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Seeking a new flatmate? Have a room to rent? Badi makes it easy to find compatible flatmates or rent out your spare room. The app comes with advanced features to ensure a great user experience. Badi is simple and fast: list a room, find a room!
Badi uses advanced profile-matching technology to pair landlords and tenants based on preferences. It is the most direct and simplest way to rent a room in major cities like London, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, and more.
The hassle-free booking system allows you to make a reservation from anywhere in the world in a matter of clicks. The first payment is processed in a secure online environment and badi holds the money for 48 hours after you move in to ensure a safe transaction without the need for a face-to-face meeting.
Looking for a room?
• Search for rooms available for rent in the city of your choice.
• Apply filters to simplify your search and find room rentals ordered by city, distance, type of bed, availability, price and/or the features of the flat.
• View who lives in the shared flat and know if you’re compatible or not (based on their interests, hobbies and description).
• Request to book a room, and if the landlord accepts, they will message you directly through the app.
Have you got a room to rent?
• List the room(s) you have available to rent in your shared apartment or house.
• Start receiving booking requests straight to your Inbox along with a personalised message from your potential tenants.
• Get to know them better through messages or proceed directly to booking - you decide!
• Approve your preferred tenants and you’re good to go - your room is rented.
Download Badi!
If you have any questions, write to info@badi.com and we will be happy to solve any questions you have.

What's New in Version 5.38.0

More improvements to aid you in your search for the perfect room, tenant or flatmate!
We’ve taken care of a few minor bugs and ironed out a few imperfections.
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English, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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Customer Reviews

This app is email harassment

Version 5.37.0
Tried to unsubscribe from receiving emails as I no longer had a need for the app.
They told me I had to complete a profile providing all my details before I am able to unsubscribe (what nonsense!).
They eventually said they could completely delete my account, to which I asked them to do so. The following day I received 4 emails from them, two of which were in Spanish (random!).
Still, after asking them EIGHT times to remove and delete me from their records I am still receiving emails.

Bad experience and waste of time

nadia ndnkd
Version 5.37.0
I had a bad experience with this app. I found some really nice flats and it turned out they were all fake posts! These posts were from the agents working at “Flintons” They only try to get people’s attention to go to their office!! I messaged them like 4 times to check if the flat was still available. They would only reply to me with the address (79 Burdett Road, London) to arrange an appointment, not a viewing! The thing is once you get there they’ll tell you the flats are not available anymore and all they have is crap! They have 0 flats with shared living room... while all the posts were with massive bedrooms and living room. Horrible! Such a waste of time!! Scammers


Version 5.37.0
would be much better if could arrenge viewing before paying deposit

A lot of scammers and fake ads

Version 5.37.0
Almost impossible to use due to the volume of scams and fake ads. They really need to use moderators and better verification.

Scammers Galore

Version 5.36.0
This app, while sometimes useful, is a breeding ground for scammers. The user verification process is far too easy to fake, requiring only a phone number, email address and Facebook profile - all of which can be manipulated. Scammers will often deny you visits to the properties and instead demand an immediate down payment. While it is easy to spot the legitimate ads from the scammers, it is extremely annoying scrolling through waves of fake ads. My advice would be to improve the verification process. I found one account that was using a photo of the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Kara Sandberg, which was somehow verified as a legitimate account. Apps like Bumble require users to send in a short video to verify their identity. While time consuming, it will make the app far better and massively improve the verification process.


The app is absolutely riddled with scammers, please everyone don’t give anyone any money before viewing a flat, especially don’t deposit any money into their Airbnb account.

I got scammed!

Version 5.36.0
I got scammed using this website (and have lost money, currently trying to recoup), and when I spoke to Badi about it they said there was nothing they could do other than talk to my bank and tell the authorities. They don’t check users well enough and do not provide enough security checks for people to put up rooms/properties for rent.
Of the 20+ or so enquiries I put in, I only got a couple of responses and it’s mostly agents putting their rooms up.
Any time you enquire the landlord/agent just tells you to email or text them away from the platform, therefore voiding any of their basic security measures or payment guarantees.


Version 5.26.0
Great app easy to use but if your a black make forget it rejected every single time.

