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Welcome to the new app that makes job hunting easy. That’s how it feels to Love Mondays...
Whether you’re looking for your first job, a career change, a director-level role, a promotion or a part-time job - you’ll find a job you love on the reed.co.uk app.
All you have to do is search, swipe and apply.
With jobs available in locations all over the UK, from London to Liverpool, Manchester to Birmingham, Cardiff to Edinburgh - finding a job you love has never been easier. You’ll find vacancies from some of the world’s leading brands, from Amazon to Ocado, Sky to Boots, the RAC to AO - and lots more.
Don’t just take our word for it. Over a million job seekers have downloaded the reed.co.uk job search app in their search for work.
This is how it feels to Love Mondays:
Instant access to a range of vacancies
- Search thousands of jobs
- Choose from over 8,000 employers
- Over 5,000 new jobs added every single day
A simple way to search for jobs
- Enter your location and job title to get started in an instant
- Use our swipe functionality to easily save or hide jobs
- Customise your search with light or dark mode - whichever suits your mood!
A job search, personalised to you
- Receive job recommendations tailored to your profile
- Only see the jobs you want
- Adjust your search radius to find the job listings closest to you
Applying on-the-go:
- Quick and easy applications from your phone
- Apply from your job search results or from your saved jobs
- Review your profile and CV before applying
Being the first to apply. Every. Single. Time
- Receive notifications on the latest vacancies
- Sign up for job alert emails to make sure you don’t miss out
- View new vacancies added in your job search
Staying in control of your job search
- Create and manage your reed.co.uk user profile
- Upload your CV and apply with ease (and withdraw your application if you change your mind)
- Track which job listings you’ve hidden, saved or applied for
No matter what stage of your career you’re at, or where you’re based, you’ll be able to find and apply for jobs in an instant with the new reed.co.uk app.
Want to know how it feels to Love Mondays? Download the reed.co.uk app now.

What's New in Version 4.8

In this release, we've enabled you to add relevant skills to your Reed Profile, which will help Recruiters identify you for suitable roles.



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iOS 13.0 or later


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Version 4.8
Good stuff


Version 3.5.1002
Ok I am hsppy


maliniak 555
Version 4.7.2

Review submitted

Version 4.7.2
Keep up the good work

Frustrating featured adds

Version 4.7.2
I appreciate the “featured” adds, and that a company of some sort has paid to have these pushed to the front of everyone’s search, but scrolling through literally hundreds of jobs nowhere near your filtered criteria is just frustrating and pointless. Surely if I’ve filtered for jobs with 20 miles, I shouldn’t have, as mentioned earlier 100’s of jobs that are 100+ miles away from me that I have no choice that to scroll through.


jude okponkion
Version 4.7.2

Won’t open in older iOS

Version 4.7.1
My iPad can’t update to iOS 13. These apps need to be compatible with older versions. Not everyone can afford to replace equipment every 5 minutes and it is wasteful. A relatively straightforward app like this should carry on working. Now it is all greyed out with just the update message.

Why your application ask update!!!

sarmad nadem
Version 3.5.1030
Your app ask me update but I do not have ios 13, but download the latest version which is compatible with my old ios version, when I want open your app ask me again update! It is look like infinity cercle between apple store and your app, very very very bad

Smooth and comfortable with sort it. Highly recommend.

Version 4.6.1
Easy and not hard to pressure too much. Feel smooth with this site also very helpful to advocate any vacancies and cv scan from the library. I recommend it very satisfactory.


Altmufc 75
Version 4.6.1

Can’t update

Version 4.6.1
I have an iPhone 6 and the latest version of this app won’t download. Not everyone has a new phone and the makers ought to take this into consideration. Going to delete it now as it’s useless to me!

Not bad, easy to use

Version 4.6.1
Easy to use

The good and the bad!

Version 3.5.1030
The good:
Reeds app is a fairly easy app to use.
The bad:
The annoying thing about the app is it doesn’t give the precise job location and salary of a job before you apply for a job. So you can end up applying for a job that is not viable for you, just because you didn’t know those details. So you waste your time and the employers time.


acve R2;;
Version 4.6.1


Version 4.0.6
Hhhhg I!! Hi is j??(? C JH hi

Very good app for job searching

Tiff Nguyen
Version 4.3.0
I have tried a few apps to look for a job and this is my most favorite app so far.
The app allows you to save and update your CV which is very convenient. Whenever you look for a job here and choose to apply, they will send directly the CV to the employer themselves. I have not heard any news so far from the employer but they have a good system which help to save alot of your time.

