KORG Gadget 2

KORG Gadget 2

Released: 2014-01-23
© 2014-2023 KORG INC.
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Version 4.8.1
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Version 4.8.1
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Released: 2014-01-23
© 2014-2023 KORG INC.

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Evolving to the next generation. Quickly and intuitively turn your ideas into music.
KORG Gadget 2 - The best music production software.
KORG Gadget has received numerous awards from around the world:
• Apple: "App Store Best of 2014" in Japan
• #1 in the Top Paid Music iPad App category*
• TECH AWARD 2015 "Best Music Production App"
• MusicTech's "Gear of the Year: Best App" Gold Award
• “Musikmesse international press award 2016” Mobile Music App
* USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and much more!
KORG Gadget is the best all-in-one music production software and plugin collection; the intuitive user interface provides over 40 small synthesizers and drum machines called “Gadgets," that you can freely combine for music production. Starting with the award winning iOS edition, followed by Gadget for Mac with its powerful plugin collection, now the Gadget plug-ins are now Windows compatible." With carefully selected parameters and at-the-ready sounds/presets, you can now use various powerful gadgets with your favorite DAW on your Mac/PC.
With improved sound and utility efficiency, the second generation KORG Gadget 2 has been further enhanced to include six new gadgets. In addition, the intuitive user interface has been polished to improve ease of use. With the new design, you can now check the status of each track at a glance, an additional four new IFX have been included and you can now smoothly change the tempo as well as fade in/fade out. You can complete your music without losing inspiration, doing all of your work with KORG Gadget 2.
• Updated and jam-packed with new features.
The second edition KORG Gadget 2 has been dramatically updated; packed with new features and new gadgets. With a brand new design and color scheme on the main screen, you can easily check each track at a glance. The highly requested feature to smoothly change the tempo can be set with each scene. With the touch of a button, you can fade in/fade out. Four new IFX are included - feedback reverb, enhancer, exciter, and saturator - extending the range of your music production. KORG Gadget 2 continues to evolve to completely support your music making.
• Instrument collection with over 40 gadgets.
Overwhelming sound. Breakthrough qualities. The KORG Gadget 2 has more than 40 gadget instruments in its collection, including compact synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, audio, MIDI utilities and more. In order for anyone to be able to easily find the sounds they want, we have provided sophisticated parameter configurations, so you can instantly realize your ideal sound. Powerful gadget groups such as electronic music, rock, pop, jazz, and even band sounds are available. Among the various gadgets, you can always find the sound that you're looking for.
• Link with hardware for infinite possibilities.
With KORG Gadget 2, it is possible to flexibly link with various hardware devices. Produce music with hardware synthesizers, rhythm machines, etc in ways that were not possible until now. By entering a phrase into the intuitively operated gadget sequencer, and using the newly added Taipei gadget for a seamless connection with various MIDI devices, you can connect without software. Have even more fun than before while producing music with KORG Gadget 2.
• Use with your favorite device, anytime, anywhere.
KORG Gadget can be used with iOS, Mac, via plug-in (Mac/PC), and Nintendo Switch. On iOS and Mac, you can share your ideas by seamlessly using iCloud or an Ableton Live*1 project, and using plugins in your favorite DAW; for Nintendo Switch, share seamlessly via QR code. *2 Wherever, whenever inspiration strikes, you can use you favorite device to take your KORG Gadget with you.
More info at korg.com

What's New in Version 4.8.1

• Sound Expansion for KORG Module "Dreampop" can now be used with KORG Gadget. After purchasing the sound expansion through the KORG Module apps, it are available through Fairbanks gadget.
• KORG Keystage MIDI Controller support.







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Rated: 4+


iOS 11.0 or later


iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone SE (3rd generation), iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPad (5th Generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (6th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro, iPad Pro (Cellular), iPad Pro (9.7-inch), iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (Cellular), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (10.5-inch), iPad Pro (10.5-inch) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (11-inch), iPad Pro (11-inch) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air, iPad Air (Cellular), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 (Cellular), iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad Air (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini Retina, iPad mini Retina (Cellular), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 (Cellular), iPad mini 4, iPad mini 4 (Cellular), iPad mini (5th Generation), iPad mini (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (7th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air (4th Generation) (Wi-Fi), iPad Air (4th Generation) (Wi-Fi + Cellular), iPad (8th generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (8th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th Generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (9th Generation), iPad (9th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini (6th Generation), iPad mini (6th Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air (5th generation), iPad Air (5th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11-inch (4th generation), iPad Pro 11-inch (4th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th generation), iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (10th generation), iPad (10th generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPod touch (6th Generation), iPod touch (7th generation)


English, Japanese

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Ratings & Reviews

4.7 of 5 (808 Ratings)

App Store: Customer Reviews


After years of use

I used gadget for years and made some of my best music with it. It is fun to use.The downside it is a close system, but it really has everything you need. The insert fx are not so great but do the job, and the gadgets themselves come with some decent fx. True to Korg’s name they seem unable to make a good sounding Chorus :( apart from that all ok.
Version 4.8.1

Let down by ..

