What would happen to people and society in general if a machine were revealed that could rejuvenate everyone in seconds—with any body of their choosing? A spectrum of intersex and gender diversity? The end to closets and bigotry? War? Chaos? How would we manage material resources? What about overpopulation?
What would happen if that machine were presented by an alien from outer space, who evolved her dog into a human being, whose people have been here on the earth for 100,000 years? How has humanity been influenced? How could that affect religions? Social organization? How would human thought process mature if we lived for thousands of years?
Transmutation is a Sci-Fi novel, satire, commentary on sex, gender and intersex-related social issues, which brings trans life to every person on earth. A fast read, it moves through tragedy, desperation, and excitement, to fun and humor, ending on a very positive note.
Lori Faraday is 20,000 years old and has been living as a human on Earth for 12,000 years. She came from an advanced culture. In pain from losing yet another loved-one, she breaks with her code of ethics to give a technology to the world that allows people to rejuvenate for health and longevity, to transmute into a new, young-adult body of individual choosing—retaining the original brain (with health improvements) so the person is not a copy—curing all physical ailments and extending life indefinitely.
Transmutation spans the solar system including the United States, the Middle East, Russia, Indonesia, and the White House on planet Earth, and also to various locations in outer space—dealing rapidly with a number of issues:
Life and Death: Chapter 1 is desperate. Lori’s husband is dying. She fights for his life, unable to help.
Change of Sex or Gender: Chapters 11-34. There are several characters who change physical sex or gender—in fact, it turns out, when a new one is available, a lot of people choose it.
Reparative Therapy: Chapter 31. Scenes make it clear, the importance of saving helpless children from misguided attempts to “fix” gender issues in children. With conversion therapy and from a thousand other sources, children are denied needed, relevant health care and get the message their gender needs are demeaned, and that is not tolerated in this social evolution. Matter of fact— Well, you’ll see.
...On and on for more.

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