app

Very useful app, but I do have a suggestion, activity completed screen could be on for a shorter time, it can cause a lot of wasted time when completing tasks

Can’t log in

App is pointless


this new version is terrible

Several problems!!!

This app is rubbish!
Contacted the help centre twice without success.
Cannot see previous carers notes
Cannot see who I am working with
Cannot see keysafe numbers
Cannot see any medical history
Cannot see Medication record
Cannot see task list


Keep having problems with not showing tasks
login problems

I don’t know how we managed without Mobizio

The Mobizio App has been a god send. Our carers have embraced using Mobizio. We do not have to entertain the tatty Care notes, MAR charts and Service User files! Mobizio is not without problems but the support team are always extremely helpful and work with their tech guys to fix any issues. This app is constantly improving making it easier for my staff to deliver good quality care.