Saint John Chrysostom has left us as many as two hundred and fifty homilies on the Epistles of Saint Paul, which are generally considered to be the finest commentary ever written on the Epistles of the Apostle of the Gentiles. 
The collection of sermons in this volume also testify to his close knowledge of Saint Paul’s writings as well as to his deep admiration and attachment to Saint Paul’s many virtues. Reading them, we can easily see what he meant in the introduction to his commentary on the Epistle to the Romans: “As often as I hear the Epistles of Saint Paul read, twice a week, or often three or four times, I rejoice each time over this spiritual trumpet, and I exult and am kindled with holy desires, when I hear the voice which is to me so dear and familiar, and then I imagine that I see him living before me, and that I hear him speak.” 
Saint John Chrysostom preached these sermons at Antioch sometime during his twelve-year stay there after his ordination.

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