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See your sleep stages — REM, deep, light — and discover your ideal bedtime.
Three daily scores — Sleep, Activity, and Readiness — give you a clear understanding of the state of your body with actionable guidance on how to stay balanced.
Find your balance between strain and recovery. Learn how your sleep, activity, and lifestyle choices affect your health each day.
View your daily, weekly, and monthly trends, and discover how your choices and environment affect your body.
Get a clear picture of your recovery by following changes and trends in your nighttime resting heart rate and heart rate variability.
Understand your health and your body’s rhythms by tracking daily and monthly body temperature variations.
Reach dynamic activity goals based on your readiness. Measure your daily activities, calories and steps, and monitor your inactive time.
Check in with your body using Oura's Moment feature. Get resting heart rate and HRV insights immediately after a guided meditation or breathing session.
Customize your experience by adding tags — like "caffeine" or "alcohol" — and discover how your choices affect your sleep and recovery.
Import workouts from your favorite fitness apps, and share your sleep and activity details, and mindful minutes with Apple’s Health app.
Get a more detailed view of your data with Oura's web experience. See advanced charts and download your data for a deeper analysis.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
Need help? Visit https://support.ouraring.com to browse FAQs, troubleshooting tips, or to contact our team.

What's New in Version 4.0.3

- Bug fixes & performance improvements



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Please don’t change to a subscription model

Dan Mehlig
Version 4.0.2
Shame that Oura have gone down this path.

Forcing upgrade by limiting functionality

Version 4.0.0
I love my oura ring and the business but I’m really disappointed you seem to have taken away guided meditations from the 2nd gen ring and app in what looks like a method to push people to get the new one.

Amazing little piece of tech!

Emy 'TJ'
Version 4.0.0
I want to start out saying a big THANK YOU!
I very rarely write reviews...but as I’m anticipating with excitement about my generation 3 ring coming through the post, I HAD to express my thoughts for anyone just finding out about this AMAZING little gem!
I am able to track my very active life and have rest when I truly need it.
I started out wearing it a few years back as a Personal Trainer and amateur athlete, and now I train less and work HARD as a farmer, which involves a lot of manual work, all day long. Sadly I have some health issues that make me very tired very quickly and cause me to be susceptible to bugs and stuff. However this ring, my life saver literally, has seriously helped by knowing when to rest...and it’s quite funny telling my partner “but my sleep wasn’t good, the app says so, I must take it easy today” or “I can see I over did it yesterday, maybe I need a lay in tomorrow morning” !
In all seriousness though, I needed to know these things as I was very unwell being so stubborn and needing to be active to keep my mind happy...but now I have my guardian Angel Oura ring guiding me to keep healthy in a way that I never need to guess now with my health.
So again...THANK YOU!


Version 4.0.0
I completely agree with Flawless , I get lots of comments on how nice my ring is and people are amazed when I explain what it is . I too chose the ring over ugly watches . If I wear any of my watches they are jewellery so my ring compliments my jewellery as well as keeping my stats for health and fitness and the accuracy is flawless .

Sneaky business practices

Version 3.14.1
I like the ring, but am posting this review as Oura has started to roll out sneaky business practices with planned obsolescence of the Oura 2 ring, reduced feature sets in the Oura 2 following release of the Oura 3, and stopping functionality up to 2 years from now (as a reference point, Apple gives 7 years for iPhones). This feels like a bait-and-switch, and I am deeply disappointed. I hope they’ll realise their mistake and roll back these changes, but until then, I would strongly advise against buying an Oura ring and getting into their ecosystem if this is how they treat their customers.


Version 3.13.0
Ring was working perfectly up until a recent app update and now doesn’t know am reading in bed before I sleep…..So I tend to get a latency reading which messes up my overall sleep measurement and advice! I guess I know that I was reading … but the ring used to as well 🤔

Great App and ring

Version 3.12.1
If you are looking for health tracking device as opposed to fitness tracker Oura is simply the best. Great form factor you forget it’s even there especially comfortable to wear during nights. The data it gathers is unparalleled. I won’t be without it.
App is great and smooth too. Love it


Version 3.12.0
This will be short and sweet-I highly recommend buying one of these rings because they are next level amazing. I guarantee you will not regret it.Congratulations to the team have put this together you guys have done an amazing job!