Let down by being a restricted closed system.
Version 4.8.1


greatest little synths an superb sound system
French boy jester


Surely the best compositional programme in my armoury. I use Gadget 2 literally every day…sometimes for hours!
Version 4.1.0


This is one of the greatest DAWs I’ve ever used, it adds so much value to your production. There are some stuff buy and regret later but I can tell y’all I never regret buying and therefore would recommend it to everyone out there peace and love❤️✌️
Version 3.6.0

Sam hdr

Best thing On a phone
sam hdr
Version 4.6.5

Great app but they make you pay twice

Had it on the iPad. Decided to buy the Mac version only to find that some of the instruments aren’t able to be used in the Mac.
So I had to keep an iPad to still use the instruments I already had.
Then realised some of the instruments I have in the Mac I can’t use in the iPad.
It doesn’t matter how much money you spend they make you pay more even as a loyal customer.
I was actually told that I wouldn’t have any problems if I bought a Mac (I wanted to sell the iPad).
When I pointed this out they didn’t apologise and basically said - tough.
Version 4.6.25

Amazing, but not without some major flaws

I’ve been using Gadget 2 for years now. I’ve fully composed, mixed and mastered tracks with it, and no one ever could guess they were made fully on Gadget unless I told them. It’s hands down the best, most straightforward and musical app to compose tracks. Not to mention the amazing add ons you can buy giving you access to iconic KORG synths alongside their great standalone apps. They’re often on sale too. I have bought in the KORG ecosystem big time without regret, including the Nano Key which makes composing on Gadget a truly musical and fun experience. For anyone who hates to make music with a mouse and keyboard, feeling like that just kills their inspiration then this is for you. Having tried many alternatives I haven’t found anything that comes close. If this app had AUv3 support it would steamroll every other iOS groovebox and DAW. Unfortunately it doesn’t, and that is SUCH a shame. It would honestly be hands down my favorite DAW across all platforms with a few fixes. The automation implementation as an example which is clunky at best. The LACK of an undo button, why? The send reverb, which, whilst being nice to have it, just sounds tinny at best. It would also be great to have more sends like a delay, or just a flexible return track system. Trying to make any track that doesn’t follow the grid or isn’t quantized that closely is pretty clunky too. A linear song mode instead of loops would be great for that. Still, it’s the app I come back too all the time. It helped bring a multitude of tracks from start to finish and whilst sometimes I had to export to other apps like Cubasis to access some functions Gadget doesn’t have, it’s undeniable Gadget inspired me to make more music. In fact I’ve accidentally inspired friends to get into it after showing them the app. It’s just inspiring, and for that it remains an amazing app to this day.
Ghost of Dev Past
Version 4.0.2

Desperately needs AU3

Lots to recommend Gadget. But sadly is lagging way behind in terms of usefulness and relevance due to not having AU3 compatibility. Add that and the app has a whole new lease of life for years to come.
Version 3.6.2

Great app for instant creation

I am really enjoying this app. I love how immediate everything is. Nice and simple to use. I’m just trying to figure out if you can sample into it though. It would be great if you can take recordings from Zurich and chop them up using one of the samplers. If that’s already possible please can somebody from Korg let me know. Not sure if I get notified for responses to this. Great app loving the sounds.
Jaz Brannon
Version 4.5.4


How do I share a project with my writing partner?
Not stems.
Not a mixdown.
The ACTUAL project.
I can’t believe Korg have left such basic functionality out.
If there is one thing this app would be perfect for, it’s collaboration, but no.
It’s the Korg way or the highway.
One star.
Version 4.6.10

End of life

Needs AUV3 fx and synth compatibility
Just a cash cow now, shame all innovation has stopped for this product :(
Dave Magoo
Version 3.5.0

Watch your battery

Destroys your battery as "background use"
10,000 Angry Vegans
Version 4.5.5

Metronome volume control essential

Please put a volume control on the metronome ....please, please, please! Stops me using this wonderful app. I know there are workarounds but it is super annoying after all these years and show developers just not listening as so many people have asked for this. So so many people would like this request and i just can’t believe that the developers STILL do not listen.
Version 3.5.4

Lacking export options

Hard to believe the only way to share projects with Ableton Live is still only via Dropbox and iTunes.
No files app integration, no share options such as Airdrop.
Come on Korg, it’s 2022, please update your software.
Version 3.5.2


Version 3.5.1

Still the best

I gave a previous harsh review as I was frustrated that Korg seems to have given up on the iPad and are only releasing new sound packs. While I would still like to see the wonderful Korg synths and even the gadgets as AUv3’s, gadget itself is still a very creative production environment and the synths are the best sounding.
Even allowing AUv3 effects to be loaded in gadget would be massive as that would open up so many more options.
I hope we will see a Gadget 3 someday.
Version 4.6.16

Great, but…..

