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Learning piano has never been easier! Play your favorite songs and learn all there is to know about notes, chords, and the proper technique. Works with your real piano or keyboard, acoustic as well as electric. Ideal for beginners and advanced pianists.
- Play your favorite songs – hundreds of songs, from classical to pop, at your disposal
- Practice effectively with learning monitoring via microphone or MIDI connection
- Reach your goals with interactive step-by-step instructions on reading music, chords, improv, technique, and more
- Develop the correct playing technique with high-quality video tutorials of professional pianists
flowkey is endorsed by some of the most famous YouTube pianists as well as teachers and musicians worldwide. Join the movement now and become one of over a million pianists and experience flowkey through 8 songs and selected courses, free of charge.
You can download the flowkey app for free and immediately gain free access to selected songs and course content.
For full access to all songs and course content, you will need to purchase a flowkey Premium subscription. You can access flowkey Premium content on all your devices.
Your subscription options are:
1 month flowkey Premium subscription for £18.99
6 months flowkey Premium subscription for £76.99
12 months flowkey Premium subscription for £109.99
Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
Once your subscription is renewed, you will be charged the same amount as during the first purchase through your iTunes account. Your membership renews itself automatically unless you cancel no later than 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription in your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. This is also where you can cancel your subscription and turn off the auto-renewal option.
If you cancel your subscription, your access to the full library of flowkey content will expire at the end of the subscription period.
We look forward to your feedback! Contact us with your questions, comments, or concerns through: feedback@flowkey.com or directly within the app under “Support & Feedback”.
Have fun learning piano!
Your flowkey team
Terms of service: http://www.flowkey.com/en/terms-of-service
Privacy policy: http://www.flowkey.com/en/privacy-policy

What's New in Version 2.36.0

Now is the best time to learn something new! We have improved the learning experience and added inspiring new songs for you. This version also contains bug fixes and improves the app performance.
Your flowkey team



flowkey GmbH







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iOS 14.0 or later


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mukarkar Leo
Version 2.36.0
Thanks to kantaanpiano ☺️

Love it

Version 2.36.0
Helped me learn how to read music instead of just trying to memorise how the music goes

Different subscription prices

Version 2.35.2
I’ve been using the trial version of the app, enough to improve my very basic piano playing so I decided to look at the subscription prices as I didn’t want to pay a one off charge of £109.99 for a year or approximately twice that (over the period of a year) based on an £18.99 a month.
I also disagree with the flowkey app asking if you want to be reminded or not when the trial ends.
At the time of writing this there are several subscription options available via the subscriptions area (accessible via settings on iPhone or iPad) such as £84.99 a year or £75.99 a year, and confusingly £76.99 for one of the six month options.
Renewal at trial end
After a week flowkey developers should not be relying on customers forgetting to cancel the free trail if they forget or are distracted.
I would love an expanded version of the free app and would be happy to pay for music packs since after a year I prefer not to have to pay again to access music that I would still like to practice.
I’m enjoying the app so far but my review score reflects the practices around pricing which seems to take advantage of less inquisitive customers.

Did not read correct notes

Other than the fact it did not read the correct notes it was good


Version 2.34.0
This was a amazing app it helped me a lot some songs like Bella ciao and amazing graze and more are free

Amazing piano

Version 2.34.3
My mum says I am a pro pianist from the hobbit to believer this app is AMAZING 🤩


Lottie :>
Version 2.34.1
So, ok. Hello! I am a 10 yr old beginner piano player. I started playing piano around Feb 4 2022 so I don’t know MUCH. Anyway, I have been trying other apps that all are quite restricted for free players. So I downloaded this app thinking it would be different and it was really fun. I played the first lesson but then: GeT yOuR fReE TrIaL nOw! are you kidding me?! AROUND £100 A YEAR? I might as well go to that other piano app that only lets me play for 10 mins a day. And, another problem, even if I click on beginner on the songs, it expects me to know all these complicated symbols I’ve never learned about before. I’m honestly disappointed.
I’m sorry if I sound like an angry woman. I’m just really annoyed.

I read my first song sheet this morning!!

Version 2.23.3
Great app!!


