The Philosophy of Spinoza
Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher (1632-1677)
This ebook presents «The Philosophy of Spinoza», from Baruch Spinoza. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.
Table of Contents
- About This Book
- Preface
- The Life Of Spinoza
- Introduction To The Philosophy Of Spinoza
- First Part. On God
- Chapter I. Of Superstition
- Chapter Ii. Of The Interpretation Of Scripture
- Chapter Iii. Of Prophets And Prophecy
- Chapter Iv. Of The Vocation Of The Hebrews
- Chapter V. Of The Divine Law
- Chapter Vi. Of The Ceremonial Law
- Chapter Vii. Of Miracles
- Chapter Viii. Of The Divine Nature
- Second Part. On Man
- Chapter Ix. The Nature And Origin Of The Human Mind
- Chapter X. The Nature And Extent Of Human Knowledge
- Chapter Xi. Determinism And Morals
- Chapter Xii. The Origin And Nature Of The Emotions
- Chapter Xiii. The Psychology Of The Emotions
- Third Part. On Man's Well-being
- Chapter Xiv. Of Human Bondage
- Chapter Xv. The Foundations Of The Moral Life
- Chapter Xvi. Of The Foundations Of A State
- Chapter Xvii. Of Supreme Authorities
- Chapter Xviii. Freedom Of Thought And Speech
- Chapter Xix. Of Human Freedom
- Chapter Xx. Of Human Blessedness And The Eternity Of The Mind
- Appendix

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