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My PT Hub is an online web and mobile application, enabling personal trainers & fitness professionals to manage their clients by creating customisable training and nutrition programmes, whilst tracking their progress and achievements.
My PT Hub has been designed by Fitness Professionals, for Fitness Professionals to make sure you get everything you need. You and your clients can access the software & app, anytime, anywhere from any device! Your clients can log their workouts, nutrition and upload progress photos, making it easy for you to track their achievements. So when we say everything, we mean everything!
IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: This app is a companion app for your account on My PT Hub Web Application. An online account is required. If you're a client, ask your trainer for your account details so you can login to this app.

What's New in Version 4.7.2

Bug Fixes and Performance Increases.



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Rated 17+ for the following:
Unrestricted Web Access
Frequent/Intense Medical/Treatment Information


iOS 9.0 or later


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Terrible app

Doesn’t scan food, crashes, up is a mess. Too many other apps that are much better developed

Fundamental flaws in what could be a great app

Version 4.6.5
Crashes far too frequently. I wouldn’t mind this if a started workout was saved as a draft so I could just pick where I left off but having to restyle in my entire workout is very annoying.

Does the job

Version 3.0.11
I’ve been using this app for a few years, it’s helped save a lot of time with writing programmes and helping clients to remember how to do exercises, my only complaints it’s not the most user friendly app for people who aren’t the most tech savvy, they increased the price for the new version without telling existing customers this would be the case.


Version 4.2.0
Old Skool. Outdated UI. Just look at the version history to see that in the last few years they’ve done nothing but bug fix. This is one app that’s clearly not moving forward.

Difficult and frustrating

Version 4.7.1
Spent half an hour and still can’t add food to the nutritio section. Scanner can’t find it, ones that come up the list the fats, carbs, proteins don’t match the pack I have and then when I add it all in manually it won’t save it! Like someone else said if you come out it loses things and doesn’t save it. Not a good app whatsoever

Don’t Use

Version 4.6.7
So buggy. Always wipes any data I input half way through a workout and now isn’t letting me upload progress pictures .
Use gymsharks app, it’s the same but actually works

No sign up option?

Ryan Toddd
Version 4.2.3
Where is it


Version 4.4.8
Lost all data, can not access anything! Why update stuff!!! Not hapoy or impressed

Good on paper. Difficult in practice.

Version 4.5.8
Good amount of tools to help clients but very glitchy. Without perfect wifi the app crumbles. Difficult to load anything and clients struggle with nutrition tracking as it doesn’t seem to recognise a lot of bar codes considering it’s got the biggest nutrition library out there.
Scheduling causes issues as it’s very strict on workouts days, not able to move around once programme has started and then causes poor ratings for clients if they miss a workout and can’t do it on another day.

New version of PT hub?

Version 4.5.13
I’m aware that this has been changed to PT hub classic.
How can I access the new version?

Updated IPhone now app doesn’t work

Version 4.6.9
Tried deleting and reinstalling still not working. Disappointing as a customer to the app and a PT I can’t use the services....

Quitting app

Version 1.0.0
I like the app but today it won’t open, when I click on the app it just quits.


Anns Joirney
Version 4.6.6
Started using 2 weeks ago. And today it’s suddenly stoped working over deleted the app and reinstalled and when I try to open it it just flicks open then disappears from screen

Can’t log in

Version 4.0.0
Downloaded and keeps crashing

Won’t open

Version 4.3.6
I was enjoying the app, but since the IOS update it’s not opening?

Crashes with ios13

Version 4.3.0
Just updated with ios13 and now it won’t open- just crashes. Also it’s such a shame it doesn’t link to the Apple health or watch work out tracker which means that you can’t track your workouts except with a Fitbit.

Update crashes

Version 1.0.12
Updated yesterday and now it keeps crashing!

