Yei Theodora Ozaki (1871 – 1932) was an early 20th-century translator of Japanese short stories and fairy tales. She was the daughter of Baron Ozaki, one of the first Japanese men to study in the West. Her parents separated after five years of marriage, and Yei was sent to live in Japan with her father. Later she refused an arranged marriage, left her father's house, and became a teacher and secretary to earn money. She traveled back and forth between Japan and Europe, as her employment and family duties took her.
Warriors of Old Japan is a collection of short folk stories by Yei Theodora Ozaki. The image of Samurai has become a part of worldwide popular culture long ago. It is no secret, however, that western view of this warrior caste differs from Japanese. This collection provides the picturesque image of Samurai that was imprinted in Japanese folklore. Whether they win or lose, stronger than a dozen opponents, smarter or agile, alone or accompanied, against men or demons, noble samurai knights demonstrate centuries of morals. 

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