Version 2.34.2
Great for the beginner! Would love to see more songs to play

Left hand G

Version 2.23.2
I have a digital piano, so no tuning necessary. It’s not recognising the G so it’s distrusting my lessons. I’m trying a different app.
Was loving it until left hand G was brought into the mix

I like flowkey. Great way to learn piano for beginners

Version 2.10.1
I’m a beginner. I’ve tried all the piano apps on a trial basis: simply piano, yousician, piano academy, Skoove, Pianote, flowkey. I settled on flowkey because it’s a much more gradual and progressive learning tool. For example, yousician often goes from an easy piece, then suddenly to a ridiculously harder piece. The harder piece invariably has note durations, tempo and rhythms that have not been previously taught in the app. Flowkey steadily presents the learner with gradually harder lessons and pieces. It repeats the content in the lessons until you get it. I like flowkey so far. 😊


Version 2.28.1
It’s good

Requesting a refund

Version 2.23.1
I haven’t used the app at all and it billed me £100 for a years subscription.
The app seems great I just haven’t got the money to pay that kind of price so would really appreciate if someone gets in touch.

Great App

Version 2.20.3
Am just finishing the beginner courses and feel really confident. The lessons are short, succinct and very well put together.
As a non musician when I started I am now reading music and getting to grips with the lesson songs. Have even started to try a few of the basic songs in the catalog.

What a waste

M.C. Poshboy
Version 2.16.0
It’s £20 per month for an app that has great fundamentals but is rarely updated, has old songs, beyond the first two courses nothing but “exercises”, is annoyingly buggy when listening to notes played and is boring after 2 weeks.
Very disappointed, very glad I didn’t buy the annual subscription.

I Love this app

Version 2.11.0
Ever since I got the three month free flowkey deal that came with my new piano. My piano skills has increased by a lot 🙂. I recommend this app if u wanna get better at playing the piano . I have learnt all my favourite songs with this app.

Doesn’t work with my piano

Version 2.15.1
I have an old piano which is regularly tuned but it’s not perfect because of its age. Seems I can’t do any of the exercises because of this. Such a shame 🥲

Scam - avoid

Version 2.24.0
If you click through the advert and try to change from a yearly subscription to something more reasonable to give it a try, it immediately charges you £18.99. Only a free trial if you sign up for a year, and I suspect that’s deliberate to get people to switch to a month and immediately give them money, or forget to cancel the trial.
Haven’t tried the actual app, as by the time I’d got to it I’d realised I’d been scammed. It may be good, but the company behind it is a scammer so beware.

Absolutely best - included customer support

Version 2.26.1
Apart from being an absolute pleasure to use, I had an issue with my account and the customer support has been absolutely brilliant and promptly helped me. 👏🏻 👏🏻

It’s OK

Version 2.28.3
Doesn’t let me see my subscription on the app and doesn’t pick up the notes properly.

Boring, unclear, difficult with bugs

Version 2.13.1
I bought the annual plan 5 months ago… so here’s my feedback after 5 months
First it is boring, you learn exercises like fingering notes but there’s no clear purpose.
Then, you don’t know where you’re going. Is it going to become interesting at some point?(haven’t reached it yet). A course plan would help, but no, exercises, exercises, boring and uninteresting.
Then the bugs: on some releases of the App the App doesn’t flow what you play or the on screen keyboard gets stuck.
Really not interesting if you’re a beginner like me.
I had better results learning cord shapes online for free and playing songs that I like.
Sorry Flowkey, I would have loved to give you a 5 star review, but the dusty method is boring and unclear, take beginners on a journey, set clear goals, make it fun.

Poorly supported

Version 2.6.2
Flowkey claim that the app supports Bluetooth MIDI, but it doesn’t. Or at least, neither of the two BT LE MIDI keyboards I’ve tried work or work properly. Flowkey’s response? Take your pick from (a) it does work, (b) it sometimes works or (c) it’s only qualified to work with one specific Bluetooth adapter. Irrespective, they’ve showed no interest in either fixing the app or clarifying its description to make clear what does and doesn’t work.
Otherwise the app is useful, if ultimately rather inflexible. You can’t look at any of the scores except in the app’s screen scrolling format, nor can you annotate the pieces you’re working on. And the number of pieces arranged for all learning grades is often quite small - e.g. in the Jazz genre most are graded as suitable for advanced players.
So — an interesting novelty, but one that doesn’t in my view justify the high subscription prices (I say this as a subscriber) especially given the poor standard of product support.

Can we fix the wrong keys shown please?

Version 2.14.0
Just some examples, what’s C##, and E# and C flat? These errors shouldn’t appear and exist for such a long time and not fixed, as it confuses learners. Although my 5 year old son often said, “what, a E#??” Please fix asap or it’s not worth renewing next year, as it’s a very low-level error.

