Study the meaning of biblical words in the original languages without spending years learning Greek. W. E. VineÆs New Testament Word Pictures places every key word from VineÆs classic Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words in Bible book and verse-by-verse order. The text of the King James Version of the Bible is included for context, but W. E. VineÆs New Testament Word Pictures is keyed to the StrongÆs numbering system and can be used with any Bible translation.
A great tool for students, pastors, teachers, and anyone who enjoys biblical word studies, this unique resource explains the meaning behind the key words and contains elements of a dictionary, concordance, and commentary. Edited by Martin Manser, W. E. VineÆs New Testament Word Pictures is available in two companion volumes: Matthew to Acts and Romans to Revelation.
Features include: Every key word from VineÆs Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words explained Verse-by-verse order for ease of use King James Version text with keys to StrongÆs numbers W.E. Vine's original comments on alternative readings from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible Inspirational quotes to add a fresh edge to teaching

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