(Verions 3.5, August 2020) With important updates for 2020. Michael D. Fortner's latest book, presents new and enlightening discoveries from 30 years of research into Bible prophecy.
This new look at Bible prophecy presents strong evidence that the coming beast and false prophet of the book of Revelation are based solidly in Islam and Muhammad. When the head of the beast has a fatal wound, it represents the death of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire in World War 1. Which means it will come back to life again to wage jihad upon the world.
The second beast of Revelation is Islam, the two horns representing the two factions: Sunni and Shite. Islam has encoded in its teachings— murder, lying, plunder, slavery, rape, warfare, and even terrorism as part of its official religious doctrine. 
Jesus said that the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, and this is exactly what Islam has done from its beginning. No other religion so completely fits the description in the Bible of the beast and false prophet than Islam.
Islam is different from all the other religions that do not believe in Jesus, because Islam officially declares that Jesus is not the Son of God (Quran 4:171; 18:4-5), which is the Biblical definition of Antichrist: "Who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the Antichrist, he who denies the Father and the Son" (1 John 2:22). 
Islam ruled the second largest empire in history that stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the borders of China. Millions of Christians have already suffered and died under Islam's armies of conquest, and Christians are still dying today in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Sudan, and many other places.
The spread of Islam has left a trail of blood, suffering, and destruction like no other ideology in world history. History, and even this present age shows us that Islam is a very violent and fascist religion, full of hate for Christians and Jews. No one could invent a more evil cult.
For hundreds of years the Muslims of North Africa captured European ships, and then American ships, and enslaved the passengers and crews. They even raided coastal towns and dragged people out of churches and into slavery where they were beaten and abused in order to pressure them to convert to Islam.
This book presents the history of Islam's war against Christianity to show how and why it is the beast of Revelation, and how the beast is even now clawing at the edges of the Abyss, trying to get out. It also includes Daniel 11. The details presented are like no other book.
For example: The verses of the Quran are called, "miraculous signs," and Rev. 13 says that the false prophet deceives people with "miraculous signs" (NIV). Fortner's interpretation of Revelation is truly eye-opening. The mark of the beast is also presented with new and enlightening information. Even the image of the beast has a surprising new interpretation.
But the beast's empire will not rule the entire planet. The author proved that there will never be a one-world government, many times over, in Book One. This is Book Two in the Bible Prophecy Revealed series. You will get the most out of this book if you have read the first one, titled Discoveries in Bible Prophecy, but it is not required.
There are other books out that correlate what Islam teaches with the expected Antichrist, but they do not have the details found in this book. The author actually proves that some of the details in the other books are wrong. For example, he proves that the new theory on the mark of the beast taught by Walid Shoebat and Joel Richardson is totally wrong. 

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