This is the advanced level guide and the continuation from the previous two books: "Swinging For Couples Vol. 1: Beginner's Guide To The Swinging Lifestyle - 25 Things You Must Know Before Becoming A Swinger" and "Swinging For Couples Vol. 2: The Intermediate Guide To The Swinging Lifestyle - 11 Things You Must Know To Ensure A Safe, Fun, Exciting, & Adventurous Swinging Experience."
First we will discuss some simple games you can play with another couple. These games are designed to help you get to know each other better while simultaneously getting everyone hot and bothered. If you are thinking about a swinging party with more than two couples, we have games for that as well! All the games are designed with fun in mind, but will escalate your evening to a sex filled adventure in no time flat. I have even included ice breakers that can be played before the sex games start. The ice breakers are also meant to point everyone in the direction of the bedroom, with “In touch” being the most pointed, especially the dark finale.
Maybe the thought of having sex with multiple partners turns you on but blanks out your mind. Cannot imagine how three or four or six people could all have sex together? I’ve compiled a list of sexual positions that range from three to many. Have fun experimenting and finding positions of your own.
For those of you who have been involved in the lifestyle and wish to start your own swingers club, or throw successful swingers parties, we will cover those topics as well. You will be happy to find that we have a list of themes as well as contests you can use for your party or event.
If hosting a party or starting a club sounds like too much work, we have included ways in which you can find people to play with. There is a detailed section, which contains the commonly used acronyms, etiquette, and the dos and don’ts of putting out ads for swingers or a third. We have even included a chapter about apps for swingers if you want to find others using your iPhone or Android phone or tablet.
Perhaps you want to get away from it all and still be able to play with others. If that is the case, check out the chapter on swingers’ vacations to learn more about what goes on during a swingers’ vacation and to find out how to book your own swingers’ vacation. You will learn what to bring with you and how to behave whilst vacationing.
Maybe the thought of having your very own playroom is appealing. Perhaps you are going to invite a large group of swingers to your home for an out of this world party and you want to make sure you have a playroom available. But what do you put in such a room? How is it set up? Should you have rules for the room? Should you have more than one? If that is what you are looking for, read the chapter on building a complete and comprehensive playroom for you and your guests’ enjoyment.
This guide will give you ideas and information on deeper and more fulfilling involvement and knowledge which will bring you and your partner closer together and can lead to a more fulfilling and exciting time with your new lifestyle friends. After reading this book you will be more than ready to go out and have fun. You will have so many games to play and theme ideas to pursue that you will find you're busier than ever before. Now go out, have fun, and play, play, play!

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