Sheikh Najib blasted into Rosalind Lewis's life and staked a sultan's claim on her son!
Her denial of the boy's royal lineage was met with deaf ears - and relentless kisses. When danger threatened, mother and child were whisked into Najib's exotic world, a faraway place where protection meant marriage.
But with every night in the arms of her sheikh "husband,” Rosalind's secret threatened to surface. Would the truth bring a bitter end - or a heartfelt vow?
About the author
Alexandra Sellers is the author of the award-winning Sons of the Desert series. She has written over two million words for print, including 40 romantic novels. She is the recipient of the Romantic Times' Career Achievement Award for Series (2009) and for Series Romantic Fantasy (2000). Her novels have been translated into more than 15 languages. She divides her time between London, Crete and Vancouver.

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