Thank you Reed.com.uk.

Version 3.5.1030
I have enjoyed using this app for my job search. Very good.I recommend others unemployed to use the app.


Version 4.2.1
Why discriminate users? Now I’m not able to use the app, because it requires version 13 or higher.
You’re coercing people to buy new phones just to be able to update the apps? My phone is working perfectly fine, why should I change it?
Such a disgrace...

Don’t expect a contact back

Version 4.0.4
Well, app works great but after years using and and probably 1000s of swipes and not getting a single response back I deleted it

Good App

Version 4.6.0
Easy to navigate.

Best Online job site App

Got great job offers from applying through this app

Very poor

Version 4.0.3
Far too many external links.
Highly unprofessional to list jobs and expect interest but don’t publish a salary. This is an absolute basic.

Slow and glitchy

Version 4.4.0
Slow and glitchy compared to other job seeking apps

Repetitive Jobs

Version 3.5.1013
This App is rubbish. Today I have 290 jobs listed under my specifications, but all of them are from the same company advertising the same job in 4 different areas. As the jobs are “featured” they are listed 290 times! I understand companies pay to have their job adverts as “featured” to get more applicants, but why do Reed have to repeats this 290 times!


Version 3.3.1019
Absolutely terrible since the update. Will be deleting.

Reed App

Alz plugwalk
Version 3.3.1015
This app is the best I had numerous jobs apps like total jobs etc and never heard anything back when I apply just shows half the apps are fake with fake jobs!!! REED GIVES YOU REAL TIME VACANCY AND EVERYJOB I APPLIED FOR THEY ALWAYS GOT BACK TO ME !!! Everyone use this app it’s super easy and super fast!!!

Will use online only in the future

Version 3.3.1024
Gave me the wrong jobs. Spent ages refining the search and still got a list of self employed email and courier jobs. Going back to using my laptop

Don’t use the search criteria

Version 3.4.1000
Limit searching, a lot of recommended jobs have nothing to do with what your looking for. For such a big company the app is rubbish

Unless you want a job at Amazon don’t bother with this app

Version 3.5.1029
Scrolled endlessly through hundreds of listings for Amazon. I don’t want to work at Amazon. I got sick of trying to find the jobs I’m actually interested in. I’ll just stick to Indeed.

Essential feature missing

N/A 747382
Version 4.5.0
This app would be perfectly fine and functional, but it’s missing a modern essential.
It desperately needs a filter to select remote working as a location. Unfortunately with my circumstances, omitting this feature renders the app useless for me.

No reference to locality

Version 3.5.1015
Even though I’ve changed the filters to give me job searches within a 10 mile radius of my home, I’m still getting job alerts for positions 100’s of miles away. Waste of my time.

Rubbish app

Version 4.1
Simply rubbish - does not work

Could not believe !! How easy it is now search for jobs

Sai Anbu
Version 4.0.2
Hopefully they respond as quick as the App when we contact

Too many recycled jobs

Version 3.5.1027
Not this best

Great site

Version 4.2.1
Easy to navigate and apply for Jobs

New version is useless

Ever Orchid
Version 3.5.1016
Please go back to previous version
Stack view is essential for this to work as an app

Nez Oguzkan

nez oguzkan
Version 3.4.1003
Why does it not have the swipe function anymore?!!!

Awful App

Version 3.5.1006
Since the update i have stopped using Reed. The app was so easy to use before and now its terrible.

Better than it was

Version 3.3.1010
This latest update restores the brilliant multi-role search function, which was lost in a previous update, but it’s still not as good as it was a few versions ago. It does look a lot cleaner and modern though.

Better after latest update.

