Summary of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz | Includes Analysis
The Four Agreements is an introduction to Toltec spiritual philosophy as interpreted by New Age shaman Don Miguel Ruiz. Ruiz's Toltec philosophy describes the cultures, laws, and morals of humanity as the “dream of the planet,” because the human mind is dreaming whether it is awake or asleep. Those morals and expectations are taught to people when they are born and as they grow older through a process called human domestication. When someone accepts the domestication, they accept the dream of someone else. This is called an agreement. Anyone who goes through the domestication process will eventually domesticate others. This domestication is reinforced by two internal voices: the Judge who punishes the mind by reminding it of all the ways someone has failed to live up to the internal book of law, and the Victim who accepts this punishment. Punishment is a dream of hell and contributes to the foggy…
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