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Your Daily and Sunday Express app features search functionality to find key-words relating to recent content, a zoom function to enable clearer reading of selected articles and social networking integration to keep your friends and social-circles up to date with all the latest shared news from the Daily and Sunday Express.
Your Daily and Sunday Express app also includes features such as-
- Zoom function to enable clearer reading of selected articles with amazingly clear text rendering
- Social networking integration to keep your friends and social-circles up to date with all the latest shared news from Daily and Sunday Express
- You can also download editions to enjoy offline and when you are on the go
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What's New in Version 5.1.1

This update adds design and performance improvements to make reading our replica newspaper even easier and quicker for you.
Our editions are available on Phone and tablet.
Full range of accessibility features
Improved navigation to view the whole page or read article by article the choice is yours
Live news feed of all the breaking stories
Save articles to favourites to read content at your leisure
Share stories across your favourite social media
Dedicated puzzles section
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Customer Reviews

Brilliant update - Not! Update after improvements

Graggy tumsh
Version 5.1.1
I have used this App without any major problems for over 18 months. This morning I wake up to a new icon, and told that I need to login as content only available to subscribed customers. On attempting to login, I am told that my account needs to be activated - with no information provided on how to do that . My account is still active - I am able to access the day’s edition via the Pagesuite website, but this is not an acceptable solution for me as the Scottish edition of the paper is only available on the App. Why try to fix things that aren’t broken? Succeeded in totally ruining the App - congratulations!
Having written the above review a few months back when the app changed and, like many others, experiencing difficulty in accessing my subscription, I now feel that it would be fairer to rate the app as I am finding it now.
Firstly, customer service from the new company - reachplc, I think -is first rate. They respond to emails promptly and are able to sort out issues quickly. My access was sorted, and I have been given information on renewing my subscription directly with them.
The app itself has now proved reliable over two months use. Granted, there are limits as to how far the page can be stretched without snapping back, but the image quality has improved greatly from the previous version.
Yes, a bad experience when the app was changed, but, under the new owners, it’s worthwhile - if you like that paper!

Not listening

Version 5.1.1
This version is a step back into the Stone Age. “If you have a problem tap here” doesn’t work - just blank page. Let’s have the previous version back while you work out what the problem is and what you are trying to do.

Does not work!!!

Version 5.1.1
Since latest update this app no longer works on any of my devices. I have tried reloading - still doesn’t work. I have ‘restored purchases’ and get a message saying it was successful but still not able to access the paper. Like others all I see is a small front page on a white screen. I have an annual subscription that is now useless - I’m sure I won’t get a refund! Please get this fixed!

Lost access to my paper

Version 5.1.1
You are driving me crazy ,
You have changed app without notifying me and give no instructions how to get it working.I’ve sent emails and phoned as instructed in old app.
I’ve installed new reach app,restored subscription which says its worked but still can’t get paper to download.
Apple says its app developers problem but can’t contact you only place is here.
What’s going on.

Update stops you using app

DRH 1959
Version 5.1.1
I’m now unable to read the paper following this update and no one seems to know what is happening! Time to get your act together and quickly,

Download Problem

Version 5.1.1
For whatever reason I am unable to download the paper that I have subscribed to since 2019. At first I thought that it was linked to the latest apple software update. Apple have firmly put the solution in your hands. Can you help? At present my subscription is due to renew in November. Regards AlanHarrison
In addition to the above I have just found other readers having the same or similar problems. All I get is a very nice page in white with the express logo. Something needs to be done quickly.

Daily Express App - gone down hill since upgrade Monday 25.10.2021

Swanley Town
Have to agree with Graggy above ,since app upgrade on Monday
Have been unable to use app as asking for username & password , even when I have got one , still won’t take & have e-mailed & called since Monday & no reply , terrible customer service

Updated app ruined reading experience

jmy rbn
Version 5.0
The old version worked fine now I can only read on my own iPad. Family sharing does not work though it says it does. Trying to login on my other iPad gives message I need to activate my account but how, I have tried everything. Again this was no problem before this update.
Swiping pages takes a few seconds to change. Zoom only goes so far and snaps back if you try to zoom further. It is not easy to swap from Scottish edition to national any more, used to be very easy. Navigating around pages is awkward needs two finger touch sometimes. Used to get access to all back issues now only a few. It is now just a pain to use. e mailing help did not address any issues only said available on only one device which is a big change.