App inaccessible after latest update

Version 3.12.0
Hey Oura guys! Just trying to find out why my app just hangs when trying to “sync data” after the last app update? Not easy to reach you guys on your website with this issue, and not getting anywhere on the app… Please gimme a shout! I’m a big fan, but this is a bit irritating. Two days now I’ve been struggling.

Beautiful tech

Version 3.12.0
This ring is a fabulous health tracking tool providing excellent data. I’ve had mind for nearly 3 years now and the wealth of data it provides is unmatched in my view.

A Truly Great Company

Version 3.11.1
The oura ring is a fantastic product. Pricing is fair, and it always works.
I have not had a single hiccup with the ring yet, it charges easily & quickly, feels un-intrusive and has helped me to improve my life.
Thumbs up from me. 👍

Great piece of kit

Version 3.0.0
The Oura Ring only requires charging once every five days, it can be worn and forgotten about without any distractions and allows me to wear my favourite watch (all issues I have encountered with other wearable tech - chest bands / watches etc.). The app is simple enough to provide a quick overview at a glance but with sufficient depth to satisfy more detailed study.


Version 3.6.1
I have had an Oura ring for over 4 years. I was one of the original early adopters of the hideous first generation ring! Never really got around to writing a review, until now.
(1) I have had quite a long spell of covid, I am still recovering from it. The ring is really invaluable in this period. I’ve turned it to rest mode so it doesn’t try to get me up exercising.
RHR, HRV, respiratory rate, sleep quality and of course body temperature are incredibly useful to track during Covid and it has helped me and my doctors make the right decisions throughout this period.
(The only essential data missing is oxygen saturation, but I have a cheap device that measures that)
(2) My ring stopped charging recently and Oura replaced the ring for free without making any fuss, I didn’t even have to ask for it, they offered. This is incredible customer service.
Thanks Oura!

Best sleep tracker out there

Version 3.5.0
This is an amazing piece of kit. So stylish to wear, not bulky.
I love that I can track my sleep in fine detail.
I’ve tried all the health trackers and this one is by far the best for reliable accurate results.

Ring stopped working after update

Version 2.5
Really disappointed with support after my ring stopped connecting to Bluetooth and battery levels dropped after latest firmware update (which was unsuccessful as well). Generic response pointing me to FAQ after submitting support ticket and no further response when requested. Not good enough.


Version 2.7.3
Now I don’t normally do reviews unless I’m moved to do so. But it was only in reading another review whilst upgrading the app software that I realised something. The ring and app are flawless. I realised yes, I too have not had any bugs, no app issues, no rebooting or resetting. 12 months on, the ring is just taken for granted and just takes what seem to be the most accurate and meaningful data in any wearable. It’s not a fitness tracker per se, but the recent upgrade to recognising activity was smooth and welcomed. The sleep tracking is world class and the readiness score matches the whoop band I had, with no bulky wrist worn tech. The rest function is excellent when you need it and to me Oura just do what they do incredibly well and it’s as if day by day my body is just kicking out stats, so unintrusive is the ring to wear. Would I like to be able to see my heart rate when exercising? You bet.... but that’s nit-picking. I’ve worn Fitbit, whoop, Garmin and Samsung tech. This was the best switch I ever made. Beautiful tech beautiful app.

Life changer

Declassified Podcast
Version 2.5.3
Amazing software that has quite literally change the way I live my life (for the better).

Why mess with good things

Version 3.7.0
Love my Oura ring and all the insights in the app, it has been really great to make adjustments to my lifestyle to improve my readiness for the day, however... there have been several updates over the past few months that make the app much harder to read. Since the graphs were changed to a while line on a black background I can’t look at them now as it physically hurts my eyes. Now the blue has changed from a turquoise that worked to a harsh blue that is too much for my eyes and the font is now blurry for me as a result of the colour change. These changes will make me look at the app less now and question whether I will continue with Oura sadly. It is only worthwhile having if your eyes can spend the time studying the data to make the changes, I can’t now. Very disappointed.
Developers- please consider that not everyone can handle white on black and that not colours are easy to read on black. You are creating more eye strain for people which isn’t good. For a company promoting health this has sadly been overlooked/ ignored.

Issues with connecting the ring

Saulius V.
Version 2.5.1
I've been in love with my ring for a while, however since recently I can't connect to it without the charger. Also the battery seems to drain in minutes (I did a check where I would put the ring on and off the charger and every time I would take it off - the battery almost halved). I suspect it's due to a faulty software update. Will revert this one star review once the issues are fixed because currently my oura is unusable.