Crashes on startup

Version 1.0.2
App crashes on startup

Crashes every time I try and open it

Chris Downham
Version 4.4.5
Downloaded today, I have iPhone 8, ios13.1.2 and it will not work. Bug fix please


Version 4.5.5
Would be great to be able to see my last workout stats whilst I’m completing a workout!

Constantly crashing

Version 2.1.2
Started out as a great app. Really good way of keeping a workout diary to see what you did on your last cycle.
Last couple of weeks it has constantly crashed mid work out, so all data I’d input was gone. Nothing saved. Highly frustrating when you lose it on the last 3 sets of your session.

Can’t open photos

Version 4.3.8
It’s been 2 weeks I can’t open the photos at all. Could you, please, sort this problem out. Thank you

Progress pictures stuck!

Version 4.5.11
I have found this really good for recording exercise routines, food plans from my personal trainer and general motivation. However when I go to look at my progress pics I can’t access them and the whole app gets stuck! I then have to delete the app and re-install it again and again. Tiresome!


Version 4.3.3
Was really good for about 6months but it’s started sticking on progress pictures and just looks as if it’s loading all the time! I’ve deleted it and re installed it but no difference so I can’t use it at all now. V disappointing.

Needs work

Version 4.5.7
From a client perspective, some features are frustrating. For example, when adding to my food diary, many of the portion weights are pre-selected with only one option and won’t let you edit or add your own portion size, meaning my food logs are mostly inaccurate. Also, when adding an exercise, I simply want to add 30 mins of spinning but the app asks you to enter speed kph, resistance, and “%” of time spent doing a certain speed/resistance setting?! All I want to know is how many calories on average I’ve burned. Another annoying thing is a notification that pops up every time you open the app to tell you you have no notifications?! I’ve found MyFitnessPal much more user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Messaging on My Pt Hub

bult 2 Last
Version 4.4.7
Overall the app is great. However the messaging service when used on mobile devices doesn’t work and hasn’t for sometime now. Updates of software are promised but still doesn’t work as it should. Simple errors or bugs should be fixed.

Messaging facility broken by update - still broken

Mista Bean
Version 4.7.0
Great app with potential, but I wish they would actually beta test all the critical features before releasing updates. Messaging is completely and obviously broken now, the keyboard just won’t disappear, blocking out what is being written. When you rely on this for your business, these kind of blatant bugs can really cost you. Please get a fix out, it’d been a while already .....
Update: 3 x updates now and myself and clients still can’t communicate via the messaging facility as it’s impossible to see what you are writing. Worrying that they do not have the ability to fix this simple issue. If you are looking at messaging as a essential feature - do not consider MyPTHub as it’s fundamentally broken and you will need an on top solution.

Won't let me download...

Version 4.2.1
Says there is a problem and it can't be downloaded..

Adjustments to make it more user friendly

Version 3.2.0
Can you please make the reset button on the timer larger. It’s a pain to hit when you’re shaking after a set

A Windows 95 version of a PT app

Version 4.2.2
This app is so frustrating and fiddly to use as a client. The main menu has 16 options. If you forget to save your workout at the end, you lose the whole thing. I mean, ‘autosave’ has been around as a basic app function for decades.
I am still to understand the way it works and not looking forward to tutorials, q&a’s with my Pt etc. All time that could be better used working out!
It makes my workouts now disjointed and annoying. I wish it had never blighted my life!

Take money without authority

Version 4.5.9
I unsubscribed via the app! To then be advised they have no recollection of this. They have continued to deduct funds from my account inconsistently over a twelve month period. I am disappointed that they are refusing to refund my money.

Not the best

Version 4.5.14
It could be great!
But it’s appearance is basic and glitchy. When inputting workouts it glitches on both the app and web version.
It would be great if clients could also carry workouts onto another day instead of them completely wiping from the system.
It’s good on a budget but there’s better apps.

