Use the actor model to build simpler systems with better performance and scalability. Enterprise software development has been much more difficult and failure-prone than it needs to be. Now, veteran software engineer and author Vaughn Vernon offers an easier and more rewarding method to succeeding with Actor model. Reactive Messaging Patterns with the Actor Model shows how the reactive enterprise approach, Actor model, Scala, and Akka can help you overcome previous limits of performance and scalability, and skillfully address even the most challenging non-functional requirements.
Reflecting his own cutting-edge work, Vernon shows architects and developers how to translate the longtime promises of Actor model into practical reality. First, he introduces the tenets of reactive software, and shows how the message-driven Actor model addresses all of them–making it possible to build systems that are more responsive, resilient, and elastic. Next, he presents a practical Scala bootstrap tutorial, a thorough introduction to Akka and Akka Cluster, and a full chapter on maximizing performance and scalability with Scala and Akka.
Building on this foundation, you’ll learn to apply enterprise application and integration patterns to establish message channels and endpoints; efficiently construct, route, and transform messages; and build robust systems that are simpler and far more successful.
Coverage Includes
How reactive architecture replaces complexity with simplicity throughout the core, middle, and edgesThe characteristics of actors and actor systems, and how Akka makes them more powerfulBuilding systems that perform at scale on one or many computing nodesEstablishing channel mechanisms, and choosing appropriate channels for each application and integration challengeConstructing messages to clearly convey a sender’s intent in communicating with a receiverImplementing a Process Manager for your Domain-Driven Designs Decoupling a message’s source and destination, and integrating appropriate business logic into its routerUnderstanding the transformations a message may experience in applications and integrationsImplementing persistent actors using Event Sourcing and reactive views using CQRS
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