…. When recording into another app (GarageBand, Cubasis 3) there is always a short delay before the recording starts. I have tried routing through Audiobus and AUM, tried every setting that effects latency, recorded into GarageBand and Cubasis, nothing has changed the short gap, it’s always there. Please devs look into this. I love sketching ideas in Gadget but want to record into another DAW to add record vocals on the go. This delay makes this very annoying as I always have to correct it after r3cording.
Version 4.6.20

Life Changing 😅

Have quit my job in politics and filed for a divorce so I can be with this app 24/7 😂
pixy the realistic guy
Version 4.6.4

Excellent mobile DAW

Originally purchased this to sequence some external gear via USB MIDI after getting annoyed with clunky hardware sequencers. It performed the role of midi sequencer flawlessly for me when attached via a USB multi hub, think I only had one issue with a stuck note once. The touch interface works really well for editing the piano roll, more so with the Apple Pencil as it allows you to really get in there and make fine adjustments.
I’ve started using the app more and more standalone as a way to quickly input ideas I have on the go, it is excellent in that respect too. You have loads of tracks to play with and a simple but serviceable mixing interface with some basic effects thrown in. It has replaced my hardware Grooveboxes for that role completely, paired with a external MIDI keyboard + pad controller it’s really enjoyable to play and edit with!
Version 4.7.3

Perfect for catching your inspiration

I don’t currently have access to any of my pro music gear, just an iPad and some music apps. Korg Gadget is far and away the best all-in-one music production app out there. It definitely leans towards the electronica/EDM end of the spectrum but that’s ideal for a synth head like me. Great synths, samples and effects all in one place and a very straightforward pattern and song sequencer.
Version 4.6.2


I had gadget 2 installed on my iPad ,I brought a few of the gadgets ,brought the Darwin extra sound packs ,brought the sound packs for the ids 10 too, my son broke the iPad and now I can’t redownload my gadgets with Wi-Fi transfer ,it’s impossible to get in contact with korg ,I would like a refund or to be able to restore my paid for items ,they are expensive and I don’t want to spend the money again ……
Version 4.6.24

korgs cash cow

added nothing but back catalogue of naff 80’s sounds for last 4 years.lame and lacking innovation.shamful,as one man band outfits put out better user friendly updates then korg.
Version 4.6.32


Can I get my money back?
Quest ration
Version 3.3.2

Super good - even on an iPad2

When this first came out, there were lots of promises and it was a bit clunky. Zoom forward and it's a different story. You can automate easily (even if curve drawing is a bit freehand) and I have used it to control my vintage Wavestation SR. Works a treat.
One reason for four stars is the loop/song switching. Much better to use existing track building system on the MS 20 app ? Also there is no export to Gadget for MAC ?
Otherwise buy it. No regrets for sure.
Tangier Pete
Version 4.6.14

Simply Incredible.

I have been using this app since it’s first ever release. It’s insane. The things you can make…
Version 4.7.0

Love it, but it not without some bugs.

It’s by far the best music app on the App Store, better than cubasis and all the others i have tried (and its almost all of them), but there are some bugs, gadget featured music in the cloud is 5 years out of date, also Bilbao has issues recently with saving samples to new user banks, but those created prior to recent updates were working fine, im sure they will fix these things eventually, some are more important to fix than others.
Version 4.6.3

Room for improvement, but still fun app.

I like it. Would be good if it had more distortion and effects.
Version 4.6.29

Just the best

Can’t believe how powerful this wee DAW is. So much crammed in.
Version 4.6.21


I am amazed at the power and quality of this app. It really is brilliant: easy to use and sound fantastic! If only there was an easy way to share the Gadget 2 project files with other people on iPad. Sharing audio and/or MIDI files doesn’t preserve the automation. Also, there is a bug with the M1 iPad Pro where the app stops playing audio sometimes.
I have started using the Mac version of Gadget and also export projects to Ableton. My new workflow is to sketch ideas on Gadget on the iPad and then export to my Mac to complete the project on Gadget and Ableton.
Liberty Mahalakshmi
Version 4.0.3

