In this book, Sue Cowley offers teachers a practical and easy to read guide to the subject of group work. She explains a variety of strategies that teachers can use immediately in their classrooms, to help all their students work more effectively in groups. Sue offers advice on using group work for the right reasons and on helping students take on different roles within groups. She examines the rights and responsibilities required for great group work, offers routines and structures for helping group work run smoothly, and shows you how to give your students the richest possible learning experience. This book will help you gain a fresh insight into a key teaching technique. You will learn how to use groups more effectively and, through doing so, enhance learning for all your students.
This mini guide is written in Sue's much-loved honest and straight talking style. No theory, no jargon, just down to earth techniques that really work. Whatever the age of students or the subject you teach, your classroom practice will benefit from the strategies and techniques that she reveals here. Read Sue's concise guide now and find out how to get all your students learning well in groups.

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