This eBook is intended for IT (Information Technology) professionals wishing to earn themselves a CompTIA A+ certification. Thus, it is assumed that a person reading this book has already obtained the basic knowledge required for Windows and computer operating systems. Although, the A+ certification is provided as an entry level qualification, hence, you do not need an in-depth understanding to utilize this book.
In order to successfully become a technician who’s A+ certified, you need to clear the 220-801 and 22-802 exams. This book will provide you with a solid IT knowledge foundation to help you clear the exams the first time around rather effectively. The material included in this book is focused on the exams and is associated with the understanding of technologies expected from a successful PC (Personal Computer) technician. This includes technologies associated with the Windows operating system, IT security, networking basics, and concepts of PC hardware.
So, let’s not waste any time and start studying!

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