Used to enjoy gadget

I was excited to try gadget on new iPad Pro 2021. It worked well enough on my older iPad.
However for me it’s completely broken now. Tracks crash regularly and no instruments or sound will come out. Sometimes resetting app will work in options, many times have to completely restart iPad.
Have tried redownloading it as well.
Until it is fixed do not buy this app if you own new iPad. I have bought many extra gadgets and now it is unusable for me.
If it worked I’d have given it 4/5 stars
Version 3.7.1

Big red Gadget 2 (recording) bar at

The top of screen that won’t go away even though I’m not recording. Otherwise great software.
Version 4.6.27

Good but

No au3 support so you can’t use any other apps to mix/manipulate your beat. Unless you record the incoming signal of a gadget 2 track into another daw and then mix that wave file inside the other daw, you can’t seem to solo individual pads/samples (unless I’m missing something) which means you can’t individually mix your drums either inside gadget or on another daw. So the exact same compression/eq etc would be applied to every single instrument in your drum track.
You can’t use any external apps/mixers/effects in korg, just specifically the effects they give you.
And you have effects gadgets like guitar amps and tape saturators inside gadget that you can only use when importing waves/recording audio into them, you can’t even route gadgets own internal instruments into them (unless again I am missing something)
So an app that you will be spending over £100 for (if you want all of the gadgets and features it offers) you can’t do real basic functions with.
Which is a shame as this would probably be a 5 star app otherwise.
I’m not sure why this app is rated so highly with these things considered? Is it because people are like “wow, I can’t believe all this stuff you can do on your iphone”? Because if that is the case there are plenty of apps out there that do all of this and manage to have the essentials that korg left out.
For creating music this app is amazing, it falls apart when it comes to the mixing/effects stage. If you just want to be an app full of instruments then cool, allow au3 support so I can mix elsewhere. If you want everything done in the one app, cool, allow me to send a individual pads into the fx sends, even if it is just your own effects chain.
Version 4.6.7


Addictively great. Sound quality is spot on and once you learn how to make a song it is unputdownable!
Version 4.2.0

Excellent value

In an age when anything other than the cheapest of apps can appear expensive, people forget how far technology has come. I bought my first sequencing software in 1991 and with the hardware needed to run it, didn’t see any change from £500.
You get what you pay for. I bought Gadget two years ago and use it almost daily. It’s simple enough to flesh out simple musical ideas but powerful enough to finish an entire project. I tend to use a lot of external gear and Gadget works seamlessly and intuitively with all my instruments. If I could ask for any improvements, it would be to send MIDI clock, the ability to copy and paste parts of individual scenes (I.e bars 3-7 from track 2, scene 2 to bar 5, track 3 scene 3) and the ability to colour code individual sections for ease of reference. I have more powerful DAWS on more powerful computers but Gadget has an excellent workflow plus the luxury of being able to edit tracks from the comfort of my sofa or sat on a train or in the park.
Mrs Trellis from North Wales
Version 4.5.3

First few seconds in...

...and whatever that globe icon is, presumably online support, nearly instantly crashes the app.
...and most of the gadgets are behind a paywall after paying 20 just to get the damned thing.
Not a great start.

Fabulous Mini DAW

An outstanding collection of gadgets in a format that is great for getting ideas or completing a whole project. Wonderful sound and lots of export possibilities. A fantastic music making environment.


Great app for a music production newbie, got to grips with it fairly quickly, with welcome updates along the way.
The more in depth you go the greater the possibilities 👌
the great one version 2

Main app

This is now my main music app for writing and has improved a lot for sharing/and audio recording. Well worth the money. Best music app on iPad.
Why can't you just use your own name

Midi whats that???

Gadget would be great if it had an easy to access Midi routing system. But no it chooses to use a hidden under the hood system which make it near impossible to use in IOS Daws.

Nearly perfect

This is an amazingly good daw and/or sound module. Try the free version for evidence of this. The daw element is remarkably intuitive. The included gadgets are very good but the IAP’s are good value and better quality (imo) The addition of audio and midi control of other apps make it my go to virtual studio but, and for me it’s a big but, why limit each scene to 16 bars ? I often record (particularly) audio that ‘rings out’ from , for example, verse into chorus. As it is all the sound stops before the next scene begins. I havnt found a work around. If it wasn’t for this I would give it 5 stars . I hope korg are listening and are able to fix this limitation.

Great self contained Groovebox that needs some love.