Version 3.5.1018
Revised review; (01/07/2021)
Better now it has multi role searching back, and the swipe to hide is nice.
A couple things it needs though.
Search radius from location as a search option, not just a filter.
Permanent hide posting company the fake roles that are training courses are getting out of hand…
Over all, up one star for the recent improvements but still a little way to go.
Keep it up!
Original review; (can’t remember)
Just switched from an S21 back to iPhone and the app is far less useful, no more multi role title searching, no more swipe left / right… Feels like a leap backwards to me… so will likely stick with the website over the app…

Time to go

Musical good times
Version 3.5.1014
No jobs sent for months as welfare rights. Health social care

Update is worse

Uber Customer dissappointed
Version 3.5.1008
Latest revamp of the app has made it terrible to use unfortunately

Changes do not save

Chris the Redeemer
Version 3.3.1005
Any changes I make to my information do not save. When I add a new CV it doesn’t save, I’ve tried changing my email address and it doesn’t save, so there’s no point in using the app because any prospective employers won’t be able to get in touch with me. So I won’t be using this app anymore.

Since the update it’s barely usable

Version 3.5.1007
So I have used this app and found it so user friendly for years.
Since the recent revamp it keeps bringing up loads of totally irrelevant jobs and changing the settings and search parameters is more effort than I can be bothered with.
Especially as all my preferences have been deleted with the update.
Think you guys may have just improved the chances for Indeed and Totaljobs.
Absolutely abysmal update

Why has it changed ?

Version 3.3.1009
Previously the app had a ‘tinder style’ ability to swipe left or right for jobs.
It’s now changed to just lists - this is far worse and if I wanted that I’d just go on my laptop. The old style reduced scroll fatigue and made the horrible job of searching for a role more interesting.


Version 3.5.1017
I don’t understand why this has changed - all the feature that made it easy to use now gone!

Awful update

Version 3.3.1016
I’m not sure why this was changed, the updated version isn’t user friendly at all. The old version was much easier to navigate. I’ll be given this a miss from now on I think!

New Update 2021

Version 3.5.1022
The new update is TERRIBLE!

Terrible compared to previous version

Version 3.4.1002
I don’t usually write reviews but this update is a major step back. The interface is clunky without the ability to easily swipe left and right on the card view (you now only have the list view).
You also have removed the ability to search multiple job titles, locations and salaries. You can only do this now as an email alert.
Bring back the old version!

Full of crap

Version 3.3.1001
There’s about 5 actual jobs on there the rest are for courses and training programmes that cost us money? I want to find a job so I can get an income not be the one paying out!

Great App

The App is very easy to use and the features that are most important such saving jobs and applying is very easy to get to and quite obvious in the user interface.
The way the adverts show with the tags also make it easy to understand what skills maybe required with full transparency on what adverts are featured and promoted.
What is especially good is the amount of options to filter and sort where there aren’t too many so it’s not confusing and quite a nice user experience which takes little to no time to get to role that are most relevant.
All in all a great App that makes it easy to find roles and apply that I’m most interested in.

Manipulative ads

Do you want a job?
Do you need to earn money?
Don’t use this app to try and find jobs then as these days it’s mostly pages of “featured” companies that are actually just advertising online courses. If you want to do those courses you can find exactly the same ones, far cheaper and without the misleading advertising elsewhere.
This used to be a very useful app for job hunting, but from what I’ve seen over the last few years it is only declining in quality.

Terrible, shocking and frustrating

v :sd
Every time I close the app then reopen it, it wipes my account. I open it, log in, then search a job, then apply. Then I have to reload in again - no account with this email. So, create a new account with my google gmail. Log in, search, get locked out, register again, search, etc. et.
Oh and just to add to the enjoyment, every so often, whatever I search for, whatever the location- the results are clinical nurses in London.
Completely and utterly useless on IOS Platform.

Almost impossible to find desired role

How on earth are you supposed to know what you’ll earn if most of the ads say Competitive Salary. Why is that even an option?!
Recruiters can advertise £10K - £60K roles making it impossible for you to locate a role with the desired salary, and there's no way to eliminate it from happening in the search field. Reed has to do something otherwise it's pointless searching when you get 3000 results come up and almost none are suitable.

Poor location settings

Absolutely shocking app. It consistently shows me jobs from miles away in places like Australia, Switzerland, Southampton and Scotland (I am in Cambridgeshire) despite me changing the settings every time I use it. It also logs me out every time, and struggles to recognise my log in details. I’m better off logging in on the website rather than using the app. Very poor performance, not worth downloading. Also fails to load my cv so I have no idea if it’s actually attached or not, or if employers can even see it. Only download if you want to be deeply frustrated and get nowhere in your job search. This is really poor Reed, I’m not the only reviewer complaining about this. Get it sorted!!