Fake fake fake

Version 5.28.0
I’m really surprised how this app has 4 stars rating.. 90% of the properties in this app are fake and doesn't exist! I almost got scammed for £2400!
ALWAYS ask to view the apartment! If the other party tried to talk you out of it then take it from me, ITS FAKE!!! never transfer or even believe when they tell you to pay on Airbnb for “cheaper fees”!!!

Good app, bad users

Version 5.7.0
Seems to be an app for estate agents trying to scam you. The classic “oh this really nice flat that you liked has just been taken but why don’t you come in to the office and we will find you something else”

Lots of scammers

Version 5.25.0
There are so many scammers on here!!! 100% of the people I’ve messaged about a room have been trying to scam me. I’ve reported them and nothing has been done. There’s even been a BBC documentary about one company - flintons. Badi, please do more to stop these people taking advantage of others, they shouldn’t be on your app at all.


Version 5.4.0
This is the best app I have ever used

Renting a room: the law and my safety?

Version 5.23.0
Hi the app is good so far easy to navigate although clearly a new app with some kinks.
I am renting two rooms where I live and I have a request for one of the rooms although they have not come in person. How does this app work in terms of tenancy agreements, the law and my own safety? They will be moving in without me meeting them or obtaining any references so I have no idea but the app forces me to accept their booking request without following it by the books/ law that ensures that I am safe! I have contacted badi about this and no reply!

1 bed flats

Version 5.31.0
Not really good at matching for renting out whole properties. Ie even 1 bed flat.
Not had any inquiries unlike app spare room and gum tree

Super simple and fun

Nguyen Sy Nam
Version 5.24.0
Very easy to use

Flooded by Agents and False advertising

Le Chien de Morte
Version 5.27.0
In London I messaged 12 places and found out every single one was an agent who was advertising a false address that wasn’t on the mark anymore. They all asked us to come down for an appointment to find us another place in a different location at a different price. A big waste of time really! App developers should really bar these people from the platform somehow because otherwise it’s a great app.

Scammy real estate agents

Version 5.15.0
This app would be great if it wasn’t for all the scammy real estate agents. They will bait you in and waste your time trying to flog you junk apartments for way over budget. Badi, please do something about these people and then the app would be great 👍🏼

Bad experience - not the app’s fault

Version 5.35.0
The app is easy enough to work (the chat feature could be improved majorly), but what’s missing is a feeling that I won’t be scammed/preyed on by older men. I had on my profile that we’re a couple, but still I received invitations from much older men living alone. This is really weird and creepy. Furthermore, even when we did agree to live somewhere, after taking our deposit, the renter said he had to revoke his decision for a friend who couldn’t afford a deposit. Luckily he paid it back in full (after a rejected refund transfer and a lot of confusion), however after this experience I never used the app again as I feel there are not enough checks in place to ensure the people are legit/reliable. We should be able to leave feedback on people’s accounts so other users know who/who not to trust.

Best app so far

Abba's flower
Version 5.11.0
Best app so far to get yourself housed

Useful app - good alternative to spareroom

Version 5.0.0
Find it useful, got few queries. A bit less than on spareroom (but spareroom wants you to pay if you want to get messages from the first day). Next time I need a flatmate, will definitely use it again.

Why ...

Version 5.29.0
I just being scammed by the person on this app plus when I send the message I don’t even know if the person has revived or not as only one tick shows on my phone . I was trying to find it but I couldn’t . What does the mean of one tick and two ticks .
Please you have to make it clear as this is so annoying

Scam scam scammm

Version 5.16.0
What a scammer! Most of ads on app are fake. We have just checked one of agents today. They put an add with pictures of amazing property for nice price in central London. (£600 pcm/room Old St.). After a quick online chat and confirmation from the agency the property is available we were invited to the office to speak up the details to rent it.
What a surprise when we arrived to the office (few hours after the confirmation) and agent is telling us that the property has been fully rented lol. (4 bed flat)
However he goes “don’t worry I have something for you guys”... he took us to view a 3 bed flat in very very veryyy dodgey living area. Honestly I haven’t seen anything bad like that ever!. No standard provided, dump and mould on the walls, no natural lighting, beds that probably remember 70’s times! Bathroom? Worse than public toilet in busy tube station. The price for this “pearl” only £3,000 pcm lol
Guys, these people are scammers, app don’t provide any backup, properties aren't real. Don’t waste your time and use only trustful estate sites.
Do not ever pay online before viewing and getting needed documentation! Otherwise youall loose money!
A big bad joke

Not inclusive

Version 5.22.0
Check the symbols on the app and you will see they only represent straight couples.