Gadget is great or getting ideas down quick, hopefully gadget 3 will bring integration to the vast amounts of AUV3 instruments and FX.
bug fixes seem reasonably fast but could get better.
Matt Hooper

Unclickables areas

I think this app is great but there’s a bug in it that prevents me tapping UI elements on the far right side.
It seems there’s an invisible overlay strip running top to bottom on the right that’s covering the UI. This means I can’t do things like remove a note in the note editor if it’s right at the far right edge.
I also can’t pop up the settings or change values in the mixer if those UI elements are on the far right.
Please fix this ASAP as it’s becoming very frustrating!

iPhone Draw backs

I’ve had this since it first came out & I still use it all the time. I love it. 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I’ve bought all available Gadgets available on iPhone. My issue with this is that I can’t get ims-20 or iM1 or poly6 on iPhone or the gadget variants. Please KORG I want my M1 in gadget nowwww please 🤞🏼🙏🏼. I’ve got it on pc but I don’t want to buy an iPad to play it in gadget. Please fix this KORG.
Guys could you get someone to look into midi integration with other brands of controller, I can’t figure out how to map my Arturia keylab49 pads to work the drum gadgets 😩, that’s why I upgraded from the keylab25. There’s nothing online to help for this. Please help 🤞🏼🙏🏼🙌🏻
Rab McC

Project Folders Please

I’ve been using Gadget for years now and It’s my favourite music making app. Because I have so much work inside Gadget it’s important for me to stay organised. Unfortunately my many projects are in one long list regardless if they are finished, or belonging to different albums etc. This is a 5 star app regardless, but please make a longtime user happy with a simple feature ;)

No Files support?

I decided to make the switch from GarageBand and have been really enjoying tinkering with everything. Had no issues adjusting to it, even with the different way you lay a track opposed to GarageBand if anything in finding it more easier.
The price I have no problem with, as similar software on a PC would cost way more anyway. But the one big flaw for me is no files support! I decided to master one of my tracks using another app but I couldn't just export to files or open it in the other app like I would in GarageBand. Using all the export options you have available just doesn't work for me. Uploading to Dropbox just takes longer. Please can you update to add this inline with pretty much all other apps that have export options?
Lastly I did say I had no issue with the price but I will say I was a little let down by the small amount of presets on some gadgets that cost half as much as the app itself. Everything you get with GarageBand is free in comparison. Until Files support is implemented I can't give this more than 3 stars.

Audio in broken

I really thought I could comfortably use audio in monitor for my external synths with Taipei gadget. Problem is when I record enable Zurich gadget, and after I open taipei to edit the midi, record enable gets disengaged - every single time I have to manually engage record again and again as I do my work with taipei - this is such a chore that I stopped using Korg gadget with external sources. It feels like a minor fix could resolve such a major pain but this problem has been present forever, please Korg fix this do i can use Gadget

Quality live production app

Great wee app this unbelievably user friendly and handles various midi controllers very well easy to use midi learn function top quality from Korg hence the price of app and gadgets


I’ve found KORG Gadget the best way to get a really fast midi programming workflow going. It is stable and user friendly too.
Jamie Mal

Won’t connect with Korg NanoKey Studio device

Running latest iOS 13.3 the app won’t connect to Korg NanoKey Studio device via Bluetooth. Is anyone else having this issue?
It’s a huge pain because I only bought the Korg device so I could use it with their mobile apps and it doesn’t work.

My Korg gadget!!!!

beeftyvally is the best app to date I have purchased I saw it when first come buibjonjo gu gu uhbihout and thought it would be like the elctribe app they done years ago , but this is really different it’s like owning a few good bits of kit with out taking up space, n wires and wall plugs, dust, you know the deal that comes with real hardware plus they make it feel more like the real deal with the Nano control! With the waffling in a nut shell it’s small money for big sound fast work flow share n export so so on....... if could have one thing for now that would make it better is every so offten give us all a free gadget , and a select all in the edit notes parameters and some do stlyle fx on mixer view like stutter/dj filters/turntable style pitch/but to fare g bI do use audio bus long side with launch pad... KORG G
joe ris

Could be great but...

Having used gadget for a few years now I have reached a few conclusions. It has excellent sound.. quality instruments.. although these are fairly limited. and is great for getting the initial loops going.. it’s also very stable. however it is not a daw.. it is a fairly comprehensive groovebox imho. Song construction is a nightmare as the track count increases and one wants more complex song structures. For me it’s just not logical without a linear option to structure. As time goes on the limitations start to wear on you a bit. The stacking of the fx and lack of auxes on the channel strips is too limiting. Lack of tempo sync on the phaser flangers etc.. is crazy. The bottom line is it’s a good app but it’s really too limited in the realms of sound editing to be called a daw. It’s a real battery hog as well. Maybe the next update will improve gadget to a more professional level as it is a bit toy like at times.
Sehr kosmik

