by Juliet Landon An outrageous proposal. . .
Caterina Chester is furious to discover she is to be parcelled off as part of a wager to clear her family`s debts! Until she meets the charming Sir Chase Boston.
She has kept her passionate nature tightly confined. But it seems that her most improper husband may be the only man who can free her!
Includes: A Scandalous Mistress and Dishonour and Desire
About the author
Juliet Landon is a professional embroiderer and lecturer, whose two disciplines go perfectly hand in hand. When she’s not doing one, she’s doing the other, often both on the same day. Her stories develop in her mind while stitches form on the fabric, and the one that wins depends on urgency and inclination. Juliet has been nominated for the Romantic Fiction Writer's Award, and she currently has at least another hundred ideas waiting to be released in the future.

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