Lascaria Book 1.
The evil king Lascar ruled over Lascaria with an iron hand for nearly 1000 years. His mysterious disappearance and absence for the last 50 years has allowed the people of Lascaria peace and prosperity. When his son Lastian has a child, the evil king returns to reclaim his throne and his kingdom. What is so special about his grandson, Dhrel?
Dhrel wants a simple life with his family but his grandfather, the evil king Lascar, has other plans for his grandson. As Dhrel and his family try to escape the evil king they begin to realize that Lascar has another agenda entirely. Will they figure out his plan before it's too late? Dhrel must learn to control his magic to defend his family from the evil king.
Kriista, the daughter of the evil king Lascar has always been a faithful supporter of her father. Recent events and actions by her father have put everything she knew into question. Is her father really evil or the misunderstood monarch that she has always believed? He has always been strict but since his sudden return he has become paranoid and sees conspiracies where there are none. Perhaps everything she believed in was a lie.

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