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From the BAFTA nominated pre-school learning TV shows Alphablocks and Numberblocks, we bring you Alphablocks Letter Fun!
Your little ones are going to LOVE interacting with the Alphablocks in this amazing App. It’s hugely entertaining to play and makes a real difference to their reading through fun, multisensory learning.
Alphablocks has been on TV for nearly a decade, helping millions of children learn to read the fun way. Now your little ones can meet all the Alphablocks from A to Z, learning letters and sounds with four great phonics mini-games and a fantastic singalong song.
"Alphablock A says a! when an apple lands on her head! "
Every Alphablock is designed to make their letter and sound easy to learn, encouraging kids to interact with the characters and really get to know the alphabet. They’ll have great fun getting hands-on with letters and sounds.
* No in-app purchases *
There are four minigames per Alphablock — that’s over 100 great activities for kids to enjoy!
◆ Bubble pop! — match letters to sounds by popping the bubbles that match the sounds you hear.
◆ Paint me — listen to letter sounds as you paint each Alphablock with your finger.
◆ Favourite things — listen out for words that begin with each letter sound and add them to the Alphablock’s collection of favourite things.
◆ Hide and seek — listen carefully to tell letter sounds apart, and see if you can spot where the Alphablock is hiding.
Sing along with the Alphablocks as they all get together to sing their letter sounds in a mnemonic song that kids will love and remember!
When your child has mastered their letters and sounds, change to Letter Name mode and have fun learning all the letter names too.
Every minigame earns a star. Collect all four stars to watch the Alphablock sing their line from the Alphablocks letter song. Can you light up all the stars for all your Alphablocks? (The app keeps your progress between visits. You can reset it if you want to start again or to let a friend or sibling play.)
Alphablocks is made by teachers and reading experts. It’s built around systematic synthetic phonics, as taught in UK schools. Alphablocks is a step-by-step reading system with episodes, books and more that has helped over a million children learn to read the fun way.
Alphablocks Letter Fun was created by Blue Zoo Animation, the multi-award winning studio who are passionate about creating fantastic content for kids tv and games. Blue Zoo has produced many hit pre-school shows including Go Jetters, Digby Dragon, Miffy, Tree Fu Tom, Mac & Izzy, and more.

What's New in Version 01.04.00

Updated core.










180.7 MB

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Rated: 4+


iOS 11.0 or later


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Thoroughly enjoyable

Minnie Minxy
Used this with a child with additional language needs. She loved it and showed great understanding.

Great but...

Version 01.04.00
please consider supplying all the games, the educational value is not much more than the tv show. Could be really great if someone applied themselves.


Version 01.01.00
Does not teach any phonics.

It’s okay

Version 01.00.04
It’s okay and my little girl enjoys playing but jeez it’s annoying. Colouring the letters and hearing “a a a a a a a a a a a a” every second your fingers on the screen makes you want to rip your ears off, I get it’s to teach them the letter but really. There’s only 4 basic games (just with different letters, so I wouldn’t say it’s over 100 games as stated). Also there’s some glitch where if you press the bottom right hand side of the screen you get a pop up to download another game which is blank and frustrating when you’ve paid for it


Version 01.00.02
Very basic. Only teaches the letter sounds. Was hoping it would actually teach words like on the TV show. Teaching them to blend the sounds to read the words. A waste of £2.99!

Great app for parents and children alike

Version 01.02.00
My child loves this app. It really engages her well.

Solid but basic

My son loves Alphablocks and really enjoys this app, and he’s young enough (two) to not mind the repetition of the mini games. However it’s a much more basic reading level than the TV show. It focuses just on the letter sounds and there’s no progression in difficulty to give kids practice at combining those sounds into words.
It’s also a shame that you have to pick between either letter sounds or their names, instead of incorporating both, something the show is very clear in differentiating.
There’s also an annoying bug that if you tap the bottom right corner the ad for Numberblocks comes up, as it would on the home screen. My son has got used to dismissing it now but it disrupts things a lot when one of the bubbles he needs to pop is in that area.

We love this!