Great App, needs better screening of listings

Version 5.30.0
This interface and concept is great but there are too many people loading fake listings trying to scam you or agents loading fake places and then forcing you to come to their offices to actually get any transparency. It seems Cityrooms London have listed most of the flats under fake agency names and have flooded the app with false listings.


Fern d
Version 5.34.0
In principal the app is good, however the constant spamming from people at property companies, as well as the numerous scammers on the app are a huge let down and takes away what the app is in place to do.

Great app

A. Stokes
Version 5.10.0
Great app, really easy to use and fast responses. Only reason that is doesn’t have 5 stars is that it needs bug fixes to stop minor crashes.

Not at all user friendly

I haven’t enjoyed this app at all Totally usable and Nit user friendly I have a room to rent

Lacking in basics

Useless app as far as I’m concerned, for three reasons: 1. There’s no way to create a favourites list. 2. There’s no native functionality to translate the description of the accommodation and you can’t even copy it to put it into a translation app. Therefore, I have no clue what is being said about the accommodation. Useless. 3. Whilst you can select, for example, whether you want to search for smoker-friendly flats, setting this to off brings up results that are smoker-friendly and those that aren’t. With no option to search for something as basic as non-smoking, I’m out. Whoever thought up the functionality of this app needs to have a complete rethink.


Looked like
Robot generated answers. Messages disappear in chat. People never replying or cancelling last minute viewing.

Memory Usage is insane

The memory usage on this app is mental. Phone goes crazy hot. Amazed this got pass app review. Also have no idea what Badi means.


Terrible app, every person has wanted payment before viewing!


I think there a bug I can not login. I’ve been logged out. It’s a great app besides this

Useful and refreshing!

Great app and fun to use. Definitely a breath of fresh air from spareroom!!

Not secure

Be careful as the properties are not checked and fake offers figure among the list.

I live the app

Was so cool to see pictures and profile

Terrible app

Was using this app thinking its new and will find a tenant, but it’s awful hardly got anything. Better to use other sites.

Not many choices

I would be happy to be able to find the whole property to rent, like 2-bed apartments and at the same time to be able to find another person to live with and share the rent. Thys, this app is not worthy at all to me

OK app BUT Date filter does not work

I feel the app has a nice vibe and has actually nice listings BUT the date filter does not work. I put the filter to see available homes 3 months from now and it gives me listings available right now... it should give me listings within 2 weeks range from my date or something like that.
Also it does not have the shared areas filter. For me the 2 most important filters (dates & type of house with shared common areas( are not there sooooo not very valuable app for me at the moment.

Needs filters for roomseekers

Is annoying that you can not stop offers from people far away or landlords with high prices

Rubbish for UK

Full of either live-out landlords (same person letting multiple locations) or rooms that are obviously fake/scammers. Definitely not what I was looking for

Nice app and overall good service with a few minor issues

I really like the app even though the name is kinda cryptic/meaningless (in English you just think of baddies lol!) and the reason I can’t award 5 stars are as follows: 1) when I listed my room I had to do the form 3 times because in between writing the whole listing then realising I didn’t have a photo of the bathroom I took the photo only to come back to the app having timed out or something and lost all my hard work. Then next time one of the images wouldn’t send - some infinite loop issue and there’s no save feature so third time I had all the text images prepared in a document so I could copy and paste! Second thing is that it would be super handy to see the name of the person inside the chat/conversation with the person so you know who you’re messaging. Having a few chats on the go at the same time it gets kinda confusing! And thirdly, the app occasionally reports new messages (a badge on the home screen/iPhone) but when you click into the app, there’s no new messages to be seen. All in all, a good app and I’ve had some good contacts so far, despite none of them ‘converting’ into housemates...yet ;)

Quite safe

I love Badi