Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?  Well, Jim Pendrake is about to find out.
Little does Jim Pendrake imagine, when he stumbles across an engine the like of which he's never seen before embedded in a hillside near his ranch, that he will soon be sucked into government conspiracies; have a complete memory reboot with a different life and a different wife (all part of the conspiracy); be kidnapped and sent to the moon, barely escaping the Neanderthal who rules the moon colony with an iron hand and a saber-tooth tiger; and more—all because of that cursed engine, which caused Jim to become toti-potent—and the power that Jim's blood can give U.S. President Dayles, who's counting on it to hijack the election and gain a third term . . . but then again, they've all underestimated Jim Pendrake.

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