Alex & Genevieve: A year has passed since Selena Harris walked away from Alex Kelly but as she settles into her new life Alex is suddenly thrust back into her path with devastating consequences.
Vulnerable: Seventeen year old Lauren James prepares to expose herself to her boyfriend Archer Moore in a way that will change their relationship forever.
Second Appearance: In the three years since she left Katarina Wolf, Harmony Hansen has managed to build the perfect life for herself or so it seems to the outside world. As she begins to lose control, Katarina re-enters her life.
Moving On: Six months after Penny rejected him, Tyronne Hastings begins to move on with his life with a new girl, Zarah Chase but as they grow closer, something happens that shakes his world to the core.
Second Chance: Five years have passed since Piper Jackson turned her back on Katie George. As she prepares for the release of what could become her most successful novel, Katie walks back into her life.
The Secret: Aster Little begins to deal with the consequences of realising she is in love with her best friend.
Cassandra Riley: With the threat of Conor breaking out of prison and her mother finding out she’s still alive, Lucy Wilson flees to England with Cassandra and Louis.
New Crush: Three years have passed since Quinn Michele lost her first love in a house fire. As she struggles to move on and make her new relationship with Winter Tyler work, someone with a connection to her past appears who may help her love again.
Long Distance: Is Luke Walker and Gabrielle Robinson’s eighteen month relationship strong enough to withstand a distance of 650km?
Forbidden: Ashley Nicole loved Sydney Scott from the first moment she saw her however she never expects to see her again after a one chance meeting. What will she do when Sydney turns up again at her school as a student teacher?

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