The following Story is true and a few names have been changed for obvious reasons. Everything else is true and nothing has been left out. From the age of about two or three years old, I was raised by my father who is the Head or 'CEO' (for lack of a better word) of "The Brotherhood" or "The Illuminati", it's most commonly known name. I was indoctrinated by my father, in all areas of the world of White Slavery, Money Laundering, Arm's Dealing, Drug Trafficking/Smuggling, you name it. His main body guard, along with my father trained me to be the most lethal female assassin in the world as well.
This is my story. This was my life. Oh. And also? I was his wife as well. He made it so.
[Brotherhood, Illuminati, secret society, Bohemian Grove, Got, Out, Alive]

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