Dr Emily Thompson’s looking for happiness—and moving to Devon with her stepson Jamie seems like the perfect place to start! But she hasn’t counted on her still-just-as-gorgeous ex-husband Dr David Trevellyan working at the same practice! Emily might have accepted the job, but she certainly isn’t ready to accept the resurfacing of her old feelingsfor her first husband—Jamie is her focus now. Yet one scorching, unforgettable night leads to unexpected consequences…Emily is pregnant! Can David and Emily put the past behind them and give their love one more chance?
About the author
Caroline Anderson's been a nurse, a secretary, a teacher, and has run her own business. Now she’s settled on writing. ‘I was looking for that elusive something and finally realised it was variety - now I have it in abundance. Every book brings new horizons, new friends, and in between books I juggle! My husband John and I have two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Hannah, umpteen pets, and several acres of Suffolk that nature tries to reclaim every time we turn our backs!’

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