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Based on "pCars Dash", the must have companion telemetry app for Project Cars, RS Dash builds on that popular app to add support for Project Cars 1, Project Cars 2, Project Cars 3, F1 2021, F1 2020, F1 2019, F1 2018, F1 2017, F1 2016, Forza Motorsport 7, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Assetto Corsa, Assetto, Corsa Competizione, RFactor 2, AutoMobilista and iRacing.
Please note, this app is not free, in-app purchases are required to activate each racing game interface depending on which of these racing simulators you own.
RS Dash features real-time vehicle telemetry of crucial vehicle data. Designed by a race car driver for race car drivers it includes graphing of rpm, speed, gear, throttle and brake position per lap and a lap chart system including sector by sector breakdown.
Get the advantage over your opposition by knowing exactly whats going on with your car at all times. Every litre of fuel adds extra weight and costs you time, not sure how much fuel you need for a race? RS Dash provides live fuel usage statistics so you can see exactly how many litres you need to put in your tank for each racing lap.
Want more? There is also a HUD and one of the most important things, a dedicated race page showing you critical fuel, tire (wear/temps), brake (temps), damage and lap timing, a must have for any racer.
Note: Feature availability in RS Dash depends on the racing game this app is being used with as the different games offer varying degrees of telemetry data.
This app will work with both the PC and Console versions of Project CARS, F1 2016, F1 2017, F1 2018, F1 2019, F1 2020 and Forza Motorsport 7. Important Note: Console users of Project Cars 2 require Project Cars 2 patch v2.0 or newer which adds the option for the UDP telemetry to be enabled.
For RaceRoom Racing Experience, Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, RFactor 2, AutoMobilista and iRacing this app will only work with the Windows PC version of those racing games and will require the "RS Transmitter" application to be installed on the same PC as the game. The "RS Transmitter" application can be downloaded from the Pocket Playground website.

What's New in Version 2.5.2

Improved F1 2021 interface



Craig Jorgensen







42.4 MB

Game Center


VPP Device Licensing



Rated: 4+


iOS 8.0 or later


iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPad 2 (Wi-Fi), iPad 2 (3G), iPad (3rd Generation) (Wi-Fi), iPad (3rd Generation) (4G), iPad (4th Generation) (Wi-Fi), iPad (4th Generation) (4G), iPad (5th Generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro, iPad Pro (Cellular), iPad Pro (9.7-inch), iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (Cellular), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (10.5-inch) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (11-inch), iPad Pro (11-inch) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air, iPad Air (Cellular), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 (Cellular), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Air (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini (Wi-Fi), iPad mini (4G), iPad mini Retina, iPad mini Retina (Cellular), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 (Cellular), iPad mini 4, iPad mini 4 (Cellular), iPad mini (5th Generation), iPad mini (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (7th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air (4th Generation) (Wi-Fi), iPad Air (4th Generation) (Wi-Fi + Cellular), iPad (8th generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (8th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th Generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPod touch (5th generation), iPod touch (6th Generation), iPod touch (7th generation), Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS), Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS + Cellular), Apple Watch Series SE (GPS), Apple Watch Series SE (GPS + Cellular)



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Glad I found this

upside down BMW
The app is excellent when playing project cars 2, I have spent a while looking for an app like this and I was a bit worried spending £5 for it, but it was well worth it.

Great dash to clean up your screen

Version 1.6
Clear display and love the screen changing Amber/red for change up prompt. Worth the purchase

Great app BUT

Version 2.1.0
Maps don’t work in most racing games. Shame as That used to be a great option .
PLEASE bring the map for ACC and iRacing

Great App

Version 2.2.1
Perfect app for recording all your lap times and data, well worth the purchase price.
I use this for pcars2 on Xbox and it’s flawless. Would love to see an Xbox version for AC but I’m guessing AC doesn’t send the required data.🤷‍♂️
A must app for any sim racers. 5 star all the way.

Very useful

Version 2.0.7
Very useful App, well worth the investment. Very informative in real time and I’ve experienced no lag or delay in anyway so far while I’ve been using this App. Would highly recommend to anybody who likes to go deep into car set up or just have live info at hand. Changing screens can also be mapped to buttons on your controller/steering wheel so you can change the App screens at the touch of a button.

