Essential guide and practice for independent study:
Grammar is powerful: Make minor changes to a verb and you will express doubt, courtesy, irony, non-reality and an abundance of time relations. Master the use of single words as well as complex sentences to reach your goal: to express yourself with elegance and ease.
This book offers:
=> a proficiency test to determine which topic to improve first;
=> a complete overview of the fundamentals;
=> additional paragraphs to extend your knowledge; and
=> lots of exercises along with their solutions.
=> Written and proofread by native speakers, French teachers and graduates in Romance languages and literature.
For advanced learners and independent learners:
Are you revising for an exam? Do you need to fill gaps in your knowledge or do you need an overview of a topic? Do you travel to French-speaking countries? Do you want to brush up on your knowledge? This book is for you.
Are you a beginner or do you want to make a fresh start?
Have a look at French Grammar Practice for Ambitious Learners – Beginner's Edition I, Basics for a gradual increase in difficulty.
Already available in this series of books:
French Grammar Practice for Ambitious Learners – Beginner's Edition I, Basics
=> This book offers beginner's knowledge, explained step by step, exercises with solution keys, a gradual increase in difficulty in each chapter and translations of the examples and translated vocabulary for each exercise. For real beginners or for a fresh start.
French Grammar Practice for Ambitious Learners – Beginner's Edition II, Tenses and Complex Sentences
=> Follow-up to Beginner's Edition I covering the remaining fundamental yet more advanced topics. Review of basic grammatical structures allows learners to use it independently of Beginner's Edition I. Intended for anyone who has started to learn the imparfait.
When books are available, they will be listed at; there you can also sign up to be on a mailing list to get notified about new releases.

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