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Seeking a new flatmate? Have a room to rent? Badi makes it easy to find compatible flatmates or rent out your spare room. The app comes with advanced features to ensure a great user experience. Badi is simple and fast: list a room, find a room!
Badi uses advanced profile-matching technology to pair landlords and tenants based on preferences. It is the most direct and simplest way to rent a room in major cities like London, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, and more.
The hassle-free booking system allows you to make a reservation from anywhere in the world in a matter of clicks. The first payment is processed in a secure online environment and Badi holds the money for 48 hours after you move in to ensure a safe transaction without the need for a face-to-face meeting.
Looking for a room?
• Search for rooms available for rent in the city of your choice.
• Apply filters to simplify your search and find room rentals ordered by city, distance, type of bed, availability, price and/or the features of the flat.
• View who lives in the shared flat and know if you’re compatible or not (based on their interests, hobbies and description).
• Request to book a room, and if the landlord accepts, they will message you directly through the app.
Have you got a room to rent?
• List the room(s) you have available to rent in your shared apartment or house.
• Start receiving booking requests straight to your Inbox along with a personalised message from your potential tenants.
• Get to know them better through messages or proceed directly to booking - you decide!
• Approve your preferred tenants and you’re good to go - your room is rented.
Download Badi!
If you have any questions, write to info@badi.com and we will be happy to solve any questions you have.

What's New in Version 5.87.0

More improvements to aid you in your search for the perfect room, tenant or flatmate! What's new?
We’ve taken care of a few minor bugs and ironed out a few imperfections.
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Unpopular app with zero responses!

Version 5.67.0
I got Zero responses to my ad for a double room in a BEAUTIFUL LISTED BUILDING (£650 inc bills!)Having paid for the upgrade to improve my chances of finding a gene at I soon realised that this app is no match for SpareRoom or Gumtree.
.. it’s been a waste of my money and time

Deleting the listing if I don’t reply doesn’t work

C Adson
Version iOS 5.66.0
When there are so many people interested in renting it’s difficult to reply to everyone. My listing was deleted for not replying to everyone and had to spend an hour relisting

Scammers everywhere

Version 5.58.0
Why is it that some of the comments are from a year ago saying to improve on the volume of scammers in there. You guys agree yet one year later, it is impossible to use the app without getting bored quickly due to the amount of scammers still active. Really poor guys.

Ended up renting my room to criminals!

Version 5.57.0
We ended up renting our room to a couple who were constantly fighting, doing hard core drugs and we ended up calling the police on them twice! We eventually got them out after 4 weeks during lockdown and they left their drivers license and their car at our flat? I literally think they were criminals and probably their car was stolen because who just leaves it there!
Badi needs to do more vetting because what in the earth is that about! Seriously traumatised now to find people on this app because they were so dodgy!!!!

Terrible Support, don’t bother

Version 5.55.0
Reported a bug with updating a listing and they pretty much ignored it. ‘Yeah usually that doesn’t happen’; yes if it doesn’t usually happen but regularly happens for me after updating, there’s a bug!

Not possible to favorite the rooms

Summer pinapple
Version 5.52.1
Well, obviously you can’t favorite a room, neither putting together a list to compare later on which one is more ideal. But what you can do is , quoting the help team “ talk to the landlord then you will have it in your active conversation.” So I have to talk to all the people before I even decide which room I actually prefer.🤷🏻‍♀️

Spare room is more useful

Version 5.48.0
I didn’t get any enquiry at all. Useless

Easy to use

Version 5.47.0
Liable app in my opinion, and it is for free.

Mid-represented in adverts

Roxanne H
Version 5.44.0
This is just another flat search app. But the advertising done on Instagram shows a girl introducing the “perfect flat mate” she found through Badi.
I advert, to me was selling the App as a flat mate finder, (eg. I want to find someone to live with) but it isn’t. You can find someone to rent a spare room out to but you can’t search for flat mates unless you have a room.
It’s not suitable for anyone just looking for a great person to search for a flat with, which is what the advert was suggesting it was.
I think the “about me” section where you select things is great, saves you having to type it all out.
But unfortunately, ultimately this was a waste of time and energy for something that’s useless to me.

