Are you working with students who have Moderate Learning Difficulties?
Do you want to know how best to help them?
Are you confused about what helps and what hinders?
Learners with MLD form one of the largest categories of special educational need in mainstream secondary schools. In most schools, the vast majority of learners with MLD will be taught in mainstream classes much of the time. This book outlines a range of strategies and approaches for supporting these learners. It includes all the vital information practitioners need to know about Moderate Learning Difficulties. Key points covered include:
Definitions and identification of moderate learning difficulties
Teaching strategies and approaches
Developing key conceptual, literacy and social skills
Effective support from TAs
Theoretical perspectives on learning
Understanding and Supporting Pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties in the Secondary School provides an introduction to a wide range of ideas, arguments and perspectives about ways of understanding and supporting learners who are considered to have MLD. This is a much-needed source of knowledge for teachers, TAs, SENCos, Learning Mentors and anyone who supports children and young people with moderate learning difficulties and provides an honest and accessible approach.

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