This book is simple, straight-forward and clear. It will help you read your Bible with understanding. You will know what Jesus did and why, and how it applies to you. You will also be able to approach any passage of Scripture armed with that knowledge, and be able to apply it appropriately to your life and circumstances.
“This book is potent in the best sense of the word. Easy to read with analogies that cleared the mud in my thinking and left me with such clarity and understanding of my Bible, how to read and apply it. This is not another layer of “How To” to slap on the top of life, but a deep foundational re-alignment in Jesus that will bring everything else into peace and order, regardless of what circumstances we face. Read it!” - DJW
“I have just finished proof-reading this book and have been blown away. In a few short pages Gavin has provided concise teaching on understanding the Bible. There is something for everyone; from the new Christian who could be making heavy weather of getting to grips with the Scriptures, to “mature” Christians of many years’ standing. His thought processes are clear, the style of writing is conversational without being overly chatty and we are left in no doubt that the entire Bible is about Jesus and the finished work of the cross. I thought that I had a reasonable grasp of the seven covenants and God’s redemptive plan for mankind but this book brings fresh understanding and revelation. Highly recommended.” - RO
Christianity can be very confusing. There are so many different churches and such varied opinions and approaches. The whole thing seems so complicated that no one seems to know what really matters, and why. No less confusing is that Jesus, the faith's founder, declared it to be simple. He is on record saying that even children can understand spiritual things.
The good news is that Jesus is right! Christianity is simple and straight forward. The NOT CONFUSED series cuts through the trappings and trimmings that complicate and confuse. In this series peripheral issues are put in perspective and the main thing is made to be the main thing once again.
If you want to be clear on the essentials of Christianity then these books are for you!

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