No online version

Nicky deco
Version 4.0.3
2 days now of no paper, just a white screen saying “Express” and even uninstalling it , I cannot seem to reinstall it. Please can we have an update as to what is happening, as I have a paid subscription until June next year . I cannot see where else to write this


Version 2.0
The app had an automatic ‘update’ on 25th October. Now refuses to load. Prior to this, the option to print a page had been removed, (useful for doing a crossword) so it’s now gone from poor to utterly useless.
Cannot give it one star...although it deserves none.

The worst newspaper app

Can't hear the TV
Version 4.0
Today all I got was a white screen after they had updated the app. I had to delete the app and reinstall it.
This app is so basic compared to others and I am fed up with the paper arriving late.
Like most people, I read the news first thing in the morning, often it is not there.
I don’t like the editorial in the Daily Mirror but their app is light years ahead.
This app is more like a pdf reader.

No magazine

glfeek rippd iff
Version 4.0.2
Had to pay today for a plastic covered paper which had a daily star with it. It when opening NO MAGAZINES rip off when it is advertised as enclosed

Needs work.

Slow updating news. Slow loading. Not able to see previous comments ( ask software writers to talk to the Daily Mail if they can’t do it). Ridiculous censorship of comments for no apparent reason.

My loss

Having being paying for your paper on line find that
I am unable to receive it any more.
Three weeks ago
I lost my bankers card do to an invested search for two
Items of fraud they stop my card on issuing a new one some one
Try to use it so that was stop.
On receiving anew card I was told that my use of your paper had been stopped through lack of payment.
The trouble is I have trying to restart but having to pay again. How can I receive your paper with out paying twice.
In anticipation


Grumpy git2
I usually read on my iPad from about 6am. This has generally been possible. But every now and then as in right now the latest paper won’t download until later in the day. It’s available on the iphone though just not iPad. This is of no use to me as I have to leave for work. The Scottish version is always there just not the English version. Please sort it out otherwise I’ll subscribe somewhere else.

Always Late

If you want to read the paper early in the morning, don’t bother with this app. It’s always late being published.

Very unreliable

frusted reader
Hit and miss as to whether you can download. Regularly cannot download Express, or the games or both. Needs sorting, certainly not worth the subscription

Can’t find out when my daily express online subscription runs to? The app is not friendly

Rob at
Can’t find out when my daily express sub runs to. App not friendly

Dreadful app

Works ok for a few weeks then you cannot access, this has happened numerous times. Have tried everything but it says subscription has expired.. it has not.. and is still running according to the Setting Subscription section. So now paying for something I can’t access. No support. It’s a shame as when it works it is actually quite good.

Unable to access paper I have already payed for!

Oregano 60
Despite paying for this every month I found today that I cannot access the paper. I tried to contact express newspapers to sort this out but still have not had any response. I have been isolating for months so access to newspapers is important and I really think more customer support should be available. It seems that although they will take your money they are less keen to resolve issues this is not good.

Forget it if you want to read the Express on Sunday.

Not too bad Monday to Saturday. Extremely unreliable on Sundays. About 1 Sunday in 3 the app edition isn't available until halfway through the day. Not the app itself but the admin behind it, I'm sure. All the same, it's not good enough when you're paying for it.

A good app

The exMail Reader
The Daily Express is a good middle market paper featuring current affairs and sport. I find the reporting balanced and good to read. The app is good, could be better in some places but overall worth downloading.

No access

Have to keep deleting the app and reinstalling to view! This is happening every time we stop reading and then can’t open up again. Been fine till the past few weeks, paying for this so what’s the problem now?!

Crap app

paul hamby
Unable to download newspaper to read at work luckily only paid for month going to unsubscribe.