Dirty Devils Devils Artist Review

We Don't write reviews usually but simply found hard NOT to rate this.
Gadget is a 💥9.5/10
Superb if you want replicate a 70s,80s, 90s sounds especially with M1 add on and with gadget2 there is a healthy update of Bass leads midi output to controll external Vsts aka apps there are huge choice of drums pads/pianos/80s style gadgets /bass
A great portable option and more an alternative than a full replacement of our #daw. Basically this is more of an add on to your Ableton/ DAW studio rather than being in all in 1 that it could maybe be within a few years
loads of boxes make a track quick. export #midi file save as ableton file #ableton link. KORG Could do with some modern synth add ons. Which is only thing that lets app down. But if you want hours of fun and options and you looking for a music making App. This is the one contact us direct Facebook. (Com)/DirtyDrainDevils

Great and hoping for more advanced features

I love this app and think it would be great to have the below features.
Purchased two months ago and 2 albums done and set for release, super easy to be creative with but helps to have some knowledge of mixing and theres a lack of visual guides to help beginners. This is a good thing as most music apps are for casuals generally. It’s not filled with preset loops like most to.
What I would love to have added for t stars review:
AUV3 support
Package deal for newcomers ie one time pay for all gadgets.
More presets for all gadgets some are very limited
Desperate for more acoustic and real instruments
Needs more drum machines/or versatile drum synths
Db metering of some kind
folders for projects
Full pc app not just mac
All in one dedicated hardware, nanokey studio is pretty poor
Mastering options other than just limiting.
Audiotrack support
Luddite 1979

Not impressed with Vancouver or Abu Dhabi gadgets.

This app is ok but limited. I thought it was possible to import wav files from Dropbox into Vancouver and Abu Dhabi but I was wrong, it doesn’t work so I’m limited to just the factory samples. This has made me reluctant to buy any more IAPs as I’ve no idea whether they’ll be worth it.

The Best for iOS Music Making

Quite simply this App is immense.
KORG literally dominate. This is a professional DAW, it gets improvements and updates regularly. Fingers crossed now there’s a Gadgetised ELECTRIBE WAVE on here, they’ll do the right thing and give the same treatment to the original ELECTRIBE app and iKAOSSILATOR (don’t forget the landscape view mode KORG).
Other things I hope we’ll get to see soon would be ‘MIDI learn’ for scene launching and clip launching, and also for Switching between full screen Gadgets in real-time.
A live loop launcher with one-shots etc, in the vein of Launchpad/Ableton etc would be cool too, and also AUv3 then we’ll have a fully fledged LIVE beast on our hands too. If GarageBand can do it, then for KORG it’ll be a doddle.
Come on KORG you know it makes sense!
If I could give this app 6 or more stars I would. I guess I’ll just have to keep giving my money to them instead...

It doesn't get any better than Gadget 2

Gadget is the iPad equivalent of Reason but with the advantages of a touch interface.
Two things stand out with gadget that help slipstream the creative process:
1: The scene sequencer layout. It's a breath of fresh air after being tied to conventional sequencer layouts forever. With Gadget I can start and finish things in a consistent way. I own Cubasis too and it's great for mobile music making but I tend not to finish tracks with it. The conventional interface impedes me.
Gadget inspires and let's you build complex pieces from start to finish without getting in your way.
2: The synthesizers and the short travel distance. An incredible array of synths and every parameter recordable and editable with the draw of a finger.
What I have found is that Gadget has reignited my desire to build my own patches. With other apps I use presets. With gadget I start with a preset and modify it in real time as the music plays.
If there was a desktop synth using the same sequencer method as Gadget I would buy it.
Gadget is my go-to music workstation now and I love it.
Auv3 FX would be nice because the in built FX are limited compared to 3rd party au.
Allow FX on master channel?
You can find my Gadget tracks on SoundCloud = zentric egg

Could be a perfect tool for creating.

There is a problem though, the lack of midi clock output. Taipei is great but trying to sync some outboard Roland drum machines say, involves a convoluted routing process to generate midi clock. Gadget presents itself as a quick and easy way to get down ideas but is hobbled by a glaring lack of some necessary features to take it to a pro level. Korg’s Plugkey only features midi in, so on release of Taipei it proves useless if you want synch and the ability to sequence external gear. Gadget could have been an MPC killer, with the right implementation of a controller that you dock with your iPad. It’s a shame but I’m going to have to move on to other software.

Big fan

I’m a big fan of Korg use both Gadget, KLC etc on iOS and my Mac...I love them all. However, today my ‘Glasgow’ gadget has vanished on iOS (haven’t checked my Mac yet)...anyone know why?
Update with sequencer background colour very welcome.

