Have you read of the Nephilim and found yourself wondering who they really were? What about the other, similarly described beings from ancient text? Over the past two years, I have written a unique trilogy encompassing not only the Nephilim, but Sumerian stories, Native American Legends and Egyptian history. The Time of the Nephilim is a short story based on the characters from Forgotten Origins, exploring one possible scene which was never written in my trilogy. If you enjoy this and find it intriguing, you might want to read my other works available on Amazon.
**Please note that this short story contains just under 1,400 words and is meant as a sampling of my writing, and an introduction to The Forgotten Origins Trilogy. While the characters in this story are in the trilogy, they are not a integral part of it until the second book, and some may see this 'out take' as a bit of a spoiler.

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