Room for improvement

Version 5.44.0
The app is very nice and helpful but it has its mistakes as we need the procedure to go quicker.

Best web to find tenant

Version 5.43.0
Easy . Quick to use it. Very good web. I recommend Badi to people .Very useful. I am very happy with them . It is best web so far from my viewpoint.


Version 5.43.0
So, where does one begin?
After trawling through the site and messaging multiple people and booking several rooms, only for the requests to be left to expire, eventually I found a room that I could book with booking confirmation.
My friend and I went to view the room in South Madrid and we were rushed in the door and out again pretty quickly. The room seemed okay, although very minimal with the mattress being supported on wooden pallets as opposed to a bed. I was only planning a short-stay of a month whilst I sorted my NIE papers and some employment, and then moved on elsewhere.
On the advert in very clearly stated that there were only FOUR people in the flat. 2 men and 2 women, and upon inspection and after discussion with the people it seemed okay and safe to take the room.
I moved in the next day, and the only English speaking guy in the flat sat me down, and within 2 minutes quite casually explained “So in the room next to you is a couple, and they have a BABY”.
Nowhere on the advert was a BABY mentioned; not when we viewed the room, the leaser had completely hidden it from me!
However; at this point in time, I seriously needed somewhere to live, or else faced sleeping on the street! And so; I had no option but to accept the situation. However the baby’s parents did absolutely NOTHING to stifle or hush the incessant screaming and stomping around of the child (aged maybe some 15-18 months) whatsoever; and the screaming, wailing, crying and overt noise would persist from as early as 7 am right throughout the day and the night until about 1:30-2 am the next day. EVERY DAY.
Add to that, was the fact that the room was almost sub zero in temperature, I was given only a thin blanket and was forced to sleep fully clothed, with trousers tucked into socks and a hoodie on top. So sleep was almost impossible, spare a couple of hours here and there.
This persisted for a couple of weeks until one morning I was woken by two of the women in the flat SCREAMING at each other for an hour.
I understand that people may have their issues however I had paid €450 of my Mother’s inheritance to get the room and now my money and my welfare was being squandered and ignored completely.
At this point I made express discussions with both the leaser to explain that the situation was unacceptable and in direct breach of the term outlined in the advert; and also with Badi.
It took a number of days for Badi to finally contact me, at which point they claimed absolutely NO RESPONSIBILITY for the situation whatsoever!!
They claimed that in the terms it stated that after the first 48 hours of tenancy were up; they were no longer responsible AT ALL!! And did all that they could to deny any necessity to further a refund of my money, saying that it must be drawn up with the leaser.
Now, just to take into consideration, I had been the victim of not only dishonesty and entrapment for my own safeguard finances, but now I was being told that I would receive NO assistance in trying to regain some footing. Badi has washed their hands.
I levelled with the operative from Badi and explained quite frankly that it is a breach of trust; honesty, and also of many leasing regulations.
They said that I must be the one to get a refund.
As I explained to them, I can but only ask for a refund, and I am now in a position where I cannot afford to eat!!
This a total breach of safety regulations more than anything; as it shows quite clearly that irregardless of condition, they will not accept responsibility. As I explained to the operative, once told that “I should’ve read the terms & conditions”, that anyone can access the terms and conditions and utilise the loophole to ANY severity. After 3 days, they could’ve moved a drugs lab/brothel/or even worse into the property, and Badi would STILL claim no responsibility, and this is UNACCEPTABLE, UNSAFE, AND IMMORAL.
At which point the operative requested that I report the user and then send a feedback email saying how the company could work better! The audacity is incredible!!
This app does not even deserve a star, and quite frankly it needs to be investigated by Apple with much more scrutiny. If I had the money, I would be seeking legal proceedings so that I might be able to get my Mother’s inheritance back, however as I said, I currently can not afford to eat, and am receiving NO return communication from either Badi or the leaser!!
P.S - further to this; Badi are trying to claim that they hold no responsibility or liability whatsoever; which I’m sure they’ll find is not the case at all. As a platform providing terms of residence - there is a duty of care to both tenant and leaser, especially as no placement of contract is to be upheld.