Powerful with flexibility

As good as any DAW with time and effort you can do just about anything. The ability to drop in your own WAV’s opens so many new possibilities. Integration with other devices such as Bluetooth midi/audio is easy and smooth and you can link to other synth apps easily.
I’ve created various genre music from lush and warm ambient soundscapes to harsh hard hitting lo-fi synth pop. It covers so much ground.
Some say the gadgets are limited and individually they can be within a narrow genre but there are so many of them and in many different combinations this becomes irrelevant.
I own many Korg hardware products (2 Electribe 2’s, Kaoss Pad 3+, kaossilator pro, Pandora Stomp) and have owned a few synths such as the Triton, X5, X3, X50, DS8 and Kingkorg.
Gadgets has quite a lot of the above covered for a fraction of the cost.

Just stunning

I started using synths in the era of the TB303 and Juno 6. For a small fraction of the cost of either of those I now have access to every possible variation of synth type. I’m enjoying every minute - with the one minor exception of a prompt to save when leaving a track. Brilliant piece of kit.

Good interesting App

This is such fun ! Great sounds and easy to use ! Send your sounds to Aliooppa ! The artists on there are very supportive !!! Excellent good fun if they iron out the download issue to upload previously bought instruments !otherwise perfect
Kevin gladok

A must have for any musician

So easy to use for a beginner, also so much you can do if you know how to use it. So is perfect for all levels. The sounds are fantastic. My only down side was not enough guitar sounds or samples. I would love a guitar generator gadget. Apart from that any instrument or sound you can think off is there. It won’t disappoint.
Sid Crowe


Best all in one electronic music making environment, period. Great sequencer and seemingly sustainable pricing. I’m hoping for another drum synth gadget. Tokyo is fun but would do with more physical modelling stuff. All in all though...5 stars without hesitation. Thanks
Version 4.0.0

Lost all my tracks!

Upgraded to Gadget 2 today. I don’t have any of my saved work from the previous version. My files are all gone. Please help.

Great piece of software

Use it for last two years - very happy! I've it on my Mac as well and looking forward to a new version 2. For now I've a hardware rig, use Ableton Live a lot, but still have Gadget on all my iOS/MacOS devices for prototyping, checking ideas and so on. Super-handy at the long flights. Absolutely usable on iPhone (but I tried only on the big ones - 7+ and Xr) and very convenient with pen on iPad. Instruments and their presets are on high-level, fully satisfied by them. I miss only more advanced sequencer - like Elektron’s have or random-plugins for that - but I suppose it'll be really hard to use on phones.
PS: Integration with Ableton is nice, not only export, but just instruments as VSTs.

Excellent portable studio.

Gadgets amazing for on the go, the range of Gadgets are amazing and provide an extremely
wide range of sonic possibilities.
All the synths provide a beefy amount of low end and don’t feel wimpy at all, the effects on each channel while basic, do the job.
Syncing on iCloud is really useful, saving on the iPhone or iPad will allow you to load the track on the other device. It also allows a decent range of exporting abilities like individual tracks to be mixed later, also exporting as an Ableton Live clip format, this can be very useful for taking jams into Live to expand further with other equipment.
Gadget has utilised the full screen on the new style of iPhone and IPads that have the larger curved displays. Hardware like the Korg NanoKey Studio syncs with Gadget really well and latency is very low.
Some improvements would be that while Gadget is emulating a bunch of hardware equipment running into a mixer, it’s also trying to be a DAW, it would be very useful If the Sidechain effect could target a specific channel on a drum machine plug in, this would save duplicating the drum machines and muting the kick on one and the rest in the other to get a clean signal.
All in all, anyone in music for fun or for business and also owns a IOS device, this needs to be on their device.

Brilliant, love it

After getting bogged down with too much choice on my main computer along comes this awesome sketch pad with loads of excellent sounding gadgets, I can’t put it down and can’t remember the last time I was so productive. Great job Korg!

Great results amazing

I don’t use iPhone apps for making music all the time, mainly using ableton on a desktop computer. I have spent a lot of money over the years trying all sorts of weird audio apps out, but gadget is one I always come back to. I really can sketch out tracks quickly and easily in it, and it’s way of exporting and importing is really good. Yes, the sounds I find could be better compared to a desktop app, but I have to pinch myself and remember I’m making this stuff on a phone in my pocket.

Pure Magic

I've succumbed to the purchase of a multitude of synth apps over the years. Some are good, some are...mistakes. Korg Gadget is the one I keep coming back to, for its inspiring range of sounds and its flexibility and power as am iOS sound engine.
One of the best features of Gadget is its ability to map individual MIDI channels to specific instruments, and not just specific instruments but specific sounds within those instruments. This opens up immense sonic possibilities when you incorporate other apps within your workflow. For instance, get the Reflektions app and use it to drive generative ambient soundscapes by mapping it to eight different Korg gadgets. This alone makes Gadget worth the purchase!
If you want to explore digital music and the universe of possible sounds on your iPad, Korg Gadget is the perfect place to start.
Cotswold Boy

Outstanding but no midi out

I’ve written so much great music using this over the past few years but I’m stuck now because I can’t drive external synths. It’s pretty much stopped me taking my project further. What IS the issue Korg have about not implementing MIDI out? Come on guys.. at least tell us why.

