A daring night-time escape…inside the Marquis of Aldeborough’s carriage
Mistaking Miss Frances Hanwell for a runaway kitchen servant, Hugh only realizes his grave error the next day. With scandal imminent, a reluctant marriage seems the only course of action.
Reluctance turns to respect when Hugh uncovers the brutal marks of the unhappy life she’s been leading. Suddenly, he will do all in his power to protect her… especially now, as an unexpected inheritance threatens to take Frances from him….
“Delightful characters light up the pages of this poignant, emotionally moving love story.” —Romantic Times BOOKclub on the Outrageous Debutante
About the author
As a prolific reader and ex-history teacher, Anne O’Brien has been lucky to fulfil her ambition to write historical romances. Her first success was a 400 word love story about a garden for Mills & Boon – an auspicious start! Anne lives with her husband in an eighteenth-century cottage. It is a place that gives her much inspiration and many sources for her writing. Anne often makes time to visit old houses, gardens and priories to absorb atmosphere for her novels.

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