NO Restore of subscription!

Fed up Express reader
I have an annual subscription with the Daily Express on my iPad since I first purchased one Jan 2013, I now have a new iPad which will NOT restore my prescription, it says I do not have an account!
James Mercer from Pagesuite ref. 197701 emailed 31st July and says he cannot find my email address on his database! Strange that it still comes daily on my old one but not the new! I have just spent 2 hours with Apple Support that have confirmed my payment and they have tried everything to reloading, resetting, deleting app, iPad etc. They have said this is an issue for your app developer as there is no fault with my Apple iPad or iTunes account. You need to sort this to enable me to use either iPad or I will not be renewing my subscription next January. 😡

Work very well on iOS 13.5

Alan in Brighton
You get the visual look of the printed paper. When you tap on article it changes to mostly text which reads well on a phone.


porky 3
I thought I’d cracked it with this app as, being in lockdown, I’m unable to pick up my regular Express however, I am so disappointed, having paid for a 3 month subscription, I find that most days I cannot download the paper and even on the few occasions that I have been able to I’ve had to screenshot the crosswords to be able to print them off. Will definitely not be carrying on my subscription, waste of money.

Pictures poor

Why are so many of the pictures not clear/pixilated etc? It spoils the well presented news paper.

Useless, useless, useless.

D.R. Young
This application has really made me angry and I can’t be doing with the aggro. I can’t download an unlocked version to my iPhone and I can’t print any of the puzzles from the paper or the magazines. The photos are of a ridiculously low quality. When I cleared the cache all I got was a spinning wheel and I had to drop the icon on screen. When I downloaded again all I could get was a locked version which meant a resubscription - fat chance, Matey! All in all, a very, very poor application, go back to the drawing board Express.


Why oh why do all adverts on this app Stop when ever I try to increase or decrease volume settings, resulting in me having to shut down my iPhone 11, bloody annoying, then restarting.
Please sort this out, it is ruining what is a good read. I keep sending the complaint in the hope you will do something soon.
When reading other news papers DAILY MAIL for example, volume up/down/sideways the phone does not lock

New version poor

The new version downloads very quickly but this seems to have been achieved at the expense of the picture quality, which is dreadful. It’s also very sensitive - slightest touch and you get the text only version.
The last two weeks have been even worse - cannot download the newspaper even if delete App and re-install. Never has “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” been more appropriate!

Worst app ever

The old app worked with no problems this one is a joke, every time I delete my old downloads it crashes and I have to delete everything including the app itself and start all over again then spend ages trying to get logged on to the app again, it will either not recognise my email or password now it will not recognise my email password and keeps telling me my subscription has run out checked my account and it paid until Oct I guess this will be my last subscription to express newspapers

Can’t download

Tesco Fred
App is saying my subscription has expired but the Apple account says valid until the end of June.
Can’t download or open the paper. . . Tried resetting my iPad, the app, cleared cache, even tried on my phone. Same message on both.
Problems started yesterday, worse still today

Can’t get Sunday newspaper

In the middle of UK lockdown - need a newspaper - can’t get Sunday! It’s just not there but the magazine is. :-(
Also can’t print puzzles from the app - how the heck do we do it without taking a screenshot, maybe increase size in Photoshop and then print. Pretty poor.


The app won’t download the current edition of the Sunday Express and with previous editions the picture quality is extremely poor. Just cancelled my subscription!

Can’t download

Today, I can’t download today’s paper. I tried deleting the app and reinstalled it. Apple says my subscription is valid till 1st August. The app says my subscription has expired. What a mess and a pity as when it’s available, I like reading the news. Come on tech support, what am I doing wrong or is something wrong at your end?

Have to keep signing in

Why does the app ask to me to sign in at quite random intervals? Very annoying.

Unable to Access Weekend Magazines

I really liked the last version of this app, it was the most reliable and least problematic one I have used. If I had had access to this version before I renewed my annual subscription I wouldn’t have done so. This weekend I am unable to access either of the weekend magazines. I’ve tried to clear the cache but have never got beyond the little disc spinning in the middle of the screen and have restarted both the app and my iPad but am still shown last weeks magazines as the current ones. On the plus side I can access the newspapers.