My son loves this app, and the song. Although when he presses the screen repetitively, the screen to download a new app comes up. I have bought the new app to see if it stoped the screen popping up. Please could you change that, so he can happily keep pressing the screen to make the sounds.
Thanks Adam


Me and my brother like this it’s really fun and educational I saw him playing this and had to download this :)



Great resource but hard to navigate

Nanna West
This is just what we are looking for but we can’t find our way round it, or fine exactly what it is we’ve got in this app. We are very frustrated!


This is like so fun

Stop the constant adverts

Bought this game for my daughter but it still constantly pops up advertising the number block game! Sometimes after every action! Gonna be uninstalling this soon unless it is fixed.


I thought this word be like the program, it gives you the single letter sounds or names.
Not any of the sounds with the letters together, not good for helping a child learn to read

£2.99 for a little features over the free version

"The Ngaith"
This app has very little benefit over the free version of this app. I would happily pay 50p for the extra features not £2.99 which is a rip off. Maybe the developers are counting on parents not getting a refund because their kids are used to the crappy “extras” in comparison to the free version when attempting to delete the app to make money. Come on guys do better. Have you seen what you can get for £2.99 on the AppStore ?!


Teaching children and their parents the phonics sounds. Very playful! It would be nice to have an add option for the fase 2 and 3 sounds....

So impressed

Teacher #42
This is such a great resource for children to access with some independence. Very engaging; able to work on phoneme and grapheme recognition, and also letter names with brief adult support. Love this app (and all their stuff).

Very good

My son loves this app!

Very pricey for what it is!

Games are ok but there’s no blending or constructing words. Good for teaching the alphabet but doesn’t really go beyond that. I’m disappointed I spent £2.99 on this.


I really thought for the price there’d be more to it. My daughter loves the colouring and will happily colour all 26 colours of the alphabet. She enjoyed the other games too - even if I had to convince her that the picture in the heart game was a Deer and not a Reindeer. Some of the pictures are a little unclear - gates for a zoo? Pointless unless you can read the word zoo above the gates.
But there’s no progression? Once you’ve done the four games per letter it becomes too repetitive to do 26 times - with a new letter or not.
And the song is nice for them to sing to but I was really hoping for some blending or options for the kids to put some of the letters together?
All in all a little limited.


We really enjoyed sounding out words on the CBeebies app and bought this expecting to do more but it's very basic. Probably best suited to 3 year olds who don't know any phonics yet.


I’m really impressed with the sounds but I thought you could blend

No word building

The focus on sounds is obviously great but it is disappointing that the paid app doesn’t have word building games like on the version in CBeebies. How does the app support progress if the child can’t try word creation with learned sounds? Surely this is the ultimate intention. Be aware that other free apps are putting in a lot more word building into games.

Developers listened and I’m happy my kid will learn more!

Edit: updated from 4 to 5 stars after the proactive work of devs on resolving unexpected way kids behave!
Our school recommended this app and the quality of the app is worth the money easily.
However there’s a couple of things which I would love to get a response from the devs about.
1. the painting game has already been mentioned as it’s not very articulate due to the chain of sounds it produces. But we have an answer from the devs about that.
2. If there was a competition to find out which kid pronounced the letter “a” best, my kid won win.
You see the problem is when the games starts, it starts with the letter “a” my son will just play the games associated with that over and over again. He won’t move to “b”.
There needs to be some kind of voice prompt or even “disable” feature which forces a child to move to the next letter. I can’t remember my son ever willing moving beyond the letter “a”. I think “c” is the furthest he’s gone. I’ve tried to explain to him but to no avail.
Please find a solution!

Alpha Blocks

Really enjoying this app and daughter definitely learning from it. However it would be really good if you could spell out words from the phonetics you have learnt. Like dog etc so they get used to blending the sounds.... then this app would be perfect.

Wanted to love this more

Our little one loves Alphablocks and thought this would be worth the money for an upcoming journey we have to make. However the colouring in with extremely annoying repetitive letter sound is just too much. Surely that part could have been a letter writing exercise instead?

Fantastic learning fun

We absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve been using it with my two year-old for less than a week and she can already name nearly all of the phonics sounds. Great fun and really effective! Thank You Alphablocks!

This app is great for the first stages of phonics!

Bugsy H
My little lad loves it, and has learnt all his letter sounds from this app.