Broken in a week?

Version 2.8.2
It just stopped recording my activity... despite being fully charged?

Inaccurate sleep times

Version 3.7.2
I hate to knock this as I am all for the product and what the company stands for. However, having used the ring for a year now I have had the same issue from the start -
The ring consistently shows very poor REM sleep and over an hour of wake time every night, leading to poor scores night on night. This awake time I know to be incorrect as I never have any recollection of waking and have never been noticed awake at night by my parter.
Having been in contact with customer services multiple times since getting the ring I have always had the same response. This is just that they strive for accuracy and to go and read an article on REM sleep. This really is no help at all as I know I do everything right (having read it multiple times) and also wake up most mornings feeling refreshed.
Unfortunately due to my experience of the ring and customer services I cannot recommend anyone buying the ring.

I value my ring and like the app

Version 3.10.0
There is in depth information on your sleep. With trends to add o more depth and context
It will show overnight HRV, HR, when it lowered, temperature and amount of sleep in deep REM etc. It has helped me manage my health condition which causes poor quality sleep better, although it’s still hard.
2 annoying things.
1) the app doesn’t rotate
2 ) I can’t make my own tags which I would have expected for such a high end product.

Not convinced

Version 3.2.1
Don’t find it especially accurate at monitoring sleep times. You can however trim the data when it over estimates. Pity you can’t manually add sleep time that it has missed. Also disappointing that it only records heart rate during sleeping hours. The activity tracker is fairly unconvincing too.

Mr Ben Crowe

Version 2.8.3
The ring is great , sleep tracking need too be improved and connect ability with other devices ie Lumen , garmin and sunnito watch . The ring is tough . It would be nice to have a better heart rate function too amd too track naps in the day

Great ring and awesome app

Version 3.3.0
Very intuitive changing it’s advice with your metrics. Really useful and implementable advice!

Good and getting better

Version 3.11.1
I love the tech and learnt so much about my sleep quality and what affects it.
The recommendations can be quite random. But this is a work in progress. It’s not like I expect have a scientist next to me all day.

Best Investment If You Are Serious About Sleep

Version 3.5.0
Wearing this won’t fix your sleep, but you’ll get enough data so that you can work out what to do to optimise it. Highly recommended

Sleep Coach in Your Pocket

Charlotte Stebbing
Version 3.2.0
Oura is a great tool, my sleep and training has improved drastically since using it. Th am you!

Recent update prevents adding activity start and finish time

Version 3.4.1
I’ve downloaded the most recent update and now can not adjust the time to indicate the start and finish time of additional activity/workout..help..!

Sync problem

Version 2.11.0
Got my ring 3weeks ago. Worked fine for 3 days. It stopped connecting to the phone . Tried all the help provided by Oura on the troubleshooting... without success. After a short emails exchange they’ve sent a replacement. Works fine now and I’m very happy with the new insights into the importance of sleep and recovery.

My most important app and piece of tech

Version 2.8.0
The Oura ring and app are incredible. As an entrepreneur and someone into fitness & well-being this app helps to keep me balanced, energised and present. I have struggled with over working and over training as my enthusiasm gets the better of me, and as I got into my late 30s I found it harder to be aware of when I was constantly doing too much which negatively impacted my performance across all areas. The Oura app and ring helps me to see patterns of negative behaviour (over training, working too late, eating at times that impact recovery and sleep) and helps me to me more balanced across multiple areas (work, family, friends, etc).
Also, when my first ring stopped working during lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic they sent me a replacement in a couple of days free of charge. Amazing customer service.

Great app and ring - but could have more features and interpretations directed towards women

Version 2.0.1
I love my Oura ring and the app and it helps me track my sleep and gives a lot of interesting information, but I wish that the team could develop some more features or analyses geared towards women.
As a woman I’ve noticed my sleep is affected by my cycle and I’d love if the app took this into account when it gives the analyses to help with that as well. Also as my basal body temperature changes throughout the cycle (which is a natural process) it is a bit frustrating when Oura tells you you should take it easy (when women in fact tend to have more energy around ovulation when temperature initially increases).
So perhaps get some women on board on the project? You’ll probably increase your market massively (also sell some rings with slightly more female design) if you’d also take the other 50% of the population into account (although that populations measurements will be slightly more complex due to their hormones but I guess an algorithm where one takes the shifts into account could figure that out relatively easily).
Thanks for a good product anyway :)

Good functionality. Poor aesthetics.