New app

The new app feels easier to use and I really hope that the difference between working from home in a broadly clerical manner and the common error of home working meaning a caring role in a residential home which is a completely different profession.
It has been the biggest bane of looking through the vacancies sent to me.

Me Eric

massge therpist
Hi there it’s good app but I didn’t not get the right job according to my passion of professional
I DONT know why people don’t like men’s massages.....it’s the big question ?
Second I have support massage diploma but I did not get the certificate I did pass it in high scoring marks with golden cup one please send me in at this my address ? PLEASE

Used to be great, not so good now

Michael Johnson DJ
Version 3.5.1030
I was a huge fan of this app until last year. It changed. I think it started to search for keywords in the job descriptions or something because the results were all over the place. I’m a UX Designer and was getting things like Staff Nurse returned as a result. Every day, most results were useless. I recorded data over a period of time and sent it along with screen shots to the developers, but they said it was working as it should and weren’t any help. I began to use CV-Library and Indeed instead and while they both had their issues at least they seemed to make sense. It’s such a shame because I think the interface is brilliant, but the functionality lets it down.


I’ve had this app for sometime now, I regret to inform you that it is not at all useful. My search is for example for administration radius of 30 miles from Southend-on-Sea. The results include vacancies for qualified nurses, care workers, reception with medical knowledge. I do not have experience in these fields. On occasion I may have experience and the app decides that I am not eligible. Also vacancies that are for Rochester or Sheerness are listed. Rochester is 37 miles away and Sheerness is 60 miles away. The perimeter in the search engine for distance calculation is specified incorrectly.
I will no be keeping the app.

Emma Murray

Version 3.5.1030
I have found Reed extremely accessible with the application procedure.
The choices & options available for job roles are also well listed.
I have downloaded the app & the notifications are informative & convenient.

Reed Coventry job agency

Very good tho couple of additions required, in filtering job titles any/all jobs within selected areas definitely required and also distanced from selected areas really needed badly as if I required a job in Coventry I don’t want to see employment from Birmingham or anywhere else apart from the areas I selected a few more thoughtful additional features needed tho really like the app and the employment agency very nice and certainly a whole lot better than every other job agency around. Nothing wrong with being nice to which this agency certainly is

Slow experience

Yusuf yoza
You need to make it easier to discard a job. Rather than going in to the job description and having to scroll all the way down, it should be a simple without having to go in to job description, swipe left to discard and to make it even better swipe right to apply. The experience is rubbish and so many irrelevant jobs to what I actually search for.


Good but annoying . On the site you can search for certain jobs on this app you can search for same jobs and none come up . It’s annoying . I see a job on another job board which clearly states reed I see you have to log in to reed but once in job is nowhere to be seen
Should show you what you are looking for instead if every single care job


Absolutely useless! What’s the point in writing what we are looking for if the jobs that this app shows on the search have nothing to do with what we want to search?! Write to search security officer jobs in London and it doesn’t show any security jobs and the ones that we want, never reply back, ever!!!!
Been reading the reviews and it looks like this issue has more than a year and still no one has fixed it...?!
“We are sorry that you have an issue, please email us and we are happy to assist” Dudes, we want jobs and spend time exchanging emails for interviews and not wasting time exchanging emails because of a useless app!

Easy to use - needs slight improvement

If the filters worked more accurately this would be the perfect app. It throws up vacancies that aren’t relevant to my search despite me inputting specific titles. This just makes it time consuming to search and the risk of missing a position when you’re discarding literally hundreds of irrelevant vacancies.
This aside, it’s a quick easy process once you’ve set your details and uploaded your CV and cover letter.

Impressively easy to upload CV from email attachment

Having emailed myself my CV earlier today from my laptop, I was amazed to see that I could very simply upload it via the app to apply for a role. Literally took seconds.
Thank you for making applying for a new job so much easier!


It doesn’t give you the option filtering location, literally the most important thing is not available. The app doesn’t offer the option to search by location at all, I’m trying to change it there are few nonsense filters which are never gonna be used until the location of the job is secured!

