Congratulations. By reading this book you are taking a significant step towards a more enjoyable life. By following the guidelines you'll find here, you'll reap huge benefits. These include feeling confident about yourself, your actions and everyday life. That means not being wracked with guilt, worry and doubts. Stop for a minute and image your life without that emotional baggage. You’ll enjoy it so much more.
You’ll also find you have increased self esteem. Simply by acting more assertively, even if it’s just pretence at first, you’ll be delighted with the response you get from others. That, in turn, will leave you feeling better about yourself.
Unassertive people rarely get full respect from others who are often frustrated by their behaviour. Being assertive enhances you in their eyes. Great for relationships and career prospects.
Unassertive people, especially those who are passive, often find their needs are overlooked. By behaving assertively, your needs will be met much more often. And without treading on anyone else.
I used to be a wimp. Well, at home I was pretty confident, but outside of home was another matter. I was especially fearful around anyone in authority or anyone I thought was 'posher' than me. My family talked about people being 'posh' or 'nobs', and my parents would never have challenged anyone in authority, so I learned to do the same.

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