Don’t buy this app

Version 4.5.12
The app has all the potential in the world, but sadly it doesn’t work.
As a trainer, it is frustrating that it constantly crashes and glitches when I am using it but it makes me look unprofessional when these things happen to my clients. Which it has. To all of them.
I contacted PT HUB about this and their response is that they can’t tell me when it will be fixed but coding is hard. Bare in mind that this app costs £120 a year paid at once and this was their reason for providing an app that malfunctions, coding is hard.
I have actually been a member for three years and this was the first year they charged me £120. Previously it was £60 and then roughly £90. They did not tell me about these price increases. I can tell you as a long time member, the issues that they are facing now with the app, that everyone is logging in the reviews, have existed since its conception and I doubt it will be fixed. I can also tell you that they don’t give refunds and support team are flippant about the situation.
Do not buy this app. Invest in a higher quality one, where they have software developers that don’t find ‘coding hard’.


Version 4.3.4
Although my email is registered the app doesn’t work, have reset my password about 10times and still won’t let me log in.

Glitch Glitch & Frustrating Glitch

Version 4.4.2
Very unreliable. Often can’t access notes or messages or workouts. Videos sometimes don’t play. Tonight I couldn’t access a single workout assigned by my PT. Everything just disappeared!
I am going to suggest to my instructor that we find another app!
Here goes nothing I’m going to te-install it one last time.

Works for what I need but one huge bug!

Version 4.5.2
So I basically use this solely to track measurements and food intake. I seldom upload progress pictures but when I do it works fine.
I do have one MASSIVE gripe with a particular issue with the app. If you accidentally manage to [Save Nutrition Log] whilst changing nutrition plans, the nutrition plan will not load in and you will be unable to enter ANY good entries for that day. Extremely annoying as it’s not the most difficult but to encounter.

Weird Glitch

Version 1.0.15
It’s a pretty decent app, though wish it would allow to view all the exercises outside from my assigned workouts & as well to allow me to create more of my own exercises plans, with out having the need after my workout, to “Save as workout template” to make a new one, in which at times it doesn’t, causing a concern as if it’s a weird limit on for users, which would be a dick move or just a weird glitch that needs sorting.

Great app

Version 4.5.10
Great app, really easy to use and does everything I need it to do, all in one place.

Great App!

Matt Turner 12345
Have been using this app a while and absolutely love it! It does everything I need it to do and I’ve seen my client base grow since I brought it in. Would totally recommend!

Essentially useless

There is no way for a user to check their progression. I need to see what I lifted in the last session when in the gym in order to either increase reps or weight

Some good features but frustrating to use

I’ve been using this app as a client for over a year now and there are some recurring issues which need to be addressed.
1. Losing Workouts
If you switch apps mid-workout you will often lose your workout and be dumped back at the start screen. This means you have to try and remember all the data you had input up to that point. Every time this happens I’m tempted to ditch the app and go back to a pen and paper diary.
I cannot stress how terrible the timer is. It really is the absolute worst and needs completely overhauled. Having the ‘minutes’ and ‘seconds’ be set by two separate drop-down menus is a nightmare to use mid-session and totally interrupts your focus. Quite often the time won’t even change after you’ve selected it in the drop-down and you’ll have to do it again. This should be a scrolling wheel instead - like the Bedtime timer on an iPhone. This would be a simple change that would allow you very quickly adjust the timer between sets.
Having to manually press ‘reset’ on the timer before you can start it again is also annoying and pointless. The reset button is also the smallest button ever and a pain to actually manage to press.
The timer popping up as a separate screen is also hugely annoying, meaning you have to close it down once it reaches ‘0:00’ (not to mention having to try and press the tiny reset button again). The timer should run in a top or bottom bar of the app so you can still see your upcoming sets. One fewer page to close before you get back to your set would be a bonus too.
3. Workout History only accessible online
Working out when there’s no signal or WiFi means you can’t check your workout history making the app pretty useless in these situations. The workout history really needs to be stored as a local copy on the phone as well as online.
4. Workouts not Syncing
If you have done a workout when out of signal it will often just vanish when you end the session, regardless of whether or not you had signal when you ended the session. Very frustrating.
There’s lots to like about this app, such as the workout video guides and measurement stat tracking, but I come up against these four issues everyday and they make the app experience a complete pain. Please fix!