Couldn’t give zero so gave it a 1

Within minutes of registering with the app I was bombarded with junk email. I receive about 10 emails a day and most look dodgy (the sort that are full of spelling mistakes, asking you to click links which look as suspicious as anything. Having googled the recruiter names quoted in the emails many don’t exist). Appreciate some may have been genuine but can’t see through the crap. The app itself is poor. Terrible matches to my skills and roles that I am looking for. Poor layout. Stick with LinkedIn is my advice!

Easiest job app

I am currently spending a lot of time on job vacancy apps and Reed is the most user friendly by far. The fact I can swipe to save or discard a job which comes in matching my criteria makes everything so much easier and quicker.
They’re use of quick apply also means you are able to apply for some jobs with literally two taps on the app. No other job vacancy app is anywhere near this level of ease or speed. Two things which are obviously key when looking and applying for jobs.

Pretty poor functionality

The app does not tell you who the job you are applying for is with.
If an employer wants to know every little detail about you before revealing their identity, what does this say about them?
It seems difficult if impossible to sort the order of adds, Date posted? Date closing? Distance from your address? Cost/time of commute?
Needs some improvement to build an app more geared towards workers.

Almost perfect

Fair Dude 2
I welcome the approach of this site.
A little more description on the summary page would be a great help. I am having to go into the full description of ‘Project Manager’ roles to find out if they are relevant. The role could get another line of description on the summary page.
I also have more than one specialism, so have more than one CV. There is space to allow a choice of CVs to use for applications. It is very limiting to not have this option.

Too tech focussed and not people focussed

Version 3.5.1014
I miss the days of going to an agency, speaking to a human and registering for work. What happened to that option? No one seems to want to talk to candidates anymore. In fact I was told off for attempting human contact with one particularly arrogant consultant in a very large national agency.
Two weeks down the line and despite various attempts to get work, not even a single temp assignment !

Inconsisten procedures and tricky disclosure roles

Some of the advertised jobs can be applied for directly via this reed site but too many direct the applicant to a third party site , wwhich is a drag. Also, the site shares your cv and details with other companies with your permission unless you carefully check and apply some settings on the reed website which are not readily and clearly explained upfront. Annoying. Some of these other companies appear dodgy and fraudulent. And there is no obvious way to contact and complain to Reed and make them accountable.

Poor search settings

This app has potential but is let down by the automatic save system in the search options. If you search for let’s say “ delivery driver” and press search it comes up with nothing. You have to press ADD after you type it. Then if you delete delivery driver and search “ Gardener “ then click search it will bring up the delivery driver jobs again! This is because you have to edit the last search and remove it before a new search. It’s a lot of messing around for a job app, we’re other job apps like INDEED or Total jobs, are a lot better

Reed Recruitment App

This app is the perfect addition to your career hunting plan. The app makes everything so much more easier because you can get career alerts and view in stack mode and swipe left if that career path isn’t for you then click the heart if you like it and that will shortlist it for later or you can apply once your CV is uploaded straight away and then each time there after you can view job info then apply with one click of a button literally. As well if you need help creating a CV on their online website, it’s free and you can edit it and rearrange at your own pleasure, I trust Reed and other websites and apps, but they are truly a company to be respected. Thank You Reed :)

Modern, fun looking app with a lot of pitfalls

1. It looks good
2. It's easy to save, view and apply for jobs
3. The option to save your CV and apply with the click of a button is great
4. It has loads of jobs on there
1. The search feature is awful. You put in some search words which it saves but never let's you choose only one to search by without deleting your saved words. The indeed app is much better for this as it can remeber multiple searches (e.g. Finance manager in London and accountant in Manchester. Reed app will only there search for accountant finance manager in one place).
2. If your accidentally "swipe left" (yes that's a thing) then there is no way I can find of getting that job back on the app
3. Sometimes jobs come up in your search criteria that have absolutely nothing to do with the words you have searched for. Whether it not this is just a result of the awful search feature or not, I'm not sure
Conclusion :
Decent app but not to be used standalone, I.e. Without another app

App not working

Version 3.5.1008
Just tried to apply for two jobs and when I pressed submit, get a message saying something went wrong and to try again. Have now tried several times with the same result. Tried to send feedback to Reed, but this option is not working either ............


