What's the road-toasted travel writer to do after leaving the road behind?
Why not put together a series of insights and observations from Belize to Beijing, have each illustrated lovingly with a one-panel cartoon and create a collection of short stories with a memorable yet slightly unwieldy title?
How Not to Avoid Jet Lag & other tales of travel madness by Lonely Planet Author Joshua Samuel Brown consists of nineteen stories ranging from new journalism and creative non-fiction to surreal dreamscape and exotic hallucination, including "My Parents Are Little People," a story of the bizarre lengths a travel writer will go in pursuit of a hotel review, "Supper in Uyghurville," a gritty tale of menace, drugs and journalism from Beijing's darkest hutong, and "The Milky Teat of Serendipity," a hallucinatory flight of fancy featuring a Singaporean Prime Minister, a Taiwanese president, and a wandering goat-milk salesgirl.
How Not to Avoid Jet Lag & other tales of travel madness: Nineteen stories, observations, and exotic hallucinations from the increasingly demented mind of Travel Writer Joshua Samuel Brown, with illustrations by David Lee Ingersoll.

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