Paleo diet, fully read as the Paleolithic diet, does not need any introduction. It has become so popular that there is a Paleo substitute for every edible now. Whether it is mayonnaise, any kind of sauce, fried stuff, ice cream or any other thing; just walk into a super store and you will a find a Paleo Friendly version for every edible item.
You might have read numerous Paleo guides and books. But how many of them had recipes for Paleo crepes? This is where this book stands apart from all the other Paleo recipe books.
It contains 50 recipes of crepes and only crepes. And all the recipes are purely Paleo.
And that’s not all! Some of the recipes contained in this book are totally exclusive. You won’t find them anywhere else. Have you heard of fish crepes? Or corned beef crepes?
You will find it all in this book.
Here are a few highlights just to give you an idea what this book contains
1. 50 Paleo Crepe Recipes
2. Crepe recipes for chicken, beef, fish and cheese crepes
3. Some absolutely delectable recipes for sweet crepes
4. Cooking time, serving size and nutritional facts with each recipe.
You won’t find as many Paleo crepe recipes as there are in this book, let alone the nutritional facts of every crepe.
50 Paleo crepe recipes, most of which are absolutely exclusive and that even with nutritional facts makes it the most comprehensive cookbook on Paleo crepes.

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