Frog addict1
Overall it does what it says on the tin. However, I’ve yet to get an interview for any job I’ve applied for. Also, living in South Wales the radius search includes western supermare, which as the crow flys is about 10 miles, but it’s actually over 70 miles. Also, when putting in the salary required, some jobs are nowhere near the amount required, or it’s commission based with OTE not the actual salary, or it’s even a franchise.

Great CV builder!!

Easy to use and simple to edit and re edit. Once you see a job your interested in, simply select APPLY and send your CV. You also have the option of including a cover letter. I also needed some advice from Reed and was able to speak to them about my CV content. 👍👍👍👍👍

App is unresponsive - my experience

Captain KMorgan
So there I was happily applying for IT Support roles and it was going great, the first use of the app after downloading it is a breeze and everything works great, however the same cannot be said for when the app is opened after that god like first use.
The app becomes hung up on loading your previous results then by some luck once that’s loaded and you go to search again and it doesn’t allow you to type or even select the box, I did find a rather fun trick, if the app appears to be frozen then double click the home button to go into multitasking view, then back to the app and viola the search box is selected, you still can’t type however.
What I’m trying to say is, I live near London and looking to work in the IT sector, do you need some help?
Kirt Morgan

Extra Feature Please

As others have said, easy to use app but would like to see a couple of tweaks.
1 - Add a min basic salary to search instead of combined OTE for sales related jobs.
2 - On the cards that I flick either left to delete it right to save, would be excellent to see whether “experience” is either “required”, “desired” or “not necessary”. This would save reading through job specs unnecessarily.

Fix it please!!

Updated the app today hoping it will fix the parts the last update broke but it hasn’t. On my iPhone 7, the app locks up if you ask it to do anything except job search- like open profile or change cv. It takes ages to open when you fire it up. It will not allow me to change my cv on the app, just sits with the 3 dots. Can not access my files on my phone to look for cover letters/cvs. Can’t apply for jobs on the app, will not save jobs on the app. Just locks me out all the time. Please fix it

So Broken

Such a shame when you see app’s brought out by reputable companies but they only do half a job. The app takes ages to launch and search. When you finally get the app to search with filters, it totally ignores the search criteria and displays what it wants to. Using the feedback and profile features causes it to crash and stop, just leaves you with 3 dots going up and down in the middle of the screen. Having uninstalled and re-installed 4 times, I have totally given up and moved to another job search app. If you want people to invest and use your company, invest in yourselves first, invest in the app and help others to use what your company is supposed to be providing a good service. Shame

The website is easier and better

There seems to be an issue where you can’t alter your original request - such as if you put in that you’re looking for an admin job within 5 miles of your postcode you can’t change it to anything or alter it if you’ve accidentally put the wrong range it etc, and if you can it definitely isn’t clear.
Seem to have difficulties with duplicates of the same job cropping up with I can find annoying.

Doesn’t let me apply to jobs

Reed will send me daily emails on new jobs that have been listed. Whenever I click on the link to ‘Apply Now’ it will re direct me onto safari or the app. However, when it actually comes to apply for the job, the app will never let me! The ‘Submit Application’ button will turn grey (even though I’ve filled in everything) or when I do get the chance to click ‘Submit Application’ it will take 10 minutes to “send” and then it will say “sorry application failed to send”.
The same problem occurs when I do it from safari too.
Extremely frustrating and would not recommend this app.


Sub par app that doesn’t deliver so far. Gives you a wide range of locations and sticks to one of the descriptive words. I’m searching local to my home or within 10 miles but it gives me locations too far away to travel and always seems to be for jobs I’m not qualified for or have no interest in. It shows you ‘place cards’ with a bin or like option and if there are 400 job ads you have to swipe left or right to bin it or like it. Think this needs to be deleted and rewritten by someone who knows what they are doing.

Not good for local jobs

This is ok if you have no ties and can leave your city but trying to find a job local when you can’t just drop everything and move away then this doesn’t work as the filters don’t let you choose local areas, so I can only give a low rating for this reason only ,

Best UK job app available

Ive tried all the UK job search apps and find reed to be a cut above the rest for a number of reasons.
It has a simple easy layout, doesn’t seem to have duplicate jobs, once you’ve seen a job a decided to discard, apply or save it’s dealt with and you don’t have to trawl through hundreds of jobs the next day.
Refining and filtering your job search is excellent allowing you to just search the whole of your area for any type of job or you can set up a job search with several different key words.