Version 5.41.0
Couldn't find anyone interested in the rooms on this app, and the app requires social media verification in order to have the best chance of replies, which of course is useless to people who don't use social media for obvious reasons.

Really upset with Badi

Version 5.41.0
Im really upset with Badi, as it just tricks people.
I spent a lot of time for the nice adds for the rooms I have to rent, and they blocked my account with no reason. I lost numbers and contacts of people who were interested. Horrible app, freelancers- dont use this one!

Scam scam scam

Version 5.41.0
Do not use this app!! Full of bloody scammers! I just lost my £600!

Scam scam scam

Version 5.41.0
Don’t use this app, do not pay! It’s scam


Version 5.40.0
This app is AWFUL.....
There is NO WAY to contact the people of the add BEFORE you insert your card details for a payment.
According to the app they claim no payment is made until you check your room out on the move in date.... what if it’s not what you like? What if it’s not expected? You then have to pay for hotels until you find something out? Or you end up homeless. What if you don’t get along with the person? Matching personalities on an app does not mean they are the perfect house mate.
This app makes NO SENSE what so ever.
No communication with the person until you set a move in date?? No thanks!!
I will stick to the old fashioned of viewing in person.
Awful App!!


Version 5.40.0
So so difficult someone answered your request ou your messages, very frustrating app

Great concept, too many scammers (London)

Version 5.39.0
(Used Badi in London). Love the concept of the app but there really needs to be more work done to stop scams. Almost everyone I’ve encountered has been a scammer. The majority of the people I spoke to were from the same four agencies, only telling me where they worked once I’d agreed a time to meet at their office to discuss the room of interest. Each time, I found out that the room hadn’t existed in the first place. Using Badi, they send beautiful rooms to lure you to their office, upon arrival they announce that “Every room I sent has been taken! Rooms are going so fast!” (which is later used to pressurise you into signing contracts) then offer you far lower quality rooms (completely incomparable to the ones they send online) at much greater prices, and seriously pressurise you into paying money before you can so much as view them. Unfortunately, every single person I managed to arranged to meet off the app was from one of these companies. Again I do think the app is a great idea, it could be absolutely brilliant, it’s just currently being massively misused by the majority of people on it.

Very unhappy

Version 5.38.0
This application would be very useful if it would work. All the properties I contacted they sent me their email addresses saying that I can contact them in this way. So what’s the way of having this app?

Terrible app expects deposit before viewing

Version 5.38.0
This app is ridiculous. Expects deposit payments before viewing rooms. Don’t waste your time!

Has potential, but endless scammers

Version 5.38.0
I’m from London, so it may only be this area. But there is a company called Flintons, which are a scam estate agent. They post fake places with good prices. Then when you come in, they tell you the place is gone and try and get you to give them a deposit (500-700£) on another place before you’re even allowed to view anywhere. They even have a lawsuit pending against them. I know this isn’t the apps fault per se. However, this company has so many people/accounts posting so many fake properties that I have spent hours searching through places and enquiries to only have one of my enquiries to be a legitimate property. Unless Badi get on top of scammers in a better way this app is virtually useless.

This app is email harassment

Tried to unsubscribe from receiving emails as I no longer had a need for the app.
They told me I had to complete a profile providing all my details before I am able to unsubscribe (what nonsense!).
They eventually said they could completely delete my account, to which I asked them to do so. The following day I received 4 emails from them, two of which were in Spanish (random!).
Still, after asking them EIGHT times to remove and delete me from their records I am still receiving emails.