Great app

My pt uploads my programmes, my memory is terrible so this is the perfect solution. It also means I always know the weight I’ve done in all my previous workouts for each exercise, making it easy to track progression. Being able to upload measurements and pictures are also another great way to track progress. If you’re a PT or an individual, I highly recommend. I’d be lost in the gym or my progress without it!

Loses workouts constantly

I don’t understand how the app is so poorly coded that it can lose a workout after ten minutes of not using the app. That’s within the tolerance for a quick cardio session.
It really needs to be fixed.

Sign up option

There is no sign up option when you download the app?

Lack of integration with the Health app

Ryan Santana
It desperately needs integration with the Health app on iOS. That would allow me to track how many calories have I lost among other apps I use as well.

Awful company

Optimal Ash
Terrible company with no morales. I mistakenly signed up with this company when I foolishly mistook them for another software company which I know and like my bad. Upon notifying them of this only 6 days later and in repeated correspondence they just keep giving me reasons they don’t have to give me a refund rather than reasons they shouldn’t. They basically just like money and d not care if they provide any value for it. I would seriously recommend that anyone else use any one of the many other pt software company’s PT minder being my favourite.

Good concept but needs improving asap

tom gwilliam
Its a good idea and could work really well.. but it doesnt save workouts very well as a template and seems to ‘forget’ a lot. Also as soon as you go out of sync with the workouts set by the trainer it stops counting workouts done/saved on a rest day so now it says I have missed most of my workouts. When I try to edit the workout half way through by pressing the top right button- as mentioned in the previous review it flicks back again which is really frustrating and takes about 10 attempts to stop it

Ok, had so much potential!

Gala Chopper
Just started my Online Personal Training business through My PT Hub. Been a good start, it’s allowed me to reach people far and wide. Clients are getting to grips with app.
The scheduler is causing the most problems as it’s very strict and won’t allow clients to move workouts to different days to work around their own life/schedule. If this could be an option the clients would be far more happier.
The nutrition log it’s self ok, few of my clients are using MyFitnessPal along side it. So I think the nutrition could be developed.
The macro calculator is good, don’t think you require to put the body type though, at the end of the day it’s all about calories.
Excellent exercise library, a lot of variation. Think there is an update coming to add in AMRAPs, tempo and reps and sets ranges.
Haven’t had much contact with customer service, did speak to someone at the start but haven’t heard from anyone since.

My PT hub

I am an active PT & with this app all my clients are using it with simplicity. Best PT app out there and definitely would recommend to all new PTs out there. It will make your life a lot easier with your business. Well done PT hub 10 out of 10 from me.

Adding food is so long winded

No where near as good as my fitness pal for tracking nutrition the training plan section is good though

Potentially god but a long way to go

This app has the potential to be good but it needs a lot of development. There are better training apps out there. From a clients perspective I find this more frustrating than anything. On numerous occasions it has completely lost my workout and stats and tracking progress is surely one of the basic requirements of the app?
The instruction videos are good.
Frustrating that you can’t save you workout as a draft it come out of it to use another function in the app like messaging your trainer without either losing the whole thing or saving half way through your workout.
A glitch in the system means it keeps flashing up the delete exercise function for no reason and it’s it seemingly impossible to get out of that screen. Very frustrating. Me and my trainer have given up and are moving onto a better app


Dee portebleaexonwheels
Make the schedules easier so you can create a schedule directly from the clients page rather than having to make a template
Give the option to duplicate the whole schedule
Also when editing diet/workout plans can you make it so that you have the option to “edit all” (I.e change the template) or “edit for this client”