Abu Kimo
Version 3.5.1
I was among the first groups who ordered the pilot ring. Now that was a beautiful stunner. It looked great and it felt great. The upgrade you did makes the ring look cheap and tacky. You should offer buyers a choice between the Darth Vader model and the clingy silver one.
As for data, you’ve done a great job with the improved app and the amount of information it provides.
I like the fat free details which are simple and straightforward.
Please bring back the classical original model or improve the looks on the current one.

Great sleep and readiness monitor

Version 3.9.2
Would have been five star except for
- HRV not that user friendly to understand
- don’t get why it doesn’t make more use of tags to inform the readiness description, especially alcohol which has such a direct impact

No “current “heart rate monitor

Version 2.5.4
The ring is very good at showing your sleep patterns but is to big , thick and clumsy to wear all day or while working .
I cannot wear it while riding a cycle as it cuts into your hand while holding the bars . Look at other options .
You will , like me be disappointed it cannot show you your heart rate while exercising only a graph at the end of your sleep

Battery issues

Version 2.9.1
Since the new firmware my battery depletes in a few hours, even in airplane mode. I’ve been in touch and am awaiting warranty advice. However my son suggested I reset it and reinstall the app and the ring as a new one. I’ll report on the outcome tomorrow. After one hour on normal mode it’s now on 95%. Fingers crossed.

Data what it says the lid

CPA London
Version 2.10.2
Unobtrusive, effective, integrates well with other apps including Apple Health. Format is easy to understand (Wattson Blue is great but you need a day to work out what it’s telling you) comparable with Garmin Connect app (I would rate Garmin as slightly better). Good explanations of what the readings indicate.
It has changed my habits, especially with regards to sleep, which is what it’s about.
Excellent customer service. I lost 15% of my weight during lockdown as part of a health drive and was surprised that this included getting thinner fingers (who’d have thought!). Oura exchanged ring without a quibble when I explained, although some weeks after purchase.
Anything that could be improved?
If the ring had a vibration feature to indicate inactivity or achieving a goal; with iOS 14 having gauges or meters to see your progress (if that’s possible since iOS 14 hasn’t been released yet); integration with a food app to give an all-in-one place app for your metrics.

Best Wearable Ever

Version 2.10.0
I’ve found this app so valuable

Link with training apps

I love oura but it would be fantastic if it would link to training peaks or Strava or at least you could enter exercise post dated and not just on the day.

Best trackable I’ve used

Worth it just for the hrs sleep tracking. Plenty of things to track and see!!! Very worth the investment!

I do not like the new design

Please Oura
Bring back the old design. The new design spreads out all info over many screens. I know that is fashionable for some people who have lots of time to waste on scrolling between a lot of screens with very little information on. I don’t need a daily “timeline view”
But a lot of us ONLY want to know all our data in one compact screen. I want to know - How are my data today - how are they compared to yesterday - and how do they compare to last week/month/year. I don’t want to jump between 10 screens to get the valuable data history/comparison.
So please maybe make an option - fancy display - or compressed data display. And make it user selectable. Simple toggle on first page would be great.
This latest update has made me consider if I really need the ring at all as my watch is almost as good as Oura now.
Apart from that - Oura notifications for charging .. Can you please make them more logical ? I keep getting “please remember charge your Oura” at 9 to 11pm - which usually means I don’t get it charged that day.

Flawed Activity Tracking

This device is a great sleep tracker - but that’s it in my experience.
Here’s why: Every day the app sets my activity goal at 450 calories. Most days I meet this goal by around 8am (usually after walking my dog). By the evening I’ve doubled that amount or, if I do a workout, trebled it.
Repeat this for a few days and the “Recovery Time” measure under “Activity” huts zero. This drives down the Activity score which in turn drives down the Readiness score. All because the app decides that you’ve been too energetic.
I contacted Oura and they said to just take the ring off when you exercise. Kind of defeats the objective...???!!!


Love the new App update and visual changes. Wear my Oura Ring 24/7 and love the insights it gives me about my Sleep, Activity and Health!

