"Jazz-Studies" opens the gate to the world of Jazz for the student. 
From general tips, over the explanation of style features that make Jazz become Jazz to samples and playalongs for one’s own improvisations. 
This book gives the student an understanding of the basics of improvisation, phrasing, rhythm and eartraining through special exercises, explanations and samples. Through practising check lists, which can be printed out, the student has the possibility of developing his technical skills systematically.
10 Jazz exercises train the different phrasing-techniques and rhythmic features of Jazz. They can be checked at any time by listening to the samples. This way the student always has the possibility of controlling whether he does the exercise properly and correcting any mistakes by (simply) listening. 
At each exercise tips, hints or explanations or advices for practising are provided for the student so he can master the exercise in a better way. 
4 Jazz tunes give the student the possibility of using the skills he got from the exercises at a "Jazz piece". These tunes are based on common song forms of Jazz (Blues, Rhythm Changes, ect. ) . Compositional elements and also basics of harmonics are made accessible to the student. He is encouraged to improvise in various ways over the song forms, to vary melodies or to compose and also to transcribe the soli played on the recordings.

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