Bad experience and waste of time

nadia ndnkd
Version 5.37.0
I had a bad experience with this app. I found some really nice flats and it turned out they were all fake posts! These posts were from the agents working at “Flintons” They only try to get people’s attention to go to their office!! I messaged them like 4 times to check if the flat was still available. They would only reply to me with the address (79 Burdett Road, London) to arrange an appointment, not a viewing! The thing is once you get there they’ll tell you the flats are not available anymore and all they have is crap! They have 0 flats with shared living room... while all the posts were with massive bedrooms and living room. Horrible! Such a waste of time!! Scammers


Version 5.36.0
would be much better if could arrenge viewing before paying deposit

A lot of scammers and fake ads

Version 5.28.0
Almost impossible to use due to the volume of scams and fake ads. They really need to use moderators and better verification.

Scammers Galore

Version 5.25.0
This app, while sometimes useful, is a breeding ground for scammers. The user verification process is far too easy to fake, requiring only a phone number, email address and Facebook profile - all of which can be manipulated. Scammers will often deny you visits to the properties and instead demand an immediate down payment. While it is easy to spot the legitimate ads from the scammers, it is extremely annoying scrolling through waves of fake ads. My advice would be to improve the verification process. I found one account that was using a photo of the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Kara Sandberg, which was somehow verified as a legitimate account. Apps like Bumble require users to send in a short video to verify their identity. While time consuming, it will make the app far better and massively improve the verification process.


Version 5.4.0
The app is absolutely riddled with scammers, please everyone don’t give anyone any money before viewing a flat, especially don’t deposit any money into their Airbnb account.

I got scammed!

Version 5.34.0
I got scammed using this website (and have lost money, currently trying to recoup), and when I spoke to Badi about it they said there was nothing they could do other than talk to my bank and tell the authorities. They don’t check users well enough and do not provide enough security checks for people to put up rooms/properties for rent.
Of the 20+ or so enquiries I put in, I only got a couple of responses and it’s mostly agents putting their rooms up.
Any time you enquire the landlord/agent just tells you to email or text them away from the platform, therefore voiding any of their basic security measures or payment guarantees.


Version 5.22.0
Great app easy to use but if your a black make forget it rejected every single time.

Fake fake fake

Version 5.16.0
I’m really surprised how this app has 4 stars rating.. 90% of the properties in this app are fake and doesn't exist! I almost got scammed for £2400!
ALWAYS ask to view the apartment! If the other party tried to talk you out of it then take it from me, ITS FAKE!!! never transfer or even believe when they tell you to pay on Airbnb for “cheaper fees”!!!

Good app, bad users

Version 5.30.0
Seems to be an app for estate agents trying to scam you. The classic “oh this really nice flat that you liked has just been taken but why don’t you come in to the office and we will find you something else”

Lots of scammers

Version 5.0.0
There are so many scammers on here!!! 100% of the people I’ve messaged about a room have been trying to scam me. I’ve reported them and nothing has been done. There’s even been a BBC documentary about one company - flintons. Badi, please do more to stop these people taking advantage of others, they shouldn’t be on your app at all.


Version 5.24.0
This is the best app I have ever used

1 bed flats

Version 5.35.0
Not really good at matching for renting out whole properties. Ie even 1 bed flat.
Not had any inquiries unlike app spare room and gum tree

Flooded by Agents and False advertising

Le Chien de Morte
Version 5.7.0
In London I messaged 12 places and found out every single one was an agent who was advertising a false address that wasn’t on the mark anymore. They all asked us to come down for an appointment to find us another place in a different location at a different price. A big waste of time really! App developers should really bar these people from the platform somehow because otherwise it’s a great app.