A Mess

I’ve got the biggest iPad available yet the puzzles are scrunched up and tiny. Two thirds of the screen is blank yet I have to keep scrolling to see the clues. Who designed this rubbish?


I received an email today saying that print subscribers now have full access to the app. I have been round in circles trying to get into it bu there is no way I can get my subscription to link. Awful! Needs more work.


Can someone look at the problem that hazy pictures is now affecting text that is close to it. Been going on for a few days now, thought it might get fixed by now.

New app

Can’t get the Sunday paper, or magazine . Go back to old app

Awful update!

The latest version of this app has prevented me directly printing out the crossword from my iPad by air printer or through an app like I did before. I have had to resort to taking a screen print and printing that, which is what you had to do about 3 iterations of the app previously. This is not progress!!
Also the User Guide is unusable. It disappears as soon as you click on it!
Bin it!

Where is today’s ‘paper’

Every now and then the latest edition doesn’t show up ( just like today !). Sometimes clearing caches or reinstalling the app works and on others it just seems to appear at a random time. All very frustrating.

After update

Now app does not work and has lost my subscription that I have paid for.

Don’t buy - a waste of money

This is undoubtedly the worst app. I have ever purchased. It is slow to load up, frequently fails and technical support is poor. When it fails and you require technical support, it takes days to respond and they still charge you for the subscription.
Very poor quality all round and no one is remotely interested in your feedback

Page suite are useless

Despite complaints Page Suite don’t even reply.
As others have stated poor download, blurred text, no Sunday supplement, it goes off whilst reading then you have to start from page 1
This is be the worse digital newspaper,I would give it zero stars if it was possible

Absolute rubbish - and total ignorance

Not only does the app not work properly, after my annual subscription was taken, it didn’t work at all - after several complaints and promises that the issue would be resolved, the developers simply stopped replying to my emails. A total shambles and more importantly total arrogant ignorance.

A good App if you want to read Tuesday’s Paper on Friday

Dreadful facility. Latest paper doesn’t appear and downloading is complicated and slow, especially if you are abroad. Don’t bother getting, suggest you try another paper.
John Wirral

Revised Comments

Nanchang Man
I wrote a review a few days ago complaining about the fact I was no longer able to access the app following the latest version upgrade to ios11 and giving the app a one star rating.
However, after several email exchanges with the support at page suite my problem was resolved.
So I think it is only fair to update my review and confirm that the app is now as good as ever and I am once again enjoying my daily read. I will now definitely be renewing my 12 month subscription later this month.
Only reason the app doesn’t get the full 5 stars is the fact my eyesight isn’t as good as it was and the app doesn’t hold at it’s maximum font increase but shrinks back to a somewhat smaller extended font size.
But otherwise a great paper, a great app and an unbeatable 12 month subscription price.

A poor updated app

I have used the original app & subscribed for a couple of years with minimal issues & enjoyed the experience. Along comes a totally new version/format & it's a nightmare, slow & memory hungry. Subscribed editions not available, screen size issues, navigation issues etc etc.
As per a previous review, why change something when it's good?
A month on & it gets no better, constantly having to reset app, slow downloads, now quite often the paper is not available for download until around 7am!


I have had no access to my paper today and despite emailing support, uninstalling etc etc it's still not accessible. Won't renew my subscription if this continues. And this is the second time in a month. It's obvious that the Express takes no notice of the comments people put.

New App

The new app is nowhere near as good as the old app. You just have to tap the screen near the top or bottom and the menu and thumbnails appear, even if you don't want them to.
Now getting the supplements but app was updated initially without them.
Would rather have the old app back please, or change it so that menu and thumbnails do not automatically appear. Why does it have to automatically download? Should only download when requested.


I have subscribed regularly over last few years, this new app is slow, no access given to magazines at weekend. Go back to the old app- ruined something that was not broken.