Why does the app apply for jobs on my behalf?

I have no issues with this app. As a job board and a link to recruiters, it works fine.
I’ve noticed recently that app applies for similar to other jobs I’ve applied for. I don’t know if this is a setting on the app.
It is a little annoying as I don’t need my CV going out when I’m not looking to change jobs.

Good but frustrating

The app itself works ok, although some of the jobs suggested are quite far away from my search.
The annoying part is having recruiters ring within a day of using the app. The app tells them your ‘actively looking’ for a new role. So don’t use the app to browse what’s out there.... unless you’re lonely and want a long chat with someone about a job that’s ‘perfectly aligned to your experience’ (which it won’t be).

Reed app

I have applied for numerous roles I am qualified for but have received only one call from an agency with a proposition outside London which requires language skills I had 18 years ago when I graduated but today are too rusty to be able to secure a good role with.
Roles in Surrey come up even though I selected a 10-mile radius.
Sometimes feels like applications end up in a black hole, but when you enquire with the agency directly you can make progress. I did contact an agency regarding a role I applied for and have subsequently signed up with them. Let’s see what transpires.
On the plus side, the app is easy to use, clear and provides a good way to show what’s on the market. Roles may come up that look relevant but wouldn’t have necessarily sprung to mind initially. Not bad.

Why the bad reviews?

Ben Bam
I literally do not understand why this app has such bad reviews. I’ve been using all the main competitors and this has to be one of the few platforms where you can really refine your search and not get a ton of other results for irrelevant jobs. And also it doesn’t seem to be swamped by duplicate job ads like other platforms
Easily the best platform currently definitely give it a try

Great and very simple!

The UI is good and easy to use, there are two ways the job listings between stacked and listed which is helpful for preference. Also I was wondering how I could adjust my email notifications before using the app and that's all available to edit. There are tabs for feedback and customer surveys which is great as this reminds you reed is open to improvements and review.
5 stars!

Doesn’t live up to the hype.

So considering all the fancy adverts that this company runs on TV and various other platforms I was quite excited to use this app and the reed website believing that I would be able to find something quickly. I am still unemployed. The app has a major design flaw. It doesn’t let you simply pick a location and shows you every job within X amount of miles to your location. You have to chose a job title or partial title. Then it just shows you jobs that match that title. But what if you just want any job? I’m looking for a decent earner between terms at University. What job title is there if you just want to be a staff member at Tesco or Spar? Or be a cleaner? I tried the broadest terms I could think of. Assistant, Service etc. All I get are unsuitable jobs. Teachers assistant, restaurant manager? Trainee this, trainee that. These are job offerings that are designed to lead into their own careers. I already have my career path in mind I just need something in between. I’ve only had the app for around a week but I’ve been using the website for months. Since downloading the app I have found 0 jobs that I could apply to. To apply a very simple metaphor to how poor this app has performed imagine downloading a game app that didn’t have any game with it.

Super easy to navigate, and lots of jobs to choose from!

Vic Clay
This app is very easy to use.
When you login, it asks you if you want to make your job search sector specific. Once you have filled this out, it brings up jobs within this sector and you can literally swipe right or left dependant on whether you are interested in the position. Like Tinder!
You can input different information on there, including salary, distance you want to travel, whether you are looking for a graduate top etc. It also shows jobs that are ending soon, so you know to apply as soon as possible.
There is career advice, a help section contact details for reed offices and a feedback option. You can also change your email settings if you want to increase or decrease email notifications. I think it’s great you can do it all from this app.
Hopefully I will be successful in my job search soon!

Needs landscape support

The app itself is good but it doesn't support landscape. I didn't even know that not supporting landscape was something developers of an app like this would be remiss to contemplate as “sensible”. They really demand that I hold my iPad to use their app. What if i have one arm? What if I've injured my shoulder and am wearing a sling? What if I’m sitting in a coffee shop with my iPad sat on a desk as i attempt to eat my lunch and search for a new job at the same time? Whoever is responsible for the “we will not support landscape” decision needs their position reviewed. Then they can use the Jobsite app to search for a new job.