Last app versions crashes

App crashing on log in

Love it but

I absolutely love my Oura watch but I feel it really should include heart rate so one wouldn’t need to input activities manually. Most of the activities I do are not tracked by Oura like spinning and strength training classes and I feel we would get a much more accurate result if it could also detect heart rate like all the other gadgets out there. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much Olivia

Superb app to go with the ring

After using Oura for 10 weeks it has surpassed my expectations. The app is excellent & way better than I could have imagined. With my N of one study it seems very accurate. I believe it the most accurate sleep tracker out there.
In the current climate it is a good early warning sign of contracting a virus. If I see my average temperature overnight rise by one degree Celsius (rather than the +/- 0.2) I will assume I am incubating a virus. It has been useful in ruling out Covid-19 when I felt a bit sluggish a week or so ago.

Steps and calories from Apple Health is not imported

The app can only import workouts, but other calories and steps are not imported. This way readiness and activity will always show incorrect results for those who don't use the ring during the day.

Waste of money

This is not any better than the simplest Fitbit. It tracked me sleeping soundly when I was turning and tossing for hours. Well, I guess everybody knows whether they slept well or not. In any case this ring will not tell you even it churns out the most beautiful charts.

Latest update broke my ring

All was fine with iPhone XR until the latest update. Now i’m have issues. The have contacted you all already but i’m hoping that if i leave this review you’ll do something about the last firmware update.

Phenominal piece of technology

Simon A - Gen
I like wearing nice watches and yet I also wanted to do some basic wellness tracking. I looked at both Motiv and Oura as the leading providers for alternative wellness tracking and I decided on Oura. This was due to the longer battery life and what I perceived to be more advanced sensor technology. I’ve now been using my Oura for nearly a year! Wow! I’m a technologist and this impresses, it works like flawlessly! I’ve never had an issue, the latest IOS release did introduce some connectivity issues but within a few days an update was released. The ring fits will and whilst a little less subtle than I would like it’s garish. Anyone who asks about the ring is blown away when I tell them what it actually is. The data I’ve found to be accurate and consistent. And rather than the constant notifications the app and ring give nudges, my lifestyle doesn’t mean I can make radical changes. This however provides guidance based on current and past metrics. It just helps be be that little bit better, drink a little less, sleep a little more, be a little more active than I might be on some days and try to relax more on others. It’s called bio hacking but I see this as simple informed guidance. The hardware has never gone wrong, the app has always worked and been responsive. My greatest fear is that it works so well the company revenues will not enable them to continue to invest and support existing customers. I couldn’t recommend Oura more highly I’ve been mightily impressed and I still am a year down the line.

Excellent device

Love the ring and the app. Helps me know when to take it easy and when to challenge myself. Has helped me adopt better sleep hygiene too. Thanks Oura I’ve been a fan since being an early adopter many years ago as an initial Kickstarter investor. Much love and respect!

Very impressive hardware and software

It is hard to find faults the Oura product and service. Having tracked their development for years, it is obvious that they are a product-first company. This means that both their hardware and software are excellent and the customer experience of using the ring & app daily is actually a pleasure. The main areas of improvement now are in the advice, information, and dissemination of Oura collected data.
After 5 months, I have yet to encounter any app bugs or crashes, and only after a week long holiday have I needed to think about charging the ring (place it on the charger during my morning shower). I have scratched the ring a little but there’s no impact on it’s function, I wear it while swimming, cycling, and playing ice hockey.
Hands down the best complete package for a subtle and screen-less smart wearable device that actually produces accurate and actionable information.

Apparently good hardware with mediocre app

Apparently the tracking for sleep with this app is top notch, and the insights such as heart rate variability is quite unique.
However, when I compared the stats accessible to that of my friends Garmin, it looks like there could be a million other things you could have access to.

Great sleep tracker excellent feedback and stats

I’ve been looking for something that is accurate, gives me all of the stats I need and is easy and comfortable to wear to bed. This hits each of those needs. App is excellent, easy to use and I get all of my data available online through the portal too. Keep up the good work!

Works perfectly

Daz Jones Fitness
I have had no issue with data loss at all. I keep the ring in flight mode and upload every other few days. Very insightful and reliable. I wouldn’t be without it. Having not experienced the old app I have nothing to complain about and find it quite intuitive to use

Almost perfect

The ring is easy to wear. The app is attractive and easy to use. But, steps are overestimated, in comp. to apple watch, and cards sometimes contradict each other so p e part of app says training level perfect and another that you over did it. Company has a v good reputation for constant updates and fine tuning so I'm sure this will get ironed out. Certainly greatly helped me to get more sleep overall and more deep sleep since I'm paying attention to the issue and can see what works for me. If you are having difficulties sleeping, personally I've found Bose slerp buds very helpful.