During the reading of Luther's Catechisms and the Heidelberg Catechism I noticed how much seemed to me incomprehensible, and that although I have studied theology. Sure, my few pages cannot compare themselves with these gigantic works. And here the title “The Small Dresden Catechism”, in dependance on Luther’s “Small Catechism” with mention the point of origin like “The Heidelberg” maybe comes along a little bit cocky, but I have tried like them, to say the eternal message of God, who shows us in Christ his human face, into the presence. The texts arose over years. I’ am always new astonished, how manyfold the linguistic possibilities are to describe the content of the Christian faith. I am like a painter who thinks "This is your last picture, there's nothing left to paint.” So I think by myself "Now everything has been said, now you have well understood and described God and the Christian faith" But then new ideas and experiences come, and the seeking of words to say God appropriate in this time and into the world, begins anew.

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