The objections faced by the pharmaceutical sales professionals are different from the objections faced by the sales professionals of automobile, FMCG or electronic goods. The basic difference in pharmaceutical selling is; customers (doctors) are not buyers (patients). And thus the patterns of objections are also different. Thereby handling those objections is also different. Moreover, there is no specific guideline, literature or book written on the different objections faced by the pharmaceutical sales professionals. This has motivated me to write a book on objection handling, particularly for pharmaceutical sales professionals.
In this book, etiology of objection, attitude towards objection, types of objection, strategy for handling objection, techniques of handling objection SLUAAC Technique, methods of handling objection have explained elaborately. And lastly 22 commonly encountered objections and how to handle those objections have been discussed.
In this book more applied aspects have bben incorporated; because books meant for practical use should contain much of applied discussion.

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