Bordeaux evokes rich sensations with many.  At the heart of the region is Bordeaux, the city that wine built. It’s a place that reflects its elegant inheritance through its art, architecture and love of the good things in life. The fine wines of Bordeaux have exerted an important influence on the regions culinary excellence and there is a touch of eternity to Bordeaux's reputation. The Romans introduced winemaking to the region and, two thousand years later, Bordeaux continues to cultivate some of the best wines in the world. The Dordogne region combines the best of rural France with a passion for good food and wine, the romantic legacy of medieval castles and an abundance of pretty villages. Its gentle hills and dark fairy-tale forests offer a relaxing escape from the rush of modern life. For food lovers, the Dordogne is home to the black truffle as well as to the controversial foie gras. Other regional favourites include walnuts, chestnuts and wild mushrooms. The city of Bergerac is visited by gourmands from around the world.

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