Scammy real estate agents

Version 5.15.0
This app would be great if it wasn’t for all the scammy real estate agents. They will bait you in and waste your time trying to flog you junk apartments for way over budget. Badi, please do something about these people and then the app would be great 👍🏼

Bad experience - not the app’s fault

Version 5.26.0
The app is easy enough to work (the chat feature could be improved majorly), but what’s missing is a feeling that I won’t be scammed/preyed on by older men. I had on my profile that we’re a couple, but still I received invitations from much older men living alone. This is really weird and creepy. Furthermore, even when we did agree to live somewhere, after taking our deposit, the renter said he had to revoke his decision for a friend who couldn’t afford a deposit. Luckily he paid it back in full (after a rejected refund transfer and a lot of confusion), however after this experience I never used the app again as I feel there are not enough checks in place to ensure the people are legit/reliable. We should be able to leave feedback on people’s accounts so other users know who/who not to trust.

Best app so far

Abba's flower
Version 5.27.0
Best app so far to get yourself housed

Useful app - good alternative to spareroom

Version 5.23.0
Find it useful, got few queries. A bit less than on spareroom (but spareroom wants you to pay if you want to get messages from the first day). Next time I need a flatmate, will definitely use it again.

Why ...

Version 5.11.0
I just being scammed by the person on this app plus when I send the message I don’t even know if the person has revived or not as only one tick shows on my phone . I was trying to find it but I couldn’t . What does the mean of one tick and two ticks .
Please you have to make it clear as this is so annoying

Scam scam scammm

Version 5.29.0
What a scammer! Most of ads on app are fake. We have just checked one of agents today. They put an add with pictures of amazing property for nice price in central London. (£600 pcm/room Old St.). After a quick online chat and confirmation from the agency the property is available we were invited to the office to speak up the details to rent it.
What a surprise when we arrived to the office (few hours after the confirmation) and agent is telling us that the property has been fully rented lol. (4 bed flat)
However he goes “don’t worry I have something for you guys”... he took us to view a 3 bed flat in very very veryyy dodgey living area. Honestly I haven’t seen anything bad like that ever!. No standard provided, dump and mould on the walls, no natural lighting, beds that probably remember 70’s times! Bathroom? Worse than public toilet in busy tube station. The price for this “pearl” only £3,000 pcm lol
Guys, these people are scammers, app don’t provide any backup, properties aren't real. Don’t waste your time and use only trustful estate sites.
Do not ever pay online before viewing and getting needed documentation! Otherwise youall loose money!
A big bad joke

Not inclusive

Check the symbols on the app and you will see they only represent straight couples.

Great App, needs better screening of listings

This interface and concept is great but there are too many people loading fake listings trying to scam you or agents loading fake places and then forcing you to come to their offices to actually get any transparency. It seems Cityrooms London have listed most of the flats under fake agency names and have flooded the app with false listings.


Fern d
In principal the app is good, however the constant spamming from people at property companies, as well as the numerous scammers on the app are a huge let down and takes away what the app is in place to do.

Great app

Version 5.25.0
Great app, really easy to use and fast responses. Only reason that is doesn’t have 5 stars is that it needs bug fixes to stop minor crashes.

Not at all user friendly

I haven’t enjoyed this app at all Totally usable and Nit user friendly I have a room to rent

Lacking in basics

Useless app as far as I’m concerned, for three reasons: 1. There’s no way to create a favourites list. 2. There’s no native functionality to translate the description of the accommodation and you can’t even copy it to put it into a translation app. Therefore, I have no clue what is being said about the accommodation. Useless. 3. Whilst you can select, for example, whether you want to search for smoker-friendly flats, setting this to off brings up results that are smoker-friendly and those that aren’t. With no option to search for something as basic as non-smoking, I’m out. Whoever thought up the functionality of this app needs to have a complete rethink.


Looked like
Robot generated answers. Messages disappear in chat. People never replying or cancelling last minute viewing.