Great piano app

Version 2.18.0
I’ve just started learning the piano and have no musical skills whatsoever, i’m really impressed with how it’s got me both practicing and reading music in less than 5 mins. Great app!

RIP off

Version 2.25.1
Says it’s free download but they actually charge you after 7 days and no way through pp to cancel. Deleted total scam!

Good but really annoying that the music score can’t be printed

Version 2.21.0
It’s a really good app that I enjoyed using at the beginning. I learnt piano when I was a child so I was not a complete novice but I needed a serious refreshment. The way the app works is great even though the micro functionality doesn’t always work very well which can be a bit annoying. But what I find the most annoying is that I can’t print the music sheet. I’ve always been someone who likes to write on my sheets, and visualize the whole page when I’m playing and not being able to do it is really annoying. The annual price of the app is high enough that we should at least have access to the library and be able to print the sheets. I don’t think I’ll renew my subscription next year because of that.

Good but needs more content for beginners

Version 2.20.0
I have used this for a while but feel the beginner content runs out quick and a lack of songs in this area. There seems to be more intermediate to advanced level content
I did most of the courses within a month or two which left me wondering whats the point of an annual subscription.
Overall the delivery of content is very good, just not enough of it.


def 5 stars
Version 2.29.0
Flowkey is amazing because it helps u learn really well and there are lots of songs to learn but some of the most famous songs are not on there..so pls could u add more songs😀

Encouraging start

Version 2.21.2
Never to late to learn something new. This app is simply effective

New update

Version 2.33.0
The new update does not update after i sign up for premium. It doesn’t unlock any features

Unable to speak to adviser

Version 2.29.1
Trying to contact support on my iPad but won’t allow me to


crazy for piano
Version 2.10.2
I love it.

Perfect love the app so muchhh

Version 2.31.1
I am honest this app is WONDERFUL it makes my mind blow! My favourite song Fur Elise is there and my parents are super proud THX SO MUCH FOR CREATING THIS APPPP although I would like Minute Walts from Fedric Chopin to be added to the app ty!

Really cool

Version 2.32.0
I am using this app with full features for the moments. The support when needed has been really good and almost immediate. The functionality has also been great and we are very surprised how well has been working and really enjoying the app. The lessons are great but I am disappointed with the choices available for learning songs. I wanted to practice perfect day by Lou Reed and there was none, Chick Corea too and there was none. I hope they keep adding more songs from different artist as I don’t find it much choice in relation to what I would like to learn. It would help to have a wider repertoire of songs to learn.

Thanks flowkey

Antony's rating
Version 2.27.0
Flowkey is an incredible app on which my son learned up to grade 4 piano on the courses it has over 1000 brilliant songs to learn!

A good selection of music to learn

the church warden
Version 2.19.1
Flowkey has a good selection of music to learn, but the iPad doesn’t always hear the notes on the wait mode. It hampers learning to an otherwise good app.

Help messages wont get through and 3 months free subscriptions wont get activated

Version 2.31.0
Hi hope you can response through this, I need help but your help chatbot won’t let me send you messages. I registered for flowkey to access my free 3months from Yamaha, but after clicking redeem many times it just bring me to the app, no place to put on the code nor activate it automatically, instead you deducted 1 month payment of 18 pounds.
Can someone help me get my free 3 months? Thank you. I cannot rate good this app for now due to that.

Immensely enjoyable - one area for improvement

Version 2.30.0
I’m a complete novice and have enjoyed this app immensely. There’s a wide variety of pieces available to learn, many of which have been excellently arranged.
My only criticism is the app does not always pick up when the correct note has been played when using “wait mode”. I appreciate this will be a very difficult thing to get right every time, particularly if a piano is slightly out of tune. However, a simple mitigant to the problem would be to introduce a voice command (e.g. “next”) which would move the app to the next note. For novices like myself, this would improve the learning experience enormously, as I’m heavily reliant on the wait mode to learn the pieces. Having to manually move the notation along by scrolling left / right is frustrating. It also means I lose my hand position on the keys (probably not an issue for a good player but difficult for a beginner).
That said, I absolutely love this app.


It’s a brilliant app. My 8 yr old loves it. Learning his technical work, enjoying his songs... just perfect. Goes from basics to advanced. Love it.

Very poor app - waste of money

App does not pick up sound from piano, pretty useless. I don’t cable midi cable, if I had known you need one I wouldn’t have spent a year subscription. You can’t print music to practice. Used once in 5 months - I want my money back !! Avoid

Nice app, works some of the time

For the most part this app has been helpful, but I’m really struggling with the lessons where it just cannot seem to detect certain note combinations, for example when I play G2 and E5 it will almost never detect it, even with my keyboard volume cranked way up and the ipad right next to the speaker. Makes it impossible to get through some of the lessons.

Brilliant library teaching methods could be better

Sherburn systems
I have been using an alternative app (simply piano) over a year now and that has a much better learning platform that breaks the songs down into sections and shows finger positions e.g 12345 for each hand as you play which is one thing that is missing on this app. I have tried this app but can’t seem to adjust to the teaching techniques. It is a shame that I cannot seem to adjust to this application as the library and quality of the music is very good. The other thing that is missing on this app is there are no artists vocalising over the songs this is another mostly great feature of SP.
As the library of this app is very good I may try again soon

Great app But

I love the app , the design , vids everything but , it doesn’t pick up my piano notes . I cleaned my microphone on my iPhone 11 Pro Max , changed positions , brought closer , but it’s random .
Any ideas ?

Amazing app to learn, keep improving and stay motivated

I love this app, it is my second year and I still love it. I use it mainly to play along with my keyboard and to discover new pieces. I use a lot the waiting mode that forces me to be precise and correct mistakes.

Review 2021

I have used Flowkey now for over a year, I feel the choice of new tunes is not as good, less popular tunes, and the ‘ yellow ‘ level are very short.


Sands bh
It’s really good 💗

I haven’t got it yet HOPE ITS NOT TO SIGHN IN!)

I think ya gotta sighs in I deleted it like 4 YEARS AGO and forgot EVERY SINGLE NOTE 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I am a PRO AT PIANO NOW ITS LIKE A DrEaM! It’s so relaxing 😌 my parents LOVED it so much they CLAPED SO MUCH EVEN MY AUNTIE AND UNCLE GAVE ME MONEY 💴 OUT OF NO WHERE AND MY brother he plays drums ( he quit guitar 🎸 he had in school at break after lunchtime)
Your Sincerely, Katie Sheroner 😊 hope the developers have a great time! BYE!

Flowkey and why I like it

Took bob jeff
Flowkey gives you a chance to learn the piano in ways that are new. It has songs that are suitable for children over 5 years, as well as old classics that parents\grown-ups might like to learn. It sorts all the songs into categories, which is useful if you want to find a certain song, and it also gives lessons on chords all round. It gives you a choice of to play the right, left, or both hands of the song, and a video that shows a person playing it.


Please make the course dashboard work in landscape so I don’t have to keep picking up my phone.


This game is awesome and you don’t even have to pay money to actually learn for once I adore it amazing

Get a MIDI cable

Can only say great things about this App.
To counter some of the poor reviews:
If you want to learn piano (or dust off cobwebs), the cost of lessons are no match to this app. £100+ a year, comes down to under £10 a month. Good luck getting that for 30 minutes with an instructor...
Get a MIDI cable to USB-C and all the ‘sound not picking up’ issues are moot. If you are learning the piano, it should be part of your ‘starter kit’ (if you don’t have a Digital Piano, disregard)
Anyways, Good and Bad below.
The library is extensive and good coverage of easy and complicated songs
Intuitive function (with MIDI Cable and iPad), easy to follow and the loop feature!! Makes it so easy to repeat and learn
Changing of sheet music with no indication/warning. I’ve been more than ⅔ along on a song, and all of a sudden all the notes and order changes

Better ways of learning out there

I tried Flowkey for a month and didn’t continue the subscription because....
You can’t print out the score to practice the song or play the song without the Flowkey app. There are other online learning courses that allow this.
There is no metronome, I queried the support team on this and after a few days I got the reply that this isn’t planned as the songs are recorded without a metronome. Again most other online systems have a metronome to enable you to build up speed while learning the songs.
The focus is in learning songs. There is some content on the basics but this is very dry. I have found the other online systems are focused on teaching piano and teaching songs.
The system is very dry, you are reading off a screen. I found this isn’t great motivation. The online learning systems with videos from real people is a better way of learning for me.
On the positive side, the Bluetooth Technoloy integration is good. This is better than most online systems. Their range of songs and genres is wider than the other online learning platform I decide to stick with.
If they allow the score to be printed I would try this again for learning songs after I have learnt piano.

Good how isn’t registering sound

Hursty tgs
I’ve only had it 2 days and am trying to learn le coq est mort but it isn’t picking up sounds very well, I’m using an iPhone 12 pro so there’s no problem with the phone, I’m having to press keys 6 or 7 times sometimes for the notes to register and it’s making it impossible to learn, pretty disappointed as I was really enjoying the app up until this

Flowkey being amazing but with a single flaw

reveiw men595
It’s a great app! I’ve been using it for a year and it has never disappointed me! To bad simply piano has taken the adverts...
The not problem is that it’s note recondition is quite poor. Every time I play a specific note it takes me five minutes to get it. And I don’t get my notes wrong!

Already paid, cannot restore purchase on iPad

Well this is a great app to use with a major flaw. I’ve purchased premium but cannot restore the purchase on my iPad. It seems like you can only use it on the device you purchased on. This is ludicrous and completely against the Apple way of sharing apps across devices and even with family sharing. It’s a shame because it works well on the phone, but I want to use it on my iPad. I’ve contacted support, but it’s a 2day turn around!! Really? In this day an age. Suffice to say either the developer resolves this ridiculous issue quickly or I won’t be subscribing any further.

Comprehensive system

I got a 3 month free subscription with my Yamaha keyboard and that gave me enough time to explore this piano tuition app and decide if I wanted to extend. I did. What is important to me is the right combination of song-lessons and technique. Flowkey has a very good technique section which I’m half-way through, including scale-drills which any piano player will tell you are absolutely essential.
The choice of songs to learn is very good - there must be 100s to choose from and what I particularly like is that you can choose a song at beginner level and then return to it at intermediate and higher building up your skills with many of the songs. I’m about to moved from Claire De Lune beginner to intermediate and you appreciate the extra phrasing as you progress.
The pace of the lessons is very good. And the note-monitoring when practicing a piece is good - especially if you have tour device plugged into the back of the keyboard with a purchased cable.
So for me, a complete novice at piano, this is an excellent choice and I look forward to learning many many more songs whilst also building my technique.
Well done developers for putting this together!

Super good App

So my son has never been interested in any instrument so I thought he might like the Guitar but he soon lost interest so I got him a keyboard and he really liked it but again he lost interest so I got him this app and I've never seen him play so happily I would totally recommend this app for anyone who wants to play the piano

Good with midi not so good with mic

The lessons are done really well and easy to follow.
This would be a 5 star review when I tried it on my friends piano with a midi cable but now I’ve been using it at home on a traditional piano using the mic to listen to the notes it often won’t register them.
So if you have a piano with a midi out this I great, if you don’t then maybe consider other options

David Bowie writes...

Ahem, by that I’m not being immodest, it’s just that I am an Absolute Beginner... Starting out at age 48 to play the piano with no musical ability whatsoever, I heard about Flowkey and thought it might be what I needed. It gets you up-and-running in no time, and building up competence/confidence in equal measure. Two days in, with about 30 mins a day, and I’m having a reasonable stab at a Beethoven number over a few bars; this is the type of learning I need. I know I have to be patient and diligent, and this app helps with both, although I feel it tries to push you on to continuing a little before it should, and when more consolidation might be in order. That’s it for now; will update this review when I’ve done a bit more. Oh, why not 5 stars? I feel I’m learning more by ‘feel’ than by knowledge, and I don’t know which notes I’m playing/reading as yet, although a breakthrough might be about to happen...

Good app but some flaws

It’s good app however there are some flaws which are frustrating. I got three months free with my keyboard which is good. I am doing the beginners course. When you learn a song to play with two hands and you play 2 chords together it doesn’t recognise both of them and you have to keep pressing the keys numerous times. It also skips to the middle of the song and I keep having to play it back. Its good for the three month trial but doubt I will be subscribing to it if the don’t fix this bug.


Acc amazing
The app itself is very good for what it says it will do. It guides you step by step through the learning process. I am however extremely disappointed to find out that I have been charged over £100 for the use of the app. I was more than happy to pay monthly for it’s usage as this is what is implied when you are shown the billing page. What I found however was that I have been charged this lump sump all in one go! It’s almost as if this is the default option. Be warned that if you use this app for longer than 7 days and do not change your billing option then you will be hit with a hefty bill. Very disappointed with the lack of clarity around the payment. Otherwise it was a good app.

Great app, confusing layout!

The app itself provides a very useful approach to learning songs on the piano, but the layout is not very user friendly. Furthermore, I was under the impression that I had only purchased a one month trial, which automatically renewed after 28 days. I still cannot find a profile or account section, so have not been able to unsubscribe!

Good and not so good

Love the variety of tunes as an adult returning to piano playing, certainly more confidence boosting to play tunes that I can recognise and that aren’t out of a children’s book.
It frequently doesn’t pick up when I have played a note however, which really ruins the tune and experience. I have actually returned to the book method and I think my playing has improved as a result of the book. So now I use the app for a little play and muck about as opposed to using it to learn to play the piano. I don’t think I will be renewing my subscription.

Stole my money doesn’t work!

flowkey is the worst app I ever had. It doesn’t work offline, yet they want 20 € a month! they take days to respond via their customer services, told me to try for a refund at the istore directly instead of issuing themselves, did I this within the 14 days from download after they wasted days of my time waiting for their lame responses then istore declined refund point blank. VERY ANGRY! can’t use app, wasted days of my time, arrogant, selfish people, they care only about money not music. you can lean piano without their expensive rubbish. There is software that works with a full offline licence for a fraction of their extortionate subscription tariffs. Its companies like this who just con people online. Disgusting behaviour. Real musicians don’t act like this. Will be speaking directly to Apple in person about this. Action against this company WILL be escalated. Con artists. Cyber criminals dressed up as musicians. Avoid at all costs.

Fantastic. Mostly!

Fantastic. Mostly. Except when it doesn’t “hear” you play and it makes you repeat something over and over even when you’re playing all the notes correctly. A little frustrating. Especially when you don’t want to overemphasise any notes! Overall though very happy with this app. Much better in my opinion than another well-known app as you can pick and choose where to start or what courses to practise. Great if you played for a long while when younger and just want to get back into it again. Thanks Flowkey! Lots of fun

Needs an option to remove hands

Techno geak
It’s a really good app and I pay for a member ship because it is amazing for sight reading and if ur in lockdown cuz of civic it is amazing, as you don’t need a teacher as much. Although if you are using it to sight read it can get annoying as I catch my self looking at the hands for help instead of trying to read the music. It would so much better if there was a seething to remove them or turn it in to a big sheet of piano music. All in all thou would 100% recommend x

Lots of potential - not there yet though

Daizy Crave
Flowkey is great for helping to learn how to play, but one of the most useful tools on the app is the ‘wait’ mode, where Flowkey waits until you’ve played the correct note before it continues. When it works, this mode has really helped me improve my note reading however it is very prone to mis-hearing the note and detecting an incorrect note as correct and a correct note as incorrect. Unless this is improved, I’m not yet whether I’ll continue to use the app as it is quite frustrating.

Overall a decent app

I like Flowkey; it’s expensive but good. It has a good function called Wait mode, which teaches you the piece once you hit the correct note.
The main problem is that it does not recognise all the notes that I play so I have to bang the ‘F’ key as loud as possible (and other notes, especially when the left and right hand are play simultaneously) multiple times before the sound is recognised, which ruins the flow of the piece. Weirdly it doesn’t have that problem with most notes.

New subscriber

Just finding my level at the moment. I’ve found the beginners level of Mama Mia which is just right for me but I’ve also found the intermediate level which I hope to be able to master eventually.
I’m finding the programme enjoyable but challenging. Not quite got my head around changing the speed of the music .
Hope to spend many happy hours with flowkey during the lockdown.

Great but...

i want some wallpaper
Firstly you barely get any songs for free and the ones you do like imagine by John Lennon it isn’t even the full song, I know it repeats a lot but all the parts should be included even if they repeat, the end of the chorus is missing and also it is very expensive and well a lot of songs pianists would want to play are not on there 1500 songs is a lot but really I think there should be daily updates with new songs and members can request new songs and I would also like the songs to be finished, even listening to some they are not finished like Chopin Fantasia, that is almost 7 minutes long the recording definitely isn’t that long, otherwise it is an amazing way to learn new songs just a bit disappointing

Great resource for intermediate and advanced players

Version 2.21.0
I recently purchased flowkey and am thoroughly enjoying it. It has a vast selection of songs at a level that suits me. I love that you can adjust the size of the sheet music in proportion to the video and I personally find it helpful in developing my music reading. But I guess that depends on how the player chooses to use the app, I force myself to look at the sheet music and only use the video to learn the fingering.
The only thing that would make this app 5stars for me would be the ability to print the sheet music which would avoid having to scroll to the the bit I want to practice each time.
Thanks Flowkey, great app!

Very poor note recognition

I've cancelled this within the first few hours. Terrible response to iPad mic, simply doesn't recognise the notes and therefore the exercise hangs despite being played clearly, with the iPad on the top of the piano, music stand. Casio Privia at A=440.
Also, perhaps a niggle but why are the count ins not consistent? Sometimes there are 4 Beats in, sometimes just 3, and on the quarter note rest exercise in Chapter 1 there are 5. This will be extremely confusing for beginners.
And as for the slowed down exercises. Whose idea was it to time stretch the audio file? It's an awful sound! All the artefacts of poor time-stretching make listening to it hard on the ears. Either pay for a far better algorithm or actually play it half speed, please!
So far then, some good points, and it works far better via midi, which I think you ought to acknowledge and recommend to buyers. Your poor excuse (and stock automated response to the issue when raised by others) about different tunings doesn't stand up given the huge advances in pitch recognition software from Antares, Melodyne and others.
We'll see how well it copes with more polyphony later...going to give it until the end of my paid month and take stock then. Playground has been recommended by some, but dissed by others so we'll see.

Not happy at all!!

Hava Papo
I just downloaded your app and was suggested to have a 7 day free trial premium and after that 7 days I would pay £109 for a year. I tried out the app for about 3 minutes and decided that I did not want to use it.
I then cancelled my subscription and checked that my bank account had not been charged with anything. But unfortunately you have charged me £109, this is unacceptable as I was told that it was a 7 day trial with no payment. I would like my money back please because this is completely out of order.
Edit: Thankyou for getting back to me. I have now got my money back.

Good for learning songs

This app is perfect for learning songs. However, the one problem I found was the microphone and it also moved the music on before I played the notes. Also, I wouldn’t recommend this to a beginner because this app doesn’t teach you the notes and rhythms. In conclusion, I think this is an app if you have patience and a bit of experience.

Needs updated to become Piano Teacher

bob the pom
I got 6 months free with a new Yamaha keyboard. Like everyone else I struggled with the microphone interface and eventually gulped and bought the Apple camera connector (£50) and used the MIDI interface with my iPAD. Even then you need lots of broadband bandwidth and a powerful iPad. It then works brilliantly but it’s expensive. I’m a complete novice and think Flowkey is an excellent App but it needs enhanced. The courses are unstructured, overlapping and tedious. Flowkey could become a virtual piano teacher but it needs to feedback views of your performance, set targets and not let you move on until you have passed an exam. I think a premium subscription would only be worth it if the courses are completely rewritten. Otherwise it’s an expensive sheet music app. I asked Flowkey if they had plans for a real update but no response. Good app, probably the best around but very pricey and is missing a market opportunity.

Great, but problems with the app listening.

I have learned a lot, fast on this app, but as I have come to the end of the ‘learning to play with both hands’ section, I find the app is very poor at listening to the notes, just moves along as if you have played the notes when you haven’t. Its almost unusable. I’m using an IPhone, and can’t seem to connect direct. It’s a shame because I love the layout and way it teaches you to play.

I like the support.

I like the support I get when using and needing help with flow key but what I wish I could do is practise the course pieces without the note recognition and also with a static music sheet instead of always having a moving timeline. Maybe this is something they could look into.
If it was just about support and learning I’d give this 5 stars but I really feel I need the option above to practise more and with ease. My whole family feels the same way about it.

Disappointed, has potential but problematic to use

I was excited about this app, and particularly love the variety of music available. I’m about grade 5 standard so there are lots of tunes to tackle which I love. However, in common with other reviewers, I find it is often slow to recognise notes played meaning you have to stop and replay notes, sometimes several times, in order to progress. I also agree that it’s frustrating not to be able to see ahead further in the music. Overall, the whole stop start nature of using it has put me off. I have a free trial at present, but cannot see myself wanting to pay to subscribe unless it is improved in functionality.

Can’t view far enough ahead

I bought a months subscription to see how this was. I am around a grade 8 player, but wanted to get a bit of inspiration and try put some new pieces, now that most shops don’t hold much music in stock. I thought there was a good selection, but I found it particularly annoying that I couldn’t view more than 4 or 5 bars at a time. Sometimes in a piece you need to see the whole phrase to be able to anticipate what’s coming up. It would be great if there was an option to see a page of music for the more accomplished pieces without the hands.

Gentle Pace

My first introduction to the keyboard, thanks to my complementary course courtesy of Keyflow, allowed me to experience and remember certain key positions.
I found the tutorial selection of music pieces to be memorable and having a memory of the teaching piece allowed me to try harder to mimic the melody.
If I had a complaint about the method of teaching then it would be the waiting for the green tick to acknowledge my progress. Some of the periods which left me waiting for the tick seemed to go on for quite a long time and this had the effect of loosing my concentration even whilst I was very eager to learn. If my enthusiasm to learn led me to go too quickly through the tutorial and my iPad had difficulty in keeping up then I apologise, but at the same time I would urge you to extend the program so that the course can take account of faster pupils.
Kind regards Ray.


I am in my 50s and decided to buy a piano. I started using this app and have so enjoyed learning. The courses are helpful. The beginner tunes are great fun. I feel as though I am really achieving.
My only frustration is that when I am playing the correct notes the app or iPad does not hear them so I end up having to play them a couple of times.
I will continue to buy into the sessions as I am still really impressed. Have just bought my first sheet music and can read them.

Enjoyable, but bugs to iron out

I bought my daughter a digital piano so she can practice more at home, as the keyboard is no good now she’s on Grade 3. I thought I’d try out the free subscription for Flowkey, and after one session, I was hooked, and practice everyday! I’m a complete beginner and can play some simple songs already.
I gave it a 3 star rating, as often, when playing chords (and single notes too at times), they are not recognised, and I have to play them over and over to progress through the tutorial piece. This isn’t so bad with single notes, but with the chords, I have to play each note individually, which rather defeats the object!

Fantastic way to learn!

I am now in my late fifties and always wanted to learn the piano, so a year ago I started lessons once a week at my home. I couldn't make the fixed appointment work with my lifestyle, so I cancelled a few weeks ago and signed up to Flowkey.
Wow! I love everything about it - play songs I know and like, play along with the instructions, slow it down to a speed I can manage, go over it as many times as I want and most importantly- play when I have the time.
I really think I have made more progress in 3 weeks than the year I had lessons and it's certainly cost me materially less.
I have one key that doesn't pick up well on my piano, so I may get a keyboard as well, but it's nothing that has deterred me or really slowed me down.
The support is also amazing - quick and super helpful, so if you have always wanted to play, but never knew where to start, I highly recommend Flowkey.

Wish it worked right

I cannot use this app as it plays no sound when i use my midi keyboard. It connects just fine, i hear the lesson voice and same keys and chord sounds, but then on my turn to press it waits, i press the right key it moves onto the next in silence! Play me the sound back!! I cannot learn in silence and without feedback when pressing the keys.
As u say i am using a midi keyboard that pluds direct via cable into the iphone, it cannot be hard to play a sound when i press a key. Other apps do it.

Great app

I thought this app was pretty good. The only problem is is that it sometimes doesn’t load the song and whenever I click on a song to learn it, it quits me out of the app entirely. This can be fairly frustrating, but after a few tries it works. There are still some bugs and minor issues to this app but overall it’s very educational and it has access to some of my favourite songs.

Great balance of theory and playability

Billy Themumblefish
If you think that learning the piano is like being slowly tortured, with memories of sitting for hours at a keyboard, practicing scales - think again.
Flowkey has a great mix of theory and easily accessible hints and tips that had me playing in no time. It’s almost 30 years since I treated myself to a piano, determined to learn. I was hopeless. But my kids came along and learned to play it, self-taught through apps and videos..!
I could find nothing that had that balance I needed. Something that understood the itch to get playing, but acknowledged the need to learn the basics at my own pace.
Then I found Flowkey. I love it. I can choose a variety of practice pieces and never get bored by repeating things over and over again. It actually makes me want to practice.
Anyway, enough of this review. I have chords to learn!


I'm 40, bought a Yamaha p45 for my partners birthday and it came with 3 months free subscription to this app. I didn't know at first and thought it was a bit pricey, but having installed it and now played with the full version a whole night, I'm sold. Fun, surprisingly easy for someone that NEVER played in his life, and addictive too. I feel young again and that's not a small thing to say 😜
I'll easily pay for this app once out 3 months free run out

A great way to learn to play

Wacka Quacker
I’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano and this app is great. It’s starts off slowly and builds on what you have learnt (I’ve subscribed to get more/longer lessons). I have found that it has trouble sometimes picking up notes especially when playing chords and notes together, so I bought a usb cable to connect my Roland digital piano to my iPad(via an iPad camera connector). Since using the cable it’s picked up every note perfectly. I look forward to my 30 minute lesson every day!


The lessons are very clear and well thought out. The main problem is that the programme does not pick up the notes you play all the time so you end up having to play about every fourth note a couple of times to get it to register. This is fairly annoying. It also cannot cope if you play anything other than very slowly. It would help if the practice sections just had the tune played at normal speed, with sound so you can play along until you get it right. Playing mega slowly and repeating notes several times is just plain annoying.