Alberto's life gets turned upside down when he gets in a dangerous accident...
Alberto Graziani is everything a woman would want in a man. He is successful, super rich and a treat to look at. No wonder he has women swooning all over him!
One night, he gets into an accident which results in a young woman getting seriously injured. Due to a grave head injury, the woman temporarily loses her memory. Alberto has no other option but to bring her home with him and keep her there until she starts remembering her past. The woman is given a new name ‘Gemma’ as she doesn’t even remember her real name.
Soon sparks fly between the dashing Alberto and the gentle and delicate Gemma. Alberto falls for her innocent and honest nature. She is the only woman in the world who isn’t impressed by the truckloads of money that he has and loves him for who he is rather than what he can buy for her.
But what happens when Alberto finds out that his sweet and honest Gemma is hiding a big secret from him? Read on to find out more about this mystery...
"POWERFUL! Rose Haven creates an intensely romantic world for young and old alike. A place where there is darkness and light, love and hope, and if you dare to go there you will never want to leave."

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