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A powerful and comprehensive app for childbirth which covers all eventualities from natural birth to c-section and how to help your baby arrive if overdue. You can try our introductory Relaxation Visualisation for free right now and if you enjoy this you can access all the other recordings via inapp purchase.
1. Enjoy your pregnancy, having all the energy you need to do all that you have to do
2. Have a wonderful birth experience, being relaxed and in control, working with your body and allowing your muscles and skin to stretch easily and naturally in a pain-free way
3. Promote your own rapid healing and recovery with minimal blood loss
4. Bond easily with your baby, enjoy breastfeeding (if you choose to do this) and be confident in your abilities as a mother
5. Get back to pre-pregnancy weight, shape and dimensions very soon after the birth.
Created by renowned hypnotherapist and author Paola Bagnall:
Paola is an experienced hypnotherapist. She has a degree in biology and is a qualified teacher with over thirty-five years’ experience, giving her an excellent understanding of the beautifully designed female body. She retired from teaching in July 2004 to take up hypnotherapy full-time.
Paola first learned self-hypnosis and found that she was able to tap into the Inner Power of the unconscious mind to heal a shoulder injury she had had for several years. The medical profession had been unable to help her. Having discovered the innate ability we all have to heal ourselves, if we desire to, by harnessing these inner resources, Paola went on to become a fully qualified hypnotherapist, helping people to control pain and to heal themselves.
With her knowledge of biology and hypnotherapy, Inner Power Hypnobirthing was born and Paola has now trained many hypnotherapists in these techniques. Hypnobirthing helps mothers to enjoy a wonderfully natural pregnancy and childbirth where the mum is in control. With so many hypnobirthing success stories, Paola was persuaded to publish a book, ‘Birth Made Easy’, a comprehensive manual on her unique method and the perfect accompaniment to this app.
Dr Robert Overton, MBBS DRCOG
"As a GP with an interest in hypnotherapy I found this a fascinating book. I was fortunate to benefit from Paola’s teaching and her clear communication skills make this an easy read. Techniques she describes and teaches could benefit expectant mums both during pregnancy and beyond."
Lucia Montesinos, Midwife, expert in homebirths
"This book by Paola Bagnall is a very comprehensive and easy approach to the use of self-hypnosis in childbirth. The book will take you through all the tips that you need to know for a safe and natural birth. It will also give you an insight into pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period, and how hypnosis can help you in those different stages."
David R Hamilton PhD, author of many books including How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
"A most useful guide that can help mothers-to-be to have an easier and pleasantly memorable birthing experience."
Emma Johnson – a Hypnobirthing mum
"Paola Bagnall’s method is revolutionary. It transformed my second pregnancy from dread to joyful anticipation and gave me a wonderful natural childbirth. Her empowering approach gives control of the birth process back to women, and minimises the need for medical intervention and pain relief."
Juliane Horn – a Hypnobirthing mum
"As one of the first mothers who were prepared by Paola for a birth without any invasive pain-relief, I can say hypnobirthing worked amazingly well. I have no memory of pain but only that of a very enjoyable event."
Sarah Findell – a Hypnobirthing mum
"In this modern technology-driven age it’s a relief to have straight forward, practical and reassuring advice on childbirth, and it works! I am so grateful to Paola Bagnall and her techniques for helping me to experience two wonderful and natural births."

What's New in Version 2.0.2

Enhancements to our UI and back end systems to give you an all round smoother and better experience.



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Rated 17+ for the following:
Frequent/Intense Medical/Treatment Information
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity


iOS 9.0 or later


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Not good

Version 2.0.2
To fast, imagery jumping around all over the place

Paid for app and ow cannot use it!

Version 2.0.2
I purchased this app for £7.99 to unlock all sessions. Was able to use it for a day and now it’s asking me to pay again. I have my invoice to proved I have paid and there isn’t a way to contact someone about this?


Version 2.0.2
Free to download then u have to pay to unlock everything! Waste of time

Not loading

Version 1.1.1
Bought the full version and now it won’t load

Hate her voice

Petunia Winkleberry
Version 1.1.1
Downloaded the free version just to test to see if I like the app. The music is relaxing but I the ladies voice is not very soothing. I think this has stopped me from buying the full app. Have been searching for a good app for birth and this one is ok as the music is great but her voice just puts me off...!!!

Fantastic app for a calm birth

Version 1.1.1
I love this app by Paola, I used it alongside other relaxation techniques from yoga to prepare for the birth of my second baby and it was wonderful. In particular I like the hypnosis tracks for peaceful sleep and for an overdue baby, but the prep for birth one is also great.

I swear by this book/app

Version 1.1.1
I used Paola's Birthing Made Easy hypnobirthing techniques for the labour and birth of my first child almost 3 years ago. My pregnancy yoga teacher recommended it to me. It was brilliant and using the techniques enabled me to have a smooth, quick and controlled birth. It helped me to use my contractions to help me push the baby down and to minimise the pain I experienced.
I intended to use the book and app for the birth of my second baby a week ago. However, my daughter arrived 4 weeks early so I hadn't got into it as much as I had hoped! But having already used hypnobirthing once the techniques came back to me even though I had only re-read one chapter of the book and used the app briefly. I would highly recommend Birthing Made Easy and the app is a brilliant addition to the book.

Highly recommended

Version 1.1.1
I was terrified about going through labour and how I would cope with motherhood. Birth made easy taught me invaluable relaxation techniques through visualisation, breathing methods and self hypnosis which I still use today. I was able to heal quickly after labour and enjoyed breastfeeding. Using the techniques in Birth made easy will empower you and enable you to embrace a truly wonderful experience. My son is now 10 and I continue to recommend Birth made easy to all my pregnant friends and they have found it to be both concise and extremely informative. I highly recommend this book and app.

Mark B

Version 1.1.1
this helped us a lot. we weren’t sure if it would work but it definitely did. the relaxation techniques are excellent and my partner found that the whole experience of giving birth was far more pleasant and much less stressful than she had imagined it would be! a very useful app.

Fantastically helpful and easy to use

Version 1.1.1
Many many thanks for this awesome app. It definitely played a large role in getting the amazing vbac birth that I wanted. Paola has a calming voice and the app is so easy to use. An absolute must for mothers to be!


L J Gray
Version 1.0
I found this app so helpful throughout my pregnancy and through the birth of my son. I particularly liked the birth made easy music and the sleep tune which I used religiously when having contractions at night. It kept me focused, relaxed and confident. I would definately recommend this app to anyone who is trying hypnobirthing in their pregnancy to have a positive and easy birth.