Let’s Talk about Mac OS & IDAM...

Love Gadget... Just Love it.. My favourite DAW of all time.
In fact, I have it on all my iOS devices and even payed out the much larger sum and got it on my Mini Mac as well..
It’s definitely a 5 Star DAW for me, however for now I can only give 4 stars...
I have literally only 1 gripe... and to some it may only be a small problem. But to me it’s a massive biggie.
Due to lack of info when researching how IDAM works, I’ve literally only just found out that on Mac OS it’s the DAW of choice that utilises IDAM to then incorporate your iOS devices to send/receive midi data.
Without the DAW on a Mac, IDAM is pretty much useless for midi data.
The problem is Gadget doesn’t have a midi out function..?
So I can’t get my Midi Keyboards to send midi data to my iPads thru the Mac.. If I was to use GarageBand or Logic Pro X, then I can use the midi out function and get all keyboards and iOS devices working in perfect harmony thru Mama Mac.
Studiomux is the only way I can get around this..
But takes time to setup.. and IDAM is just sitting there grinning at me.. taunting me... laughing at me...
Because Gadget haven’t stepped up their game yet..
Please Mr Gadget.. Pretty pretty please with a big fat cherry on top.. Can I have a midi out function for Christmas?
Barron Von Titty

Jonny Dee

First class music app, having tried several I would say that Korg Gadget is a professional program with an easy to use interface but under the surface there’s so many options and features that allows one to create some very polished tracks from scratch.
I would like to see more quality orchestral sounds added like timpani, French horn, better brass overall and strings.
Jonny dee 66.


This may sound odd, but, I agree with Sehr Kosmik - when every other sequencer I’ve used to date (about 6 in total) has a timeline left to right, trying to get my head around top to bottom is really hard; it’s like trying to read right to left, it’s sort of do-able but not something you would chose to do. Can the option of having the ‘standard’ left to right timeline be incorporated at all? It would make such a difference.

Its my go to music making app

Gadget is an integral part of my set up, it works amazingly, it is constantly being improved and updated and i can use many of my korg apps as instruments within gadget. Gadget is awesome for getting ideas going quickly, and allows user to export audio to other programs quickly and conveniently.

A joy.

What can I say? I love this app and all the instruments available within. Imagine all your favourite AU synths and samplers right there in your favourite DAW, multitracking to your heart’s content before getting cpu issues. (And when you need a more cpu hungry sound there is always a cheeky workaround with modstep, AUM and AB3 ...(shhh).)
Customer Support are great too, they fixed my issue right away!😉


I love this app. It’s almost perfect. Module standard for iPhone no longer shows as gadgets in GADGET. Do I have to by MODULE full for iPad to have my 5gadgets back whilst it’s still on sale. I only bought it for use in gadget and will be requesting a refund for module standard if so. Any help would be appreciated.
Jesus I actually HAVE bought Module FULL after losing my module standard Gadgets on all three of my devices. Bro, I tried EVERYTHING. I certainly feel like requesting a refund from kord. That two of us Palagius. Any more disgruntled STANDARD MODULE owners out there.


This app is so good, beginners can find their feet fairly quickly and experienced players will be amazed at how far you can push your iPad. To put it simply my laptop is probably well over due a windows update because of all the time it's been off and this has been on. Amazing value for money. Korg..... big thanks well done.

It's just cool

For a beginner like myself, it just an awesome way to learn the ins and outs of lots of different types of audio creation, from sampling to creating bass lines and drum patterns and much more besides. It's also a perfect way to kind of road test types of hardware before shelling out on the real thing (even tho they aren't real world instruments, it's not hard to suss out what each one represents). It's basically a no-brainier if you want to explore iPad music creation.

Absolutely the best app to get song ideas down

Most of my music originates here. Great that it so easily translates to Ableton. Great that the sounds are interesting and inspiring. Great that at extra cost you can get more classic sounds. Not cheap but then I really appreciate what it enables me to do, so high value for money, certainly at sale price.

A studio in your pocket

Super intuitive with an expanding set of instruments. I tend to use it to sketch ideas before taking things into Ableton, so the integration between the two makes for an easy workflow.

Great for one the move music

I love Gadget, the sequencer section is a little odd and takes time to get used to but the sheer range of synths is astonishing! Great as a musical sketch pad and plays nicely with ableton link. Frequently find myself recording into ableton and using my ideas as the basis of tracks. Thumbs up!