The Realm is a place that exists somewhere between the creative imagination and the rubbish bin. From the first cave drawings to the earliest stories handed down from one generation to the next, there has been a need of the Realm.
James Blake and Rebecca Weise are teenage friends, both very creative individuals, who are drawn into the Realm, initially through what they believe are hallucinations of strange looking people only seen by them. It is not until discovering they are both suffering such visions that they start taking them more seriously.
James finds out that Rebecca has been reported missing. During the night, James starts to think of the old cinema and his friends interest in a character shown on a poster on the wall outside.
After suffering a strange reality when knocked unconscious, James wakes in hospital and is visited from the character seen in the poster, who to the teenagers surprise offers him an invite to the Realm and a chance to find his friend.
This is the start of an incredible journey for James that takes him to a place beyond even his fertile imagination. A place where all that is thought to be impossible can become possible and where your eyes can be deceived and what you believe is not to be counted on as being real.
So take up this incredible journey and be carried along with James and Rebecca to the Realm and discover for yourself what can only be described as somewhere beyond your strangest dreams.

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