Not working

Version 2.2
I’ve contacted the developer and have not had a response. It looks really good but unable to getting it working at all.
I would like a full refund unless you contact me to resolve it.
I will then update my review

Excellent app and cloud based web portal

Version 2.2.2
Been using the app for a long time and it’s fantastic, wouldn’t want to race without it. But I also just found the RS Cloud companion web portal. Amazing site with all your race history and useful lap telemetry for analysis. Times, position, tyres, fuel etc all uploaded and available for reviewing in the web portal automatically. Very useful and interesting data. Great app, thanks for all the hard work.

Works for me.

Version 1.9
Project cars 2 on PS4 and rFactor 2 on PC
One app. Works well with both.


Awsomeness by C Pearce
Version 1.8
Absolutely love this app. I use it on my iPad as a dash for all my racing games . It's a must for all sim racers.

Fantastic app

Bren Gun
Version 1.9.15
Genuinely feel lost when not using it in F1 2018 on my Xbox.
As a wee developer feature request (and obviously not marking down for this as it’s a total left field request). You could integrate with Philips Hue lights do the lights will change colour to match the tyre wear 😂

Really pleased

Version 1.9.11
I used this on iphone8 in a phone holder with my playseat challenge. Used it with F1 2018 and will soon use with PC2
No issues or bugs I’ve noticed. Always works and you can customise each screen
5 stars!!
A request for the developers- in F1 2018 screen I use the race screen. I have the option to swish the shift indicators on/off but not the screen background going green/yellow/red. I like this feature when in a new car but would like to switch it off later. It’s a distraction out the corner of my eye and I have to dim my phone screen right down Can you please give us this option to toggle this off/on with the next update? Cheers :)

Perfect for PCars2

Bones 7867
Version 2.2.4
I’ve had this app since it came out and thought it only fair I leave it a review.
Absolutely brilliant , very easy to use and can’t remember not using it.
An essential for sim racing

Excellent app. A must for sim racers

Version 2.4.1
Love the app. It always works well and reliable not like some others. So I use telemetry on the the iPad and dash info on the phone. I would always recommend it.
** I just would ask that the developers give the option to change the colour of Rev limit on the digital dash so it would flash blue not red**

Great App. Could get pricey if you have all games supported

Great app.
But there really should be a discounted option if you want all games supported.
£36 it would cost you to have support for all games. This seems a bit steep.
£20 would be a fair price for full access.
I’m sure charging for F1 2016 and 2017 desperately is a bit cheeky. When the games config files and out put files are identical. No extra programming was required on the programmers part.
Just saying.

Does the job

Works well with assetto corsa on a single device. Revs seem to be a bit laggy when I use my phone and tablet to display information at the same time.
Also could get pricey if you wanted to use this app with every racing title that you play.

Great, just one tiny thing missing

This is a great app for me to use in F1 2017 and the Project Cars game, The tiny thing is as I race in a league, when in a league race I can’t see my friends names in the timing screen or track map page. Just the names who drive the car in the real world or made up name on Projects Cars, this will mostly likely be because of the games themselves not allowing PSN names to show on apps. So app gets all five stars.

Decent App

Works well. Like it a lot!

Good App

Duke Again
Really good little app, using on f1 2017. The only things that could do with changing are the accuracy of the rev counter lights matching with the in game revs,and the rev counter light colours being the same as the game. Also the DRS light on the lite hud could do with being bigger and in a more visible place.

Great work guys

Dub chain
I really like this and find it very useful for league racing and keeping an eye on some crucial info.
I would only change two things,
1. To implement a custom layout mode
2. To show tyre temps, inner mid and outside to help with camber adjustments

Poor telemetry

Having used pCars Dash with Project Cars which is excellent this does not function as I expected. Using it with F1 on PS4, in time trial mode it does not record sector and lap times beyond the first lap. It does not give competitors sector and lap times in qualifying nor does it display the race result or fastest race lap. It does not register tyre wear during a race, my tyres stayed at 100%. Timer continues to run when sat in pits. Hopefully these issues can be sorted in future updates.

Good use.

Nice app, good information given. Would like to see the correct data for tyre pressure start values, did notice they change but not sure where the start psi of 18 comes from. Love the App all the same. I've only just started using it today so time and future updates will tell. Would be a big bonus